24 Halloween Games That’ll Are a Chillingly Good Time

No matter what this Halloween looks like, it will be good to have a few Halloween party games in your back pocket to play with those ghosts, goblins and witches at home with you. From pumpkin games to free Halloween printable bingo, we’ve rounded up 24 spooktacular games to play at your Halloween bash that will keep everyone busy and happy, even after the candy runs out.

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Looking for a game that'll keep kids entertained and not running wild? We've got one for you. Bingo! Yup, the good old-fashioned pastime gets a spooky twist when you download Crazy Little's projects free Halloween printable Bingo. They've thought of everything including accommodating the size of your party, whether you need to laminate it or if you'll reuse it next year.

Roll a Frankenstein

This adorable game includes rolling the dice to build your very own creation! Simply download the printable from Housing a Forest and get started. We especially love even the tiniest kiddo can play this game with ease. 

Halloween Mystery Boxes

A classic Halloween game, fill your boxes with everything from grapes to candy to spaghetti, and let the sensory fun begin! Kids take turns sticking their hands into each box and trying to guess what those eyeballs really are. 


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Stack the Spider

We love this stack the spider game because you can play with just one kid and you can get all the items from the dollar store. Have them stack certain numbers of spiders to work on math and fine motor skills. Or grab a die and roll with two player to see who can get their spiders to the top first. 



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Rescue the Pumpkins

This easy-to-set-up game of rescue the pumpkins (or leaves, or spiders) comes to us from @curlsandkids. It teaches problem solving and gross motor skills while making it fun for kids! Plus, it can be played with just one kid. 



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Witch's Hat Ring Toss

How cute (and easy) is this idea from craftyfun.com? Spray paint some mini cones and turn them into witch hats for a fun toss game. 



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Ghost Face

We love this fun idea from Kid Friendly Things to Do that will have your Halloween kids digging for candy corn in a plate of whipped cream. Get the adults involved in this one for even more hilarity! 



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Eyeball Pong

Snag yourself some eyeball ping pong balls from the Dollar Tree and set up your eyeball pong table. This game teaches hand-eye coordination and is fun for all ages. Get the full scoop from Productive Pete

Pin the Eyes on the Spider

Wee Society puts a spin on the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey with this web-tastic DIY game. Click here to download and get started

Witch Pitch

Witches, warlocks and everyone in between will love this easy-to-play game. The trickiest part is not eating ALL of the candy corn while waiting for your turn. Fly your broomstick over to Chica and Joe and follow their tutorial on how to make your own witch pitch.

Pumpkin Patch Stomp

A little physical activity combined with fun prizes? That's what you'll get with this fun Pumpkin Patch Stomp idea. Simply grab a few orange balloons, fill them with small candies or coins, and get stomping! Get the full scoop at Delia Creates.

Pumpkin Bowling

Strike! This fun pumpkin bowling game is a cinch to put together and will have the kiddos rolling with laughter. For all the details on this boo-tastic game visit A Girl and A Glue Gun.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Everyone, young and old, enjoys a good scavenger hunt. Which is why this game is perfect for a mixed-age Halloween party. The plastic skeletons were found at The Dollar Store and come apart easily. So spreading the bones all over the house and yard is an easy feat. Finding them and putting them back together is up to the kiddos. Pop over to Happy Go Lucky for all the details.

Spider Web

Want epic chuckles rather than startled screams? Try this spider web walking game that helps little bodies sharpen their motor skills in between fits of giggles. All you'll need to get started is painters tape, plastic spiders, and a prize for the lucky winner. Get the tutorial at No Time For Flash Cards.

Pin the Bow on the Skeleton

Even skeletons need to get dressed up sometimes. This "spine" chilling fun game is perfect for a classroom or a house party. The Crafting Chicks have a template ready for you, all you need to do is get it printed (tip: upload it to Staples and order their engineering print for a life-size skeleton!). Voila—now you can work on tying that bow-tie.

Pop Goes The Pumpkin

This Halloween version of a classic carnival game is sure to pack a pop! We love that it also does double duty as a super cool decoration. And, if you still need another reason to try this out at your Halloween fete—it's Martha tested, and Martha approved. For the full tutorial and directions stop by marthastewart.com.

Halloween Concentration

A great game to play at the party or give as a parting gift (packaged perfectly with a bat-like bow!). Check out all the details and download your own version at Saltwater Kids.

Pin the Eyes on the Monster

Say goodbye to the donkey. Thanks to the creativity of Lil' Luna, you can wow party-goers with a Pin the Eyes on the Monster game. Same rules apply, and we think your little monsters will get a kick out of this friendly giant. Visit Lil' Luna to figure out how to make this monster grow a couple of eyes

Ghost Bowling

Grab some TP and a sharpie for ghostly fun. This cute idea from Studio DIY is easy to tackle at the last minute but provides a pay off in hours of entertainment for the kiddos. For extra-festive fun, use a small pumpkin as the bowling ball. Roll over to Studio DIY to see more.


Melt the Witch

She's melting! Take a cue from Dorothy and Following my Shoes and set up your own Melt the Witch activity. Paint a picture of a witch using washable paints and then let the kids melt her using water balloons or water guns. Click here to see photos of the witch disappearing.

The Donut Game

There's a reason this game is a classic. It's easy to set up, fun for kids of all ages, and a total photo opp! Get ready for silliness to ensue as the kids try to get a bite out of a donut—bonus points if they go for it in full costume! Learn more at Les Petites Présents.

Pumpkin Treasure Hunt

Think of this cute game as the Halloween version of an Easter egg hunt. Just hide pumpkin cutouts around the house or yard and let the kids loose (For an extra-organized hunt, you can even number your pumpkins and look for them in order!). Don't forget to include a prize at the end! Get the tutorial at Little Family Fun.

Halloween Charades

We love this Halloween version of charades—especially that you can get the free printable from the always-amazing Buggy and Buddy. It's a great interactive activity for a party, and you can even customize your game sheet. Get everything you need over at Buggy and Buddy.

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

With a few free printables, it's easy to hunt up a little fun at your Halloween party. The kids will love figuring out the clues, and you can even include an awesome treat at the finish line (Caramel apples, anyone?). Find out more at Play. Party. Plan.

Mummy Wrap Race

Grab TP or white crepe streamers and take a cue from mummy dearest. Get the kids to wrap each other's legs mummy style, then hold a hopping race and see who can keep their wrappings intact. Oh, and get ready for lots of laughter! Learn more at Delia Creates.

—Kate Loweth, Abigail Matsumoto & Aimee Della Bitta


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