11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

This year has been odd. Usually I’ve decided on our curriculum choices by March. This year March flew by and I had no idea what we were going to do. That’s not fair, I had some ideas, but I didn’t have a firm list of plans. Spring flew by and I still didn’t know, I was waiting on the kids being able to register for classes at community college, what classes they took would change what we did. Finally after a lot of back and forth with ACC, they are registered. Actually, one still isn’t registered for reasons, and hopefully that will change sometime today. But, I think I have our 11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices decided.

11th grade homeschool curriculum choices
The original picture I designed for this post because the teddy bear amused me

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Joint 11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum picks

11th grade homeschool curriculum choices for the group
But, I have to admit this one amuses me a bit more, when I realized I could make this one.

This is part of why I took so long figuring it out, there are exactly two subjects we are working on jointly:

  1. History- we are finishing up Modern History, I was rather surprised Modern history became a two year class
  2. Language Arts- we are reading books together and have joint writing assignemtns using Wordsmith Craftsman (read my full review of Wordsmith Craftsman).
  3. Geography- I forgot, we’re also doing this one together

That’s it. Everything else is individualized, and we hadn’t really decided on specifics until about a day ago.

11th grade reading list

This is another example where I’m still working through and trying to decide. I had a couple of books I was going to have the kids read Forest Gump as a fun overview of the later part of the 20th century, but then I watched Lost in Adaptation’s review of the book:

Needless to say, I was disappointed to learn this.

11th grade curriculum choices

Superman’s 11th grade homeschool curriculum choices

Superman wants to continue with MyTek classes, I wanted him to take some coding classes at ACC, but he claims there are no classes he can get into. I’m not sure I believe him, but for this semester that’s what’s going to happen.

11th grade homeschool curriculum choices for Superman

He’s chosen to take a government class at ACC for the semester, which means I need him to take a science here at home, and I’m going to have him work through Apologia Health and Nutrition (my review). He wanted to only take one class at ACC this semester as he adjusted to working and going to school, and I thought that was wise.

He is taking Teaching Textbooks pre-Calculus (my review of 4.0) for Math.

I need to have him pick another class or so to work on, I’m not sure quite what we’ll pick.

Batman’s 11th grade homeschool curriculum choices

Batman decided this year he doesn’t want to continue with Teaching Textbooks but prefers Life of Fred math, so he will be using Life of Fred Trigonometry, and ironically I have almost all of the high school math, but that one.

11th grade homeschool curriculum choices for Batman
It is much harder to find pictures of my boys than it is Artist, they are just never home

He is taking Astronomy at ACC, and will pick another science for next semester. My goal is for him to increase the number of classes he takes at ACC to two next semester. I’d hoped for him to take two classes this semester but he wanted more time to adjust to working part-time and school, so I let him only take one this semester.

I need him to pick another class or so to work on, to have a few more credits for the year.

The Artist’s 11th grade homeschool curriculum choices

She is continuing work on her second book, so that is one of her classes.

For science this year, the Artist is taking Intro to Psychology at ACC, and will probably take something related to that for her science next semester. She’s decided she’s very interested in mental health and counseling, so she’s taking classes towards that end.

11th grade homeschool curriculum choices for the Artist

For math, she’s finishing up Advanced Algebra and then starting Geometry. If she were in the room, she would be over my shoulder pointing out that it’s my fault she didn’t finish Advanced Algebra, since I kept ahold of her book. That may or may not be the case.

The Artist is the only one of my children who enjoyed sign language, and she now has a friend whose sister is hard of hearing and uses ASL, so she’s continuing with sign language with SignIt ASL! (read my review here, I’m also reviewing classes because it’s been a few years since I really used ASL).

Homeschooling High School is weird

As I attempted to pick out our 11th-grade homeschool curriculum choices I realized this is my last year of actively teaching them classes.

Their science curriculum is largely self-taught with me grading the materials.

Next year the only thing I’ll still be actively teaching is their reading, and that’s more of discussions and talking through.

It’s truly weird to contemplate for me. Anyone else feel like that as they head through high school?

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