125 Unintentional Mistakes This Online Community Found In Movies Or TV Shows

Ah, movies — the action, the drama, the romance, the chaos — these complex beasts always guarantee a good time. The sheer amount of moving parts and details capture our attention and compel us to closely watch the storyline unfold, from start to finish. Something that, on rare occasions, inevitably leads to noticing errors that have slipped through the cracks.

While our beloved movies and TV shows pass by dozens of pairs of eyes before reaching daylight, even the most talented directors, editors, and producers slip up every once in a while. And here’s where the 'Movie Mistakes' subreddit comes in. Home to 144k eagle-eyed fans, it’s dedicated to pointing out unintentional yet interesting mistakes that made it into the final cut of a film or TV show.

From wandering extras to objects that belong in a completely different era, devoted cinema enthusiasts have set out to uncover numerous mistakes that made their way into our devices and screens. Bored Panda has scoured the community and wrapped up an entertaining collection of some of their best posts below. So sit back, grab a bucket of popcorn, and enjoy scrolling through this list. Upvote your favorite entries and let us know what you think in the comments!

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#1 I'm Watching Doctor Strange And I Caught A Crew Member Literally In Plain Sight ?

Image credits: greenm312

#2 In The Movie "Leap" (2017), Taking Place In 19th Century France, You Catch Views Of The Statue Of Liberty Being Built. The Film Depicts The Color Being What You'd See Today But The Original Color Was In Fact Bronze

Image credits: patient_zero84

#3 In The Last Airbender, The Movie Starts

Image credits: slaughtrr12

Making a movie or a TV show is no easy feat. In fact, it’s a huge undertaking that takes time, money, cooperation, meticulous planning, and a careful knack for detail. From the screenwriter who molds the initial idea to the actors who bring the message to life, countless people are involved in the process. But as you can see in this list, even the most detailed preparations sometimes can't spare motion pictures from a fair share of cinematic blunders and gaffes.

To learn more about movie mistakes, the reasons behind them, and how studios try to get away with them, we reached out to Michael W. Boyce, Ph.D., a host of a podcast called Geek 4 that’s all about fans, fandom, and fan cultures. Being a Professor of English and Film Studies at Booth University College in Winnipeg, Canada, he explained that filmmakers leave these goof-ups in their work mainly due to financial reasons.

"Movies are incredibly expensive to make, and are sometimes shot in ways to suit actors’ schedules so making sure every detail is consistent is really hard," Boyce told Bored Panda.

#4 Live Action 101 Dalmatians, Pongo Who Is About To Father 15 Puppies Is Played By A Neutered Dog

Image credits: Marabakes

#5 Helicopter Shadow Visible In The Opening Aerial Shot Of The Shining

Image credits: Kubrickan

#6 In The Last Of The Mohicans (1992) You Can See The Crew's Baseball Caps And Megaphone

Image credits: beerboybeltsbrews

"At times, shots in the same scene are filmed months apart. While there are people whose job it is to ensure continuity, mistakes happen: a child wears a digital watch in a crowd scene (Glory), an extra’s broom doesn’t touch the ground (Casino Royale), or, and one that became worked into cannon, a stormtrooper bumps his head (Star Wars: A New Hope)," the professor added.

#7 Lady Bird, Set In 2002 But On The Wall You Can See Flags Of Serbia, And Montenegro ( In 2002, Serbia And Montenegro Were One Country, Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia Until 2003). Also You Can See Flag Of South Sudan( Declared Independence In 2011) Fun Fact: I Am From Serbia

Image credits: bogdanandjelkovic

#8 In The Movie The Wizard Of Oz (1939) In One Shot You Can See That Dorthey Isn't Wearing Her Ruby Red Slippers When She And The Scarecrow Are Trying To Get Apples

Image credits: Corndogeveryday

#9 In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), There Is A Shot Where You Can See The Actor's Mouth Inside Of The Suit

Image credits: SlipTheSlime

It looks like movies and TV shows are absolutely rife with these mishaps, otherwise known as "continuity errors" — something that breaks the audience’s attention by shattering the illusion that the movie picture is seamless. Like this example where Julia Roberts eats a pancake in one scene, and a croissant in the next. When viewers take notice of these mistakes, they may feel confused and get distracted from the story itself.

"The editor’s job is to make sure that any breaks in continuity are invisible enough that they do not disturb the audience’s involvement in the story," Norman Hollyn, a professor of cinematic arts at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, told Inside Science. "We use many different techniques to disguise these mismatches and distractions and we use the fact that, like magic, audiences tend to be distracted by differences in size, color and movement."

#10 In Forest Gump (1994) Forest Says That Jenny Died On A Saturday Morning But Her Tombstone Says She Died On March 22, 1982 Which Was A Monday

Image credits: Ohyeahboo54

#11 In Pulp Fiction You Can See The Bullet Holes On The Wall Even Before The Guy Comes Out From The Bathroom,shooting!

Image credits: kajokarafili

#12 Show (9-1-1 S3-Ep3) This Guy Got His Arm Amputated But They Forgot To Edit It Out Of This Shot

Image credits: Ian11z

So when observant cinema detectives note and expose the slip-ups that creators hoped would go unnoticed, it brings them a sense of pleasure. "I think it’s a matter of rewarding people for spotting something that other people don’t notice," Boyce told us.

"When we notice that someone’s tie changes color, or someone’s drinking glass magically refills between shots, we’ve caught something we’re not meant to notice and which most people aren’t aware of," he added. "I think some people enjoy that kind of secret knowledge, whether to feel like they’re a better audience member than for noticing the minutia of a scene or that they’re a more avid fan of a film."

#13 Ad Astra (2019) Brad Pitt Is Speaking To His Father In Zero Gravity, And A Tear Rolls Down His Cheek As If He Was In A Gravity Environment

Image credits: stanfan114

#14 In S4 E17 Of The TV Show Criminal Minds, Agent Prentis Drives Up Next To A Bar And The Reflection “Bar” Is Shown When It Should Be Written Inverted Due To Being A Reflection. Unless, Of Course, The Name Of The Bar Is Яaᙠ Which I Don’t Believe Is Feasible

Image credits: DDsLaboratory

#15 Season 3 Of Stranger Things When Billy Knocks Out Mike You Can See His Stunt Doubles Hairy Legs

Image credits: Maj0rThreat

Interestingly, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Tokyo, Japan, found that synchronized blinking stops viewers from missing the action. It turns out that we subconsciously time our blinks while watching films to ensure we won’t miss anything important. Because of that, moviegoers even tend to blink in unison, they found.

Tamani Nakano, the co-author of the study, told NewScientist that the flow of visual information to the brain is halted by up to 450 milliseconds with every blink, and we lose up to 6 seconds of information every minute. In their experiment, volunteers either watched a silent comedy with a strong narrative, a movie with no narrative, or listened to an audiobook. Then they measured whether the volunteers’ eye blinks happened at the same time. They found that in some cases, individuals will blink simultaneously while watching the same film.

"We all commonly find implicit breaks for blinking while viewing a video story," Nakano said. "The blinks may form one external manifestation of that, which may provide a window into understanding what people are thinking when they watch a movie."

#16 About 50 Minutes In To Hereditary, All I Could See Was Toni Collette’s Wig’s Lace

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 School Of Rock (2003) In The Beginning Of The Movie, During The Performance Of Deweys Band We See One Of The Audience Members Text Their Friends Saying The Band Sucks. However We Can Clearly See That The Audience Member Is Actually Texting No One And Is Just Typing Into A Text Document

Image credits: Rajakz

#18 In I.t Chapter 2(2019) Richie's Car Is A 2019 Model Mustang, Which Is Odd As The Movie Is Based In 2016, Dunno If This Was Posted Yet Or Not

Image credits: BafflingBritishBoy

However, even if we try our best to pick up every detail on the screen, mistakes sometimes slip through our eyes. Sometimes because our attention is focused on making sense of the things we are watching at the moment. But other times, it’s because of the way a movie or a TV show is shot and cut. When asked whether filmmakers try to distract us from these flaws, Boyce said, "I am sure that there are some mistakes left in because filmmakers assume the action of the scene will distract the audience from the mistake."

"In Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, a child extra covers his ears before a gun goes off in a busy restaurant. Everything happens so quickly, only the most eagle-eyed viewers would have caught it on a first screening."

#19 In The Lion King (2019), Baby Pumbaa Looks Nothing Like A Warthog Piglet

Image credits: Timirlan

#20 Fake Bookshelf In The Last Crusade

Image credits: Oldspice_DentalFloss

#21 Superman Has Fillings. In The 1978 Superman Movie In The Scene Where Superman Finds Lois Lane Dead From The Earthquake, Superman Screams And You Can See He Has Fillings. He's Apparently Not Impervious To Plaque

Image credits: vabello

Looking for blunders in your favorite movies or shows can even become an entertaining activity to do with friends or family. So if you are interested in trying to spot these types of errors, Professor Boyce was kind enough to share a few suggestions: "Watch for drinking glasses and food. The volume of liquid in a glass and the amount of food on a plate are really hard to match perfectly shot to shot. Clothing is also a common source of errors – ties change color, sweaters appear and disappear."

"But mostly, watch extras and background actors. They’re not supposed to be the focus of a particular scene and their mistakes are often left in films because they’re not the focus and it’s too expensive to reshoot a crowd because one person did something wrong," Boyce concluded.

#22 Curb Your Enthusiasm S10 E02: An Extra Looks At The Camera, Then A Voice Off-Screen Is Heard Saying "That Lady Just Looked At The Camera."

Image credits: DankruptAMA

#23 Live Streaming Video In Oceans 8 Has Jpeg As Extension

Image credits: viky_boy

#24 [forrest Gump] Forrest Nets A Can Of Mello Yello, A Drink That Wouldn't Exist Until 1979, With A Can Design That Didn't Exist Until 1988

Image credits: bserum

#25 In Spiderman Homecoming (2017), The Staten Island Ferry Is Shown With Cars And Motorcycles On It's Bottom Deck. However, Vehicles Have Not Been Allowed On The Ferry Since September 11th, 2001 Out Of Fear Of Terrorism And Have Not Been Allowed Since Due To The Cost Of Security That Would Be Required

Image credits: Cheap_Cheap77

#26 Jurassic Park, When John Hammond Is Cleaning A Glass Before Pouring Champagne, The Towel He Is Using To Dry The Glass Magically Switches From White To Pink In The Next Shot

Image credits: thug_waffle47

#27 John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) – Operator Typing On Commodore Vic-20 (Or 64) That Is Missing Power Cable, Also LED Power Indicator Is Off. At Least, Power Button Is On

Image credits: gbojan74

#28 In "The Last Of The Mohicans" When General Monro Surrenders Fort William Henry To The French, Buses Are Visible Parked In The Background

Image credits: DukeMaximum

#29 [the Witcher] Geralt's Obvious Plastic Sword In Close Up Shot - They Either Didn't Think It'd Be Noticeable Or Forgot To Use The Hero Prop

Image credits: Nakamura_Weirdstorm

#30 Heat (1995) - When Mccauley Shoots A Person In The Chest, You Can See The Blood Squib Cord Leading Up The Actor’s Leg

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 Rewatching Stargate. Noticed An Entire Crew And An 8x Silk In Kurt Russell's Glasses

Image credits: imgur.com

#32 In The Final Scene Of The Movie Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003) A Crew Member With A Cowboy Hat Can Be Seen On The Ship

Image credits: Corndogeveryday

#33 In Rick And Morty S04e06: When Rick Closes The Door On Goomby, The Hinges Stay On The Outside Of The Door

Image credits: YouDiedInInfinityWar

#34 The Underside Of The Characters' Shoes On The Office Are Never Dirty, Always Brand New

Image credits: tustjzfjxfjxgjzjf

#35 In Dallas Buyers Club(2013), There's A Poster Of Lamborghini Aventador In Ron Woodroof's Office. Ron Died In 1992, The Aventador Was Launched In 2011

Image credits: snehshah402

#36 With How Many Changes That Have Been Made To Remastered Versions Of The Original Star Wars Trilogy I’m Surprised They’ve Never Fixed The Star Field Not Being Out Of Focus With The Rest Of The Background In Return Of The Jedi

Image credits: MyPenisMightBeOnFire

#37 In Alien (1979), If You Look Closely, You Can See The Fishing Line Attached To The Facehugger’s Fingers. Never Noticed This Until The 4k Release

Image credits: AnakinVader1138

#38 In Spider-Man 2, Peter Magically Swings On The Hands Of Uncle Ben From Heaven

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Hunger Games, More Like Mistake Games

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 They Weigh In A 200lbs A Container. Yet Jesse Effortlessly Lifts And Stacks Them Alone As If They Were 10lbs

Image credits: stashu_

#41 In The Hunt For Red October (1990), The Rainstorm Is Obviously Added In Postproduction - The Lens Of The Binoculars Are Completely Dry

Image credits: baxterrocky

#42 Modern Family S6 E13. Haley’a Phone Is Upside Down

Image credits: TheGodAnubis

#43 In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bucky’s Biography States He Was Born In 1916, But The Bottom Of His Bio Says He Was Born In 1917

Image credits: The31stUser

#44 In ‘A Christmas Story’ When Mrs. Shields Opens Her Drawer There Is A Pair Of Chattering Teeth. The Movie Is Set In 1939, And Chattering Teeth Were Invented In 1949

Image credits: MysticWisard22

#45 In Terminator 2 (1991), When Arnold Rides His Motorcycle Next To The Semi And Picks Up John, It's Clearly A Stunt Double

Image credits: klsi832

#46 The ‘Wild Wild West’ Movie Starring Will Smith’s Iconic Tie Wearing Character Is Historically Incorrect. It’s Set In 1869 But The Modern Day Tie Wasn’t Created Until The 1920’s

Image credits: Exiled-Philosopher

#47 In Spider-Man Homecoming, Ned Says His LEGO Death Star Is 3449 Pieces, Which Is The Same As The Death Star II Set. However, Later We See That The Set He Got Is The Original LEGO Death Star Set, Which Is 4016 Pieces

Image credits: freshfishforks

#48 Never Been Kissed- The Math Group Has The Wrong Number For Pi (Pi Is 3.14159265...)

Image credits: digitallov

#49 In Avengers Endgame (2019), Tony Stark's Mustache Changes While He Confronts Thanos

Image credits: tustjzfjxfjxgjzjf

#50 In The Film "The Road To El Dorado", The Spanish Galleons Have On Their Sails The Order Of Christ Cross, A Portuguese Symbol Not Spanish

Image credits: BenefitCuttlefish

#51 Cameraman Caught On Harry Potter

Image credits: AmirIsmail2004

#52 In Fast And Furious 6(2013) Dwayne Johnson’s Goatee Appears, Disappears, Then Reappears

Image credits: RokuAang625

#53 In Barry (2016), A Netflix Movie About A Young Barack Obama's Life At Columbia University In 1981, When Obama Went Into A Harlem Projects The Newspaper On The Window Says In Chinese, "Trump Wins Big In New York Primary"

Image credits: licxtfls

#54 In Insidious, You Can Very Clearly See A Fog Machine And You Can Even See The Operator Moving In The Darkness If You Look Closely

Image credits: CrunkyDunk

#55 In Breaking Bad S1:e3 Walter's Car Is Parked In Different Spots On The Same Scene

Image credits: Tacote

#56 I Can't Believe I Never Noticed This, But In "Independence Day" (1996) When David Has A Drunken Fit About Using Nukes, He Turns Over A Garbage Can Belonging To The Art Department

Image credits: 33JimmieLee33

#57 In Jessica Jones S1e4, There Is A Camera Operator Entirely In Frame In One Shot. I Don't Think This Has Been Posted Yet Because I Don't Think This Mistake Was Present While The Show Was On Netflix. The Shot Is A Couple Seconds Long

Image credits: Deveecee

#58 Back To The Future II (1989), You Can See Delorean Flying Car Rolling On Small Wheels

Image credits: the_70x

#59 Although This Scene From Living With Yourself (2019) Is Meant To Be Set In 2014, Miles (Paul Rudd) Manages To Get His Hands On An iPhone X, Which Was Released In 2017

Image credits: Navin_Ad

#60 If You Watch Fight Club With Brad Pitt And Ed Norton Giving Commentary They Laugh At Meat Loafs Wardrobe Malfunction. His Trousers Fall Down In The Background Of This Scene

Image credits: reddit.com

#61 A Massive Mistake Can Be Seen Throughout ‘The Titanic’. In The Movie The Ships 4 Tunnels Emit Steam From Its Engines. In Reality The Fourth Funnel Was Mainly For Show To Improve Its Look And Make It Look Bigger

Image credits: reddit.com

#62 This Zombie In Dawn Of The Dead (2004) Doesn’t Have Any Gore Makeup Applied To His Stomach

Image credits: ColdBanaProductions

#63 In The Pilot Episode Of Breaking Bad You Can See What I Think Is Bryan Cranston’s Mic Pack On His Back When He Bends Over To Vomit. 54:27

Image credits: mbrankle

#64 This Glaring Error In Friday The 13th: Part 2 (1981) Almost Ruins What Is Otherwise An Absolutely Flawless Work Of Cinema. A Slingshot Wielding Reprobate Is Clearly Seen Firing At The Right Butt Cheek Of An Unsuspecting Female Camp Counsellor. However She Reacts By Grabbing At Her Left Cheek

Image credits: baxterrocky

#65 In Endgame, Cap's Shield Repairs Itself For One Brief Shot

Image credits: GnurfDeLaGrandeCahut

#66 An Extra Sweeping Away Air In The Bond Film Quantum Of Solace (2008)

Image credits: Topjaws

#67 In 'No Country For Old Men' (2007), While Anton Chigurh Is Driving In A Neighborhood, A 2004 Subaru Forester Can Be Seen In The Background, Despite The Film Being Set In 1980

Image credits: BonzoBonanza

#68 S1e6 Of The Walking Dead The M67 Grenade, Rick Uses To Escape The Cdc, Safety Lever Is Painted Blue Indicating Its Only A Training Grenade

Image credits: DeathsEdge0

#69 In Fate Of The Furious (2017), Cipher Hacks Every Autonomous Car In A Parking Garage And Sends Them Falling To The Street, But There Is No Way That Van Is Autonomous

Image credits: CarpeNivem

#70 The Netflix TV Series "Away" Thinks That T-Minus Is Used For Things Other Than Launch Sequence... It Should Be T Plus (However Many Hours Since Launching From The Moon), And Then How Long Until They Reach Mars. For Example: T Plus 12 Hours From Launch, 8 Hours Until Contact With Mars

Image credits: redrocketinn

#71 That 70’s Show, S3 E23: Map Of Canada Shows Nunavut But It Did Not Become A Territory Until 1999

Image credits: sar1284

#72 In Avengers: Endgame (2019) When They Go Back In Time And It Shows A Short Clip Of The S.t.r.i.k.e Members Holding What Looks To Be A Galaxy S7. The Year This Was Taken Place Was 2012 And The First Phone To Have That Camera Was The Galaxy S7 Which Was Released In 2016

Image credits: Vision919

#73 Clear And Present Danger (1994) - The Soldier’s Rifle Is Obviously Adapted To Firing Blanks, Based On The Smaller Barrel In The Larger Barrel

Image credits: reddit.com

#74 Avengers Endgame Deleted Scene Shows Shuri Wearing A Pair Of Nike Shoes

Image credits: Holadola

#75 [iron Man 2 2010] The Beam From Particle Accelerator Cuts Through Everything But The Wires (Lower Frame) Going To The New Triangular Arc Reactor Core

Image credits: reddit.com

#76 In Beauty And The Beast (1991) When Lumière Is Singing ‘Be Our Guest’, During The Line “...after All Miss This Is France.” The Dishes Form The Shape Of The Eiffel Tower...but According To Sources, Beauty And The Beast Takes Place Somewhere From 1790-1880...eiffel Tower Was Built In 1887

Image credits: qtfrutii

#77 In 'The Pianist' From 2002 There Are A Lot Of Subtitles Of German Dialogues Which Haven't Been Translated Correctly. The Translated Version Says 'At Ease' But The German Soldier Is Shouting 'Was Ist Denn Das Für Ein Kranker Haufen?' Around 56m40s Which Means 'What Kind Of Sick Bunch Is This?'

Image credits: teiichikou

#78 In "Stranger Things 3", Chapter 5: The Flayed, We See Bigleaf Magnolia (???????? ???????????). This Species Grows In West Georgia Where The Show Was Filmed, But Not In Indiana Where The Story Happens

Image credits: LoreleiOpine

#79 In "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" The Clock In The Background Shows Different Times Within Seconds. (Red Is The Running Time Of The Movie)

Image credits: MarvelousBumfuzzle

#80 In The Cartoon Series X-Men (1992), Season 2 Ep 9, The Blob Exclaims “Oh Boy! Tutti-Frutti!” While Eating From An Ice Cream Tub Labeled “Vanilla”

Image credits: HallOfJusticeIntern

#81 In Django Unchained(2012) The Bounty Hunter Pays For Broomhilda Von Shaft With 12 $1,000 U.S. Bills. This Is Impossible Because The Transaction Occured In 1859, But The First U.S. $1,000 Bill Was Not Released Into Circulation Until 1861

Image credits: AlitaBattlePringleTM

#82 This Scene In “The Harder They Fall” Was Supposed To Take Place At High Noon

Image credits: RCocaineBurner

#83 Sword Falling From Éomer's Scabbard In The Two Towers. Always Annoyed Me And Never Saw It Here

Image credits: hug117

#84 Aladdin 2019 Probably Late To This Party But It Looks Like A Cell Phone In His Pocket

Image credits: PoopyGoat

#85 In 'The Departed' 2006, A Dolly Track Is Visible For A Few Frames Next To Queenan's Dead Body

Image credits: swagy_swagerson

#86 In Fury (2014) The German Soldier That Looked Under The Tank After The Final Battle Held An LED Flash Light. You Can Tell Because The Light Is White When It Should Actually Be Yellow

Image credits: DauphDaddy

#87 Zombieland 2: Cameraman Finger Shown On Screen [32:08]

Image credits: QwertyQwertz123

#88 Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace (Netflix) 42:00 Camera Roll Shows Various Photos With Various Fake Lock Screens With Messages And Fake Phone Calls And Mock-Up Dial Pad

Image credits: PauPowers

#89 Star Wars Episode 6. In The Fight Between Luke And Vader You Can Clearly See Vader Holding His Lightsaber In His Left Hand Yet The Beam Is Coming From His Right Hand

Image credits: ZKaz25

#90 This One Is Especially Bad Seeing As It's In The Middle Of A Trailer For The Summer's Most Anticipated Film... (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Set In 1969)

Image credits: ThinkOutsideTheTV

#91 In “ The Flash” Barry Allen Has A Conversation Without Picking Up The Call...that’s Some Good Telepathy

Image credits: Joaopn98

#92 In Outer Range, Luke Is Using A Google Pixel Case On An iPhone. The Camera Doesn't Even Line Up With The Holes

Image credits: jessegus

#93 In The TV Series “War Of The Worlds” This Character Uses A Holographic Sight As A Binoculars…

Image credits: CFXSquadYT

#94 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Cliff’s Dog Brandy Is Supposed To Be A Girl. This Shot Clearly Shows A Male Dog

Image credits: mole_bamba

#95 Quicksand On Netflix

Image credits: jelle_peters

#96 American History X You Can See The Camera Guy

Image credits: GhostRunner8

#97 In The (Death On The Nile - 2022), The Nile River Irl Is No Where Close To The Pyramid As Shown Here. The Nile Is 9km East

Image credits: itsMoSmith

#98 In The Movie Bully (2001) There Is An Eminem Poster On Bedroom Door The Events Of The Movie Take Place In 1993 Eminem Didn't Come Along Untill 1997 Or 1998

Image credits: SiCoTic1

#99 Troy (2004) Two Llamas Can Be Seen Leaving The Marketplace. There Were No Llamas In This Part Of The World At This Time

Image credits: mucow

#100 In Ww 1984 The Train Station’s Guide Post Indicates That The Silver Line (Sv) Runs Through Here. The Silver Line Was Not Open For Service Until 2014. 30 Years Later

Image credits: mand4010

#101 In Encanto, Mirabel's Glasses Aren't Actually Prescription

Image credits: mycrayonbroke

#102 Wonder Woman 1984 Briefcase Papers Get Organised

Image credits: Booman_aus

#103 In Richard Jewell (2019), Which Takes Place In 1996, There Is A Guy Doing The Macarena On Stage At 18:18, Wearing An Apple Watch, Which Didn’t Exist At The Time

Image credits: note71

#104 In “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” (2019), Cliff Booth’s Rear-View Mirror Appears And Disappears

Image credits: ChristopherAntilope

#105 In Passenger 57 (1992), The FBI Agent In The Back Already Has Makeup For The Gunshot Before Being Shot

Image credits: cavallom

#106 In Fighting With My Family (2019), There Is A Women In The Audience Wearing An Apple Watch At Paige's Debut Wwe Appearance, But This Match Happened In April 2014 And The Original Apple Watch Wasn't Released Until A Year Later (April 2015)

Image credits: spaghetti_hotelie

#107 In The Lion King (1994) Scar Asks Simba If Mufasa Showed Him Whats "Beyond That Rise On The Northern Border". But Earlier The "Rise" (Elephant Graveyard) Can Be Seen In The South Of Pride Rock

Image credits: Difficult_Toe

#108 Clear And Present Danger (1994) - Harrison Ford Deems The Man Dead Despite Using His Thumb Which Has A Pulse Of Its Own

Image credits: reddit.com

#109 Boy Meets World, S4e9, 5:17, You Can See The Microphone In The Top Left Before They Move It Out Of Frame

Image credits: markers920

#110 Breaking Bad, S4e1, Hank Is Bidding On Minerals On Mineralemporium.com.. From A Html File On His Computer Of Which His User Is Called "Mad Props"

Image credits: ToThrustIsAMust

#111 During One Of The Battle Scenes In Braveheart (1995) You Can See A Car In The Background

Image credits: Corndogeveryday

#112 (The Fast And The Furious 2001) You Can Clearly See The Stunt Guy With His Helmet

Image credits: Killshot03131

#113 Apologies For The Terrible Image, But The Icarly Episode Where They Go To Japan; The Taxi They Are In Is Left-Handed, Where In Japan They Drive Right-Handed Cars

Image credits: borsalinomonkey

#114 Avengers Endgame: While Ant-Man Is Supposed To Be Hot Wiring The Van He Can Be Seen Fighting A Wild Steelix In The Background Of This Shot

Image credits: Taorero527

#115 In Uncut Gems (2019) Howard Books Julia On A Blade Flight. The Movie Is Set In 2012 But Blade Didn't Exist Until 2014

Image credits: Somm_Guy

#116 At The End Of “Fast Five,” When Hobbs Executes Reyes On The Bridge, You Can Hear Shell Casings Hit The Pavement. But Hobbs Is Shooting A Revolver, Which Doesn’t Eject Casings

Image credits: Kombatnt

#117 Am Not Sure If Anyone Has Posted This Before But If You Watch Dark Knight Closely, You'd See The Camera Crew In The Mirror For A Few Frames

Image credits: SoapMacVj

#118 Bad Boys (1983) Very Visible Cameraman During Fight Scene

Image credits: FookHerInTheTarth

#119 In Pulp Fiction After Jules Finishes Shooting Brett His Pistol Is Empty And It Locks Back. Near The End Of The Movie When The Scene Is Repeated, This Doesn't Happen

Image credits: sina-s9

#120 Inglorious Basterds (2009) Lt. Aldo Raine Wears A Special Forces Insignia On His Collar. Us Army Special Forces Were Not Created Until 1951, 6 Years After Wwii Ended

Image credits: TheMonarK

#121 Friends: How About A Full On Visible Camera In The Shot…

Image credits: FemmePotenza

#122 In The Godfather (1972), This Punch Thrown By Sonny Is Comically Nowhere Near Connecting With His Wife Beating Brother-In-Law

Image credits: baxterrocky

#123 In Sicario (2015), The Bullet Chain Is Laying Over The Lmg On The Other Side And Just Swaying In The Air Instead Of Being On The Opposite Side And In The Ammo Box

Image credits: TitaniumCoyote6

#124 Star Wars Phantom Menace: Liam Neeson's Wig Is Visible In Close Up Shots

Image credits: spyd3rweb

#125 Random Crew Member In The Back In 1979's All Quiet On The Western Front

Image credits: amajunkie8