12 Flower Sensory Bottles Just Right for Spring

These amazing flower sensory bottles are perfect for your spring plans! Be sure to add these to your master list of spring sensory bottles.

Incorporate the flower discovery bottles into your next preschool flower theme. Or just add them into your plans here and there, as you see your students become interested in flowers.

In addition to learning about flowers, these sensory jars incorporate additional science, math, and sensory concepts. So the children are learning so much as they make sensory bottles!

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The preschoolers are always very invested in our unit on flowers. And I can’t say I disagree with their interest! They love learning about different flowers and how they grow.

What they love even more is interacting with flowers. Whether that means planting and growing their own flowers in the classroom or picking flowers from nature. Garden crafts and activities are always a hit!

What are Kids Learning with Flower Discovery Bottles?

Sensory bottles with a flower theme have so many learning opportunities. Here are just a few things the kids can explore with flower sensory bottles:

  • The life cycle of a plant
  • What plants need to grow
  • Growing their own plants
  • Sensory input from the variety of textures in different plants
  • Fine motor skills
  • Counting
  • Colors
  • Vocabulary
  • Measurement
  • The scientific method

So with such a special interest in flowers and so many rich learning opportunities, I thought it would be a great idea to give you all some flower sensory bottle ideas. What’s better than teaching the kids about a fun topic while also giving the kids some much-needed sensory input?! Nothing! So, let’s get started.

Materials for Your Flower Sensory Bottles

But first, let’s chat supplies. No matter which flower sensory bottle you choose to make with the kiddos, you will certainly need some materials to get started! So, I’ve created a list of some materials from the ideas gathered below.

I also included some other things that I think would go great in a flower sensory bottle if you decide to put your own spin on this idea. Here are some materials I would recommend:

Although I think these materials would make for a super cool sensory bottle, I think the very best materials for this project will come from the great outdoors. And what better way to gather your natural materials than to go on an exciting nature scavenger hunt?!

Guide the children in gathering their favorite items from nature and put them into a clear bottle. Seal the bottle with just the dry ingredients inside. Or you could even add a liquid! With something like water, dish detergent, or baby oil, you can watch the materials floating around. And you can even add in a bright-colored food dye for some extra pizazz!

What materials are you and your students going to use for your sensory bottle? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Flower Sensory Bottles

Now it’s time to talk flower-themed discovery bottles! I’ve got 12 super fun ideas below. To read about each individual bottle, click on the blue underlined next. You’ll get the specific directions there, and you’ll be able to check out even more pictures.

Beautiful Flower Discovery Jars

I’m not sure I can pick just one or two favorites from this list. The flower sensory bottles below are just so gorgeous! All on top of being hands-on, engaging learning opportunities for the kids.

Collage of three flower sensory bottles

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The water in the lilac sensory bottle from Parenting Chaos almost creates a magnifying effect, allowing the kids to really investigate the various parts of the flower.

Let the children explore the outdoors, pick flowers, and get a little crafty as they create the whimsical spring flower sensory bottle from Kids Craft Room.

Children will get some practice with fine motor skills and basic crafting skills as they create their very own garden sensory bottle from Happy Toddler Playtime.

Three ideas from flower sensory bottle collection

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Take the kids on a nature walk and let them gather wildflowers or other plants to create the wildflower sensory bottle from Simple Play Ideas!

Some of the most impactful activities we do with our kiddos are also the most simple! And that’s exactly where the spring sensory bottles from Preschool Inspirations come in.

The parts-of-a-flower sensorjars from Chalk Academy are a great activity for learning about sorting and science! And I love the incorporation of additional language acquisition skills within the activity!

Flower Sensory Bottles for a Flower Theme

Okay, so I couldn’t just stop there. I tried to keep the list small, but I kept finding more and more flower sensory jars to include. That just means you have more delightful possibilities to choose from!

3 flower-themed sensory bottles

Snip the flowers from a plant for the real flower bottle from Little Bins for Little Hands. You could use a fresh bouquet of flowers, wildflowers, or even teach the children to prune the flowers in the school garden!

The flower discovery bottle from Teaching Mama uses artificial flowers, making it the perfect substitute activity for those children (and us adults) with seasonal allergies!

The rose sensory bottle from Life Over C’s is a great activity for a wide variety of themes, like Valentine’s Day, spring, flowers, or even color theory!

3 colorful flower discovery bottles

Children will have a blast exploring their senses as they make a flower and beads sensory bottle from Sensory Play for Kids.

The kids will be absolutely amazed by all the shiny glitter in the flowers and leaves sensory bottle from Tea in the Wild.

The flower garden sensory bottle from Capturing Parenthood is such a colorful sensory activity for the children. It really gives me those cool 70s vibes!

And there you have it! Which of these flower sensory bottles will you make first?

Flower Lesson Plans

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Flower Lesson Plans

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