battraborg robots

Battroborg 3-in-1 Review

The next major break-through in robot gaming technology, and this Battle Arena hosts the most advanced gaming robots that you’ve ever seen.

Battroborg’s are motion controlled robots, entirely controlled by your hands, puts the gamer in charge of the robots.

Battroborg’s wireless radio technology ramps up the fun. There are multiple games that can be played; each Battroborg can battle in three different competitive modes, or you can host a battle where up to 20 robots can battle at once, making this perfect for the gamer ready to take robots to the next level.

Zamurai PBN Blueprint - custom

Zamurai PBN Blueprint Review

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Oral-B toothbrush

Oral-B Professional Precision 5000 Review – Best Toothbrush For Home Use!

Check out this amazing electric toothbrush from Oral-B!

If you are looking for the best electric toothbrush that can help to give you whiter and cleaner teeth, then this is a product you must not miss! Check it out now! Continue reading