20 Hilarious Math Memes

Maths was never my strong suit at school. Why we needed to learn fractions and algebra is anyone’s guess. I can’t say I’ve ever used either in the real world. But I digress. While maths might not have been my favorite subject, it does provide plenty of laughs thanks to math memes.

Whether you’re a trigonometry king, a multiplication master, or a maths novice, these math memes will have you chuckling out loud. So read on and have a laugh at these hilarious math memes. 

20 Hilarious Math Memes

1. Everything You Need To Know Can Be Found in These Two Books



Who knew all the knowledge you need when it comes to business and maths can be found in these two books?

2. Accountant Incoming



This math meme is aimed at all the parents who want their kids to become mathematics geniuses. If you start early and get good with numbers, a career as an account is in the future for any possible offspring. 

3. Choice vs. Determinacy



A great use of the “Distracted Boyfriend Meme” pitting choice against determinacy. A funny mathematical meme even kids will understand. Maybe. 

4. Bobbies



Calculators are great for helping work out hard equations. Every student has one and they are a must if you want to solve a tricky math problem. While ideal for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, they can also be used when spelling, particularly if you need to know the right letters to spell the word boobies

5. Perfection



Is this not the most beautiful math equation you have ever seen? Any science or math teacher will approve. 

6. Humans Are Complicated



Yeah, humans are smart. Much smarter than dogs. There is no way a dog could solve a math problem like this. Go, humans. 

7. Basic Algebra



It doesn’t matter whether you’re a math teacher, A-grade student, or fledgling scientist, algebra will always trip you up. 

8. Multiples of 64



When an educator makes a statement like this, the Minecraft players know what’s what. Not a joke everyone will get, but still a funny math meme. 

9. I Wonder What He’s Drawing?



Draw me like one of your French girls.

10. A Fate Worse Than Death



Death isn’t a great outcome, but imagine death squared? This is a lesson you won’t learn in the classroom. Fact. 

11. Hey Perfectionist



This image is sure to bug anyone who is a perfectionist. 

12. Covering All Your Bases



This student has made sure they get this math questions correct by using six for every digit of the number. Who needs calculus when you’re this smart? 

13. The Trojan Math Horse



No matter the science, be it chemistry or physics, maths always has a way of getting involved. 

14. Math Is Math



Whether teaching or learning, everyone needs to understand that math is math. It’s science. 

15. 6 Days and 9 Weeks



Here is a simple math meme everyone can understand. You don’t always have to be a mathematician to get the correct answer. This one is simple math any person can work out. 

16. You Can Make How Much?



Someone needs to go back to school and the math classroom and learn how to multiply. No surprise this is a post taken from social media. The young generation just doesn’t get it. 

17. Mentally Challenged



The Cyanide and Happiness comic strips are always hilarious and this one is no exception. While one of the characters is solving math problems with a pencil and his brain, the other congratulates him on being mentally challenged. It’s certainly not as controversial as some of the comics in the series but still makes for one of the better math memes on this list.

18. Useful Facts



Here is a handy formula that proves you get more when buying an 18-inch pizza than two 12-inch pizzas. Every child should be taught this when in school. 

19. Understanding Calculus in 10 Minutes



Not sure this is the calculus video you really want to be watching. 

20. There’s a New Harry Potter Book



This text is the long-lost Harry Potter novel everyone has been waiting for. No doubt it will be all the rage in the classroom and a great resource for pupils.