10+ Rainbow Sensory Bottles Kids Will Love

Your students will love these amazing rainbow sensory bottles! Be sure to add them to your rotation of sensory bottles in the classroom.

The color discovery bottles are the perfect sensory activity to include in themes like color theory, spring, weather, or rainbows. Of course, you don’t really need a specific reason to make any of these sensory jars. Any time of the year will do.

In addition to their eye-catching colors, the rainbow discovery jars help young children explore a variety of early learning skills. All while keeping the kids engaged and excited!

collection of rainbow discovery jars with text that reads rainbow sensory bottles

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Most of the children I’ve worked with over the years have loved rainbows! All of the brightest colors in one place, at the same time?! What’s not to love!? So why not combine that love of colors with the awesomeness that are sensory bottles?

Learning with Rainbow Sensory Bottles

Children see rainbows as these magical things that just appear in the sky. Of course we, as adults, know the science behind rainbows. Which brings me to my next topic: learning opportunities!

Any rainbow activity or lesson can provide children with a plethora of meaningful learning opportunities. But sensory bottles add new depth to those lessons by incorporating the kids’ senses. Here are just a few things that the kids can learn about and practice when creating or engaging with a rainbow sensory bottle:

  • The science of rainbows
  • Color theory
  • Color identification
  • Preschool weather concepts
  • Precipitation
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sensory input
  • Patterns and sequencing

And that is just to name a few. There are so many different concepts and skills that can be practiced with the rainbow sensory bottles!

Colorful Materials for Sensory Bottles

No matter what direction you decide to go in for your rainbow-themed sensory bottle, you will certainly need some colorful materials. Since the term rainbow is so broad, you can really use any items that you have on-hand. But, if you’re looking to get some new materials or ideas, check out some of these ideas:

And these suggestions just scratch the surface of what you can use in a rainbow sensory bottle! Get creative. Or better yet, let the children lead the way in this activity, starting with the choice of materials!

Rainbow Sensory Bottles

Now, without further ado, I give you my favorite rainbow sensory bottles!

3 sensory bottles for a rainbow theme

Our series of rainbow glitter jars are perfect for helping children cool down as they learn all about color theory.

I’m sure your students will have a blast with our rainbow corn sensory bottle.

The rainbow friendship sensory bottle is a great way to begin a unit on friendship while getting some much-needed sensory input.

4 rainbow sensory bottle ideas

The combination of materials used in the rainbow sky sensory bottle makes for such a whimsical sensory bottle!

This rainbow discovery bottle uses such a clever technique to keep the colors separate.

Your students will love watching the bands swirl around in the rainbow loom sensory bottle.

The addition of the light table takes these simple rainbow discovery bottles to a whole new level!

For ideas from rainbow sensory bottle collection.

The rainbow alphabet sensory bottle can be paired with a variety of literacy activities to make for a well-rounded lesson!

Students are sure to get their fill of sensory input with the glow-in-the-dark rainbow sensory bottle.

The rainbow music shakers not only provide tons of learning opportunities but also double as musical instruments!

Fill the colorful mini sensory bottles with both novel and familiar items for the kids to explore!

Collage of three rainbow sensory bottles

The kids will get to explore so many preschool math concepts with the rainbow dice sensory bottle!

I absolutely love the creativity that went into the material that fills the crushed cereal rainbow bottle.

The rainbow rainfall sensory bottle will engage the children’s sense of sight and hearing with a calming rainfall sound!

Rainbow Lesson Plans

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preschool rainbow lesson plans cover
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collection of rainbow sensory bottles with text that reads rainbow calm down jars

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