24 Burger King Hacks, Coupons, & Deals to Save You a Whopping Amount of Money

Learn how to score Burger King coupons and deals using these Burger King hacks.

burger king hacks

Eat for less with these Burger King hacks. 🍔

Hungry for a Whopper Jr. or Croissan’wich? Save more of your dough when you use Burger King coupons, deals, and hacks. We love to share the best tips for getting food on a budget and Burger King offers SO MANY ways to save! Before you roll through the drive-thru, try our clever advice!

The best Burger King hacks to save you big money on your next order:

1. Download the app to become a Royal Perks member and get the best Burger King Deals.

Burger King Coupons through the Burger King App & Royalty Perks

If you’re a patron of Burger King and you don’t use the app, you’re missing out on the best discounts! The Offers screen on the Burger King app will show you the best deals at your local Burger King.

When I checked, my app gave me a Buy One Get One Free Whopper Deal, a Burger King coupon for $1 Large Fries, an offer to get 2 Whopper Jr. Sandwiches with 2 small fries for just $6.99, plus 12 other amazing deals.

The App is also where you can become a Royal Perks member. When you’re a member, you’ll score 10 Crowns for every $1 you spend. Spend just $25 and you’ll be eligible for free food like a Small Hash Browns. The more you spend, the better the freebies get! For example, with 400 points you can get a free Bacon Cheeseburger and for 750 points you’ll get a free juicy Whopper.

Royal Perks members also get to upgrade their fries or onion rings to a larger size for FREE. They also get 2X the Crowns during their entire birthday month and access to all kinds of exclusive offers.

2. Use your Royal Perks membership to get FREE fries with any purchase.

Burger King Coupons Using the BK App

From now until 6/30/2022, Royal Perks members get FREE fries with every purchase. Another current notable deal for new members is a $1 delivery fee for a $5+ order placed through the BK app. If that’s not a reason to sign up for Royal Perks, we don’t know what is! 🙌

3. Get a Burger King coupon for a free sandwich after your first digital order of just $3 or more.

Burger King BOGO Deals

Another great reason to use the Burger King app is that you’ll receive a Burger King coupon for a FREE Whopper. All you have to do to get this voucher is to make one order through the app of $3 or more. It’s that easy!

4. Use the website to see Burger King deals at nearby locations.

Burger King Deals on the Burger King Website

If you happen to be using a computer, head over to the Burger King website and check out their latest offers. You can easily change your location to see which Burger King near you is offering the best deals.

5. Score Burger King coupons by doing the survey on your receipt.

Burger King Receipt Survey has coupon for free whopper

Many people have gotten in the habit of having the cashier toss out their receipts — but I’m here to tell you why you should take it! You can score great Burger King deals like a FREE Chicken Sandwich or Whopper. Sometimes you’ll also get Burger King coupons like BOGO deals.

Completing the survey is one of the simplest ways to score FREE food!

6. One of the best Burger King hacks is to DIY your Whopper.

Best Burger King Hacks includes the Whopper Hack

My local Burger King sells a Whopper for a whopping $5.59. What if there was a better way to order this sandwich? Luckily, there is and you’ll even score some bacon with it! 🥓

Instead of ordering an expensive Whopper, order a Bacon Double Cheeseburger for about $3.89 instead. Like the Whopper, this sandwich comes with a 1/4 lb. of beef. Just hold the mustard and ketchup, add mayo, ask the cashier for light lettuce (if not available through the app), and add some tomatoes which cost about 50¢ extra.

You’ll get a similar sandwich plus some bacon and it will only cost you $4.39. That’s a total savings of $1.20!

7. Use SwagBucks to earn a $25 Burger King gift card.

Swagbucks App on iphone - burger king hacks

Swagbucks is a popular cash-back app that is completely free to download. You earn redeemable points by playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, or shopping deals. If you earn 2500 points, you can redeem them for a $25 gift card to Burger King.

8. Never order a Bacon King. Try this Burger King hack instead.

Burger King Hacks we love is making a Bacon King from a Bacon Double Cheeseburger
We found out about this awesome hack from The Deal Guy. It turns out that the Bacon King costs around $7.59 just for the sandwich! Instead, order a Bacon Double Cheeseburger for $3.89. Then add mayo and hold the pickles and mustard. You’ll have a little less meat but a similar sandwich that costs almost $4 less.

If you want to bulk it up a bit more add an extra Whopper Jr. patty to your sandwich for just $1. You’ll still end up saving big bucks!

9. Get Burger King delivery for as low as $1

Woman delivering food with DoorDash delivery bag

Briefly mentioned above, Burger King is offering a $1 delivery fee when you order delivery using the BK app. The minimum order to get this deal is $5. Additional fees may apply.

The BK deal is the best delivery deal currently going on. However, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and GrubHub may offer delivery promotions throughout the year. When you see a deal, take advantage!

10. Scan your receipt to Fetch Rewards or Receipt Jar to get cash back.

fetch app on iphone is one of the best cash back apps of 2022

Who doesn’t want to get a little money back on purchases? Scan your receipt to popular cash-back apps like Fetch Rewards or Receipt Jar. You’ll begin earning redeemable points. Save enough and you can get paid via gift card or PayPal!

If you’re interested in learning about the best cash-back apps, check out our full list!

12. Take advantage of Burger King’s Family Bundles.

burger king bundles

For a good deal at Burger King, try the Mix n’ Match Family Bundles. For around $10 you’ll receive your choice of two sandwiches, two small drinks, and 2 small sides.

The sandwich selections by me are a Big King, Single Quarter Pound King, Original Chicken Sandwich, Big Fish, or Single Impossible King.

These sandwiches ordered by themselves cost between $5.19 and $6.99, so the Mix N Match deal is a clear money saver! đź’°

Hip Tip: Check the offers section of the app. Right now, many locations are offering a $22 Ultimate Bundle which includes 2 Whoppers, 2 Original Chicken Sandwiches, and 2 orders of 8 Pc. Nuggets. That’s a value of about $28.34.

13. One of the best Burger King deals is the Have It Your Way Meal.

Burger King Snack Box with fries, burger and nuggets
This value meal is one of the best deals at BK. Included is a Small Classic Fry, 4 Pc. Nuggets, a Small Combo Drink plus your choice of a Whopper Jr., Chicken Jr., or Bacon Cheeseburger.

If you were to buy all of these items separately, you’d be spending over $9. Near me, this value meal only costs $6 and your location may even offer it for less. Not only will you have a full meal at an affordable price, but if you eat in the store, you get free refills on your soda!

14. Make sure to follow Burger King on social media.

Burger King Facebook Page Giveaways - score free food from Burger King

Burger King is pretty active on their social media accounts and it may pay to follow them. Not only will you stay updated on their latest menu items, but you’ll also hear about special promotions and fun challenges.

Some of the best offers occur on the restaurant’s birthday in December and they always announce these deals on social media. For their 65th birthday, Burger King gave away 65,000 Whopper sandwiches. For their 64th birthday, the restaurant chain offered Whoppers for just 37¢!

In October 2022, Burger King got in the Halloween spirit when they asked customers to use the app to play a game where you detect a ghost. If you were able to do so, you received a Burger King coupon valid for 2 Ghost Pepper Whopper sandwiches and 2 Small Fries for just $10. đź‘»

15. Use discounted gift cards to get a few dollars worth of free food.

Burger King Hacks you must know include buying Discounted Gift Cards

Are you a BK regular? If you know you’ll eventually end up at Burger King soon, scooping up a discounted gift card when they are on sale is an easy way to save a couple of bucks. For example, you can pay $25 for a gift card worth $30. That’s $5 worth of FREE food you’re getting!

You’ll find discounted gift cards at retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club. You can also find these discounted gift cards on sites like CardCash, Gift Card Granny, CardBear, and Raise.com.

16. Get fresh fries every time by asking for “no salt.”

Burger King French Fries and ketchup
This Burger King hack is tried and true. If you want a fresh batch of fries, just ask the cashier for fries with “no salt.” Just keep in mind if you do want salt, you’ll have to add it yourself. 🧂

17. Customize your burger to get a fresh patty and free LIGHT toppings.

man sitting in fast food restaurant smiling at burger

Burger King prides itself in allowing you to have your burger your way. If you want to avoid getting a sandwich that’s been sitting under the heater for a bit too long, just customize your burger. The restaurant will whip you up a fresh patty.

When adding toppings, keep in mind that meat, cheese, and tomatoes may cost extra. Most of the other toppings are completely FREE as long as you make sure to request them “light.” When you speak to the cashier simply say, “light onions” or “light lettuce” and you should receive them free of charge!

18. Get the most bang for your buck with the value-sized drink.

Value Size drink at Burger King gets free refills

If you enjoy having a soda or iced tea with your meal, sit inside the restaurant and go for the value-sized drink. It’s the cheapest option by far (around $1.49) and you’ll get free refills for sitting indoors.

19. One of the best Burger King hacks is to order a kids’ meal and swap the toy for a dessert.

Man holding Burger King Kids Meals

Who said adults can’t enjoy a kids’ King Jr. meal? Not Burger King! These fun meals cost considerably less than a standard combo meal. You can even score more grub by switching out the toy for dessert.

Near me, a Cheeseburger King Jr. Meal costs $4.39. The Cheeseburger Meal Small costs $5.28 and you don’t even get a delicious dessert. Choosing the King Jr. meal seems like a no-brainer! 👑

20. Consider your hash brown size carefully.

Burger King Hash Browns
Credit: Insider

Before ordering your hash browns, do the math. Hash brown prices vary greatly by location and at some restaurants, it really doesn’t pay to get a small size.

For example, at my local BK the Small Hash Browns cost $1.79 and have 287 calories. The Medium Hash Browns is almost double the size at 544 calories and costs just 30¢ more at $2.09.

Check the pricing before placing your order to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. If you can’t finish a larger size, you can always split with someone or save it for later.

21. Receive both onion rings and fries for the price of just one side.

Burger King Hacks like Fringles get you bang for your buck

Maximize your sides! If you love both french fries and onion rings, you don’t have to choose! One of the most popular Burger King hacks is to order your side and simply ask for half fries and half onion rings. The cashier is usually happy to comply!

22. Need ice? Get a 10-lb. bag from  Burger King for under $3.

Ice Cubes

If you’re headed to a party or picnic and need a bag of ice, Burger King has you covered. Select locations offer bags of ice for affordable prices. I called my local Burger King and the manager verified that they sell a 10 lb. bag for just $2.89.

23. This brilliant Burger King hack gets you chicken sliders for 39¢ each.

Burger King Hacks to try include making Cheap Chicken Nugget Sliders

Do you and your friends need a quick meal? One of our favorite YouTubers, Hellthy Junk Food, came up with this genius idea!

Head to your local grocery store and grab some cheap slider buns like these bags at Walmart cost which cost as low as $3.28 each. Grab 2 of these bags for $6.56 or 27¢ a roll. You’ll be using 16 buns for this recipe which comes to $4.32. Then swing by Burger King and pick up a 16 Pc. Nugget and your favorite sauce for about $2.98.

Dip each nugget in sauce and add it to a slider bun. You’ll get 16 delicious sliders for around $7.30 or just 46¢ a slider (plus you’ll have 8 extra buns for your next meal). These ingredients might be cheaper near you which means your recipe costs even less!

24. Get a discount by becoming a Burger King employee.

Burger King

Benefits will vary by location, but Burger King employees can expect to have access to a wellness program, emergency fund, and discounts. According to Glassdoor, one employee states getting free food during their shift and up to 50% off when not working.

Employees and their family members can also apply for The Scholarship Fund Program which gives scholarships between $1,000 – $50,000!

Eat for cheap with these other fast food hacks!