10 BEST Boxed Homeschool Curriculum Programs (Mailable Options)

With more and more parents opting to homeschool their children, deciding what curriculum to use can be daunting. Fortunately, there are several boxed homeschool curriculum options available on the market today that make it easy for parents to choose a mailable option that is both practical and comprehensive program. In this article, we will explore some of the best boxed homeschool curriculum options and compare them based on their features and cost. We will also guide you on selecting the right program for your student’s needs.

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10 of the best boxed homeschool curriculum options! Get a great homeschool curriculum in the mail.

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Why is a Boxed Homeschool Curriculum Program a Good Choice?

Boxed homeschool curriculum programs have become increasingly popular for busy parents who don’t have time to plan lessons for their children.

Rather than spending time researching and creating lesson plans, a boxed homeschool program provides all of the resources and materials needed to help students learn at home in one physical package.

One significant benefit of this program is that it limits screen time while allowing kids to access educational materials. Boxed programs provide traditional learning tools such as textbooks, workbooks, lab manuals, field trips, and experiments.

These hands-on activities can be used to supplement online courses provided by the program or can be used in place of them if desired.

With a boxed curriculum, children can explore different topics without having to spend hours in front of a computer or tablet each day. Indeed, this is probably the most common reason people opt for a mailable homeschool curriculum these days.

Mailable or Boxed Homeschool Curriculum Packages

In this blog article, we’ll check out the following curriculum options:

  • BJU Press
  • Memoria Press
  • Lifepac
  • Weaver
  • Horizons
  • Christian Liberty Press
  • Masterbooks
  • Apologia
  • ACE Paces
  • Saxon Math

These programs are fully offline and don’t require a screen to use the program at all!

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BJU Press

The BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum is a comprehensive Christian-based curriculum designed to provide an outstanding educational experience for homeschoolers.

With an emphasis on instilling a biblical worldview while teaching with academic excellence, this curriculum offers a rigorous mailable, boxed homeschool program with the option to purchase video lessons in the future if you would like someone else to do the teaching for you.

The curriculum is designed for grades pre-K through 12 and covers every subject from math and science to literature and foreign languages (they even have a Latin curriculum!).

BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum also provides teacher resources such as lesson plans and step-by-step instructions (through teachers’ manuals) to make teaching easier.

Each grade level has its own textbooks with engaging and bright graphics. There are workbooks and test booklets, quizzes, projects, manipulatives, and activities to help students deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

BJU Press is the curriculum I use with my own children (see the video below), and I’m a big fan. You can look at their curriculum here.

Memoria Press

Memoria Press is a Christian homeschool curriculum that provides classical education for students of all ages.

The program was founded in 1993 by Cheryl Lowe, a former public school teacher who wanted to provide parents with quality education for their children.

Memoria Press integrates classical Christian principles into its core curriculum, which includes literature, Latin, math, science, and history.

The goal of the classical curriculum offered by Memoria Press is to cultivate “good citizens,” people with the knowledge and skills necessary to think critically and make informed decisions about their lives and their world.

To achieve this goal, the program focuses on teaching essential skills such as reading comprehension, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

It also encourages students to explore different cultures and gain exposure to timeless works of literature through its use of classic texts like Homer’s Iliad or Shakespeare’s plays.

Memoria Press is also known for its award-winning Latin programs you can check out here.

You can look at the Memoria Press curriculum here or check out a comprehensive review of Memoria Press here.


The Abeka homeschool curriculum is a comprehensive, Bible-based educational program designed to help parents and educators prepare their children for success in the classroom and beyond.

It comes in a box with teachers’ manuals in the mail and can be used in an entirely offline setting.

This program is an award-winning curriculum that blends traditional learning methods with Christian beliefs.

With a focus on developing critical thinking skills and reinforced biblical values, Abeka provides students with the knowledge they need to excel in every aspect of life.

Abeka offers a variety of options for homeschoolers, including grade-level kits that include textbooks, workbooks, teaching materials, DVDs, and more.

The curriculum includes language arts resources such as phonics readers; math resources such as multiplication tables; science experiments; history lessons; art projects; music appreciation activities; Bible study materials; and more.

You can check out the Abeka curriculum here or read a comprehensive review of Abeka here.

10 of the best boxed homeschool curriculum options! Get a great homeschool curriculum in the mail.


Lifepac is a homeschool curriculum that provides students with a self-paced, mastery-based, and Bible-based program.

Developed by Alpha Omega Publications, Lifepac has been an effective educational tool since 1978. It offers grade levels from kindergarten through twelfth grade and includes language arts, science, history/geography, math, and elective subjects.

The Lifepac curriculum is unique because children can do the program independently with little input from parents. This makes it an excellent choice for working homeschool parents who are short on time.

The program also incorporates hands-on activities such as experiments and games, making it more engaging for learners of all ages. With its Christian focus, Lifepac integrates Biblical principles into every lesson giving students a well-rounded education in academics and faith.

You can check out the Lifepac curriculum here.


Horizons is a curriculum also produced by Alpha Omega Publications. However, this program is more teacher-led. Children can start this program earlier (before they can read) as teachers/parents can read the material and spend close attention instructing students.

The Horizons homeschool curriculum is a comprehensive academic program designed to support and challenge students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Combining the best of traditional and modern methods, Horizons teaches each student according to their individual needs and helps build strong foundations in core subjects such as math, language arts, science, social studies, and history.

The Horizons series uses a spiral curriculum that requires students to revisit topics at increasing difficulty levels throughout the year to help them fully understand the material.

This method allows for more effective learning as it reinforces concepts while introducing new ones so that knowledge can be applied with greater understanding.

You can check out the Horizons curriculum here.


The Weaver homeschool curriculum is produced by Alpha Omega Publications. It uses the Unit Studies method of education. This means families can do this course together and learn even if they’re years apart.

Children can do the primary learning content together and then separate to do assignments of differing difficulties.

Unit Studies curriculum programs are known for their hands-on content, so they’re an excellent option for families with kids who can’t sit still.

They’re also pretty affordable as you’re using one program to teach all subjects to all kids. Weaver, however, doesn’t have a math program, so you’ll have to purchase a separate math curriculum like Saxon math.

Weaver is based on a Christian worldview and the belief that God has gifted each student with specific talents and abilities. The curriculum focuses on helping students develop these gifts through a variety of educational activities, such as hands-on experiments, independent study, field trips, and more.

You can check out the Weaver curriculum here.


Masterbooks is an award-winning homeschool curriculum that has been used by thousands of families to help their children thrive academically. It provides a comprehensive learning experience while using Charlotte Mason elements throughout its program.

Masterbooks is also a boxed homeschool curriculum that is Christian-based.

You can check out the Masterbooks curriculum here or look at a detailed review of Masterbooks here.

10 of the best boxed curriculum options! Get a great homeschool curriculum in the mail.


The Apologia Science Curriculum is a Christian-based homeschooling program designed to provide an academically rigorous science education from a creationist perspective. The curriculum is a family-owned corporation that provides print and online instruction in physical science, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and physics for K–12 students.

The program is designed to combine academic excellence with a Biblical worldview that encourages students to use scientific inquiry and biblical principles to understand the world around them.

This approach helps students develop critical thinking skills while gaining knowledge of scientific concepts. Each course in the Apologia Science Curriculum consists of two parts: a textbook accompanied by an audio/visual component (such as DVD lessons or interactive websites).

You can check out the Apologia curriculum here.

ACE Paces

The ACE Paces curriculum has been around for many years and is used in many countries, including America and Australia.

The ACE in ACE Paces stands for Accelerated Christian Education. This doesn’t mean the program is for gifted children. Instead, it means children can do the course at their own pace – accelerated or deccelerated. 

This program is also a Christian boxed homeschool curriculum.

ACE Paces was developed to help homeschooled students reach their full academic potential through self-paced learning in a comfortable home environment. Students are encouraged to ask questions and think critically as they work through each course.

Additionally, assessments are available that enable parents or teachers to track student performance over time.

You can check out the ACE Paces curriculum here.

Christian Liberty Press

Christian Liberty Press Curriculum is a program produced by a ministry team devoted to reformed Christian teaching. It provides a boxed homeschool curriculum for preschool to Grade 8.

The company has been producing a wide range of educational materials since 1983, and its curriculum has been used by thousands of students across the United States.

The curriculum itself is designed around the idea that learning should bring students to a greater understanding and appreciation of God’s Word and His Creation.

It emphasizes Biblical principles, character-building virtues, and academic excellence in all subject areas.

Christian Liberty Press incorporates traditional classroom instruction with innovative approaches to teaching, including unit studies, projects, field trips, interactive activities, and more.

It encourages critical thinking skills by requiring deep analysis of texts rather than rote memorization.

With this curriculum, families can be confident that their children are receiving education grounded in Biblical truth while also equipping them with the necessary knowledge they need to succeed academically.

You can check out the CLP curriculum here.

10 of the best mailable homeschool curriculum options!

Saxon Math

And I thought I’d tell you about the Saxon Math curriculum even though this is number 11 (#sneaky).

The Saxon Math curriculum is a highly respected math program developed by John Saxon, a former professor of mathematics at Oklahoma State University.

It is designed to help students develop mastery in mathematics and is used in both homeschooling and traditional public and private schooling.

This award-winning program has been around for over 30 years, making it one of the longest-lasting math curriculums available today.

Saxon Math offers comprehensive coverage of the essential mathematical skills needed for success in later education.

The curriculum consists of books on specific topics such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus.

Each book is structured differently so that each student can progress through the material at their own pace, depending on their skill level and understanding.

Lessons are reinforced with extensive practice activities to ensure students master each concept before moving on to the next topic.

You can check out the Saxon Math curriculum here.

How Can I Teach using a Boxed Curriculum? (Teachers Manuals)

Boxed curricula usually come with teachers’ manuals which are like the student’s workbook, only they contain the answer keys. Teachers’ manuals also have the script of what you can say in a particular lesson.

Manuals like these don’t have to be followed religiously, but they can be helpful if you get stuck.

My son and I have teachers’ manuals that came with our boxed BJU Press curriculum, but I don’t use them. I find these manuals take too much time, and the lessons may get clunky when I use the manuals. Other people may feel differently, though!

For younger grades, you can certainly get away without purchasing the teacher’s manuals.

Conclusion on the Best Mailable, Boxed Homeschool Curriculum Options

In conclusion, homeschooling can be a great way to ensure your child receives an education tailored to their needs. Boxed curriculum options are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and the fact that they make homeschooling less daunting by decreasing screen time. Not only do these boxed homeschool curriculum options provide a parent with all necessary materials, but they also come with support from the company and resources that can help answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

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