29 Times The Bully Was Overcome By The Bullied, As Shared By Members Of This Online Group

Bullying is horrible. Whatever the age, it is an oppressive act that should always be stopped. However, when intervention from the outside isn’t enough, the victims of bullying sometimes tend to take things into their own hands, which can get a little messy. Most people would probably say that seeking active revenge against your bullies is most certainly not a great avenue to pursue when it comes to securing wellbeing, but there are people out there who’ve done it and walked away happy and proud. 

Someone on the r/AskReddit subforum raised a question related to this exact matter. They asked “People who took revenge on their bully, what happened?” and the internet responded with numerous stories about how all kinds of people managed to overcome their various oppressors. 

The question collected 5.9k upvotes and prompted 4.3k comments. Scroll down to see all kinds of situations ranging from small, yet clever revenge to outright wild scenarios. 

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Bullied in middle school for having fascination with foreign language, liking classical music, being out of shape and gay. I am now fluent in 6 languages, and will soon be privately recording 5 Mozart concertos and 17 Chopin solos, and have the greatest and most handsome man you've ever seen by my side.

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I learned how to fight, then beat the hell out of him.

He left me alone from then on.

Got in trouble with the school, but when they called my dad to tell him I was fighting, he said "Yeah, I bet. I paid for the lessons. Was it that little s**t who's been bullying him?"

I did not get in trouble at home.

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This girl, Saura (f**k you saura), left me death threats in my phone when I was in high school. This was after I attempted suicide by overdose because of severe bullying and depression. The whole school knew because one teacher opened their mouth, and she used this to her advantage.

So what did I do when she left about 10 voice messages on my phone?

I had her arrested for harassment. So not only did her parents find out she was a bully when the cops showed up at her house, but they showed her parents the log of messages she would also text to my phone. Have fun being the disappointment!

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I was a tubby ugly kid who was stuck upside down in the school bin by this group of "cool" bully girls. Fast forward 20year, went through the ugly duckling stage, got rid of the train tracks, lost 2 stone and grew to 6ft. School reunion ...... cool bully girls turned into short, dumpy middle aged squawking women and genuinely unhappy with life. Enough Karma for me when they tried to make small talk and I told them that their ugliness at school now showed on their faces.

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I had a few bullies who were physically abusive. One of them decided it would be funny to try and beat me up while his brother played lookout (also known as gang up on me if I started to get the upperhand). Unfortunately for him, my older brother saw what was happening and pulled everyone apart and let me and the bully just fight one on one.

I smashed his face into a metal fence. He was far less willing to pick on me when he realised I wasn't afraid of actually hurting him.

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When I was a kid, one of my "Friends" liked to bully me. We played soccer together. He'd shove me, trip me for no reason, and one day as we were standing in line for a soccer passing drill (each kid runs the drill one after the other), he shoved me. Without thinking, and with all the parents watching, I turned in one motion and socked him square in the jaw, after which he fell over crying.

My coach had seen his past behavior and made me run one single lap around the field. That was it.

Years later my dad, who was on the sidelines near this kid's dad, said the dad saw me slug his kid in the jaw, and just said to his wife "good, that little s**t needed to learn some manners"

Gee, ever think that was your job, a*****e?

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She gave me my order at Dairy Queen. She asked how I was doing and I told her: Getting a mortgage, engaged, about to graduate with a BS...

Asked her how she was doing.

"Well... I'm here, so..."

It was deliciously awkward.

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Not exactly revenge, but there was this kid who would pick on me in 5th grade. I just started being super nice to him, and after a while I guess he realized he was being a d**k. We became good friends until he moved away a couple years later.

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In 6th grade there was this guy who was as horrid of a human as you can imagine. He treated me like garbage day in and day out. One day he is sitting next to me and clearly started cheating off my test, I noticed and started filling in incorrect answers. I then get up like I had aced it and go to turn it in, but made sure he was in front of me in line to hand it to the teacher. He hands his in, I turn around and go back to my desk to fill in the correct answers. Dude failed math that quarter. Suck it Bully.

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I saw my bully at the bar. He didn't even recognize me. I followed him out of the bar, and called him in for driving under the influence. As he was going through the sobriety test with the police, I slowly drove by, honked my horn, made eye contact, and flipped him off.

It was epic.

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I was in 4th grade and had been bullied by a kid named Rocky, swear to God that was his name lol, who was in 6th grade. Any way he would trip me, knock books out of my hands, punch me etc....

One day out on the playground he pushed me into the merry go round while it was spinning, I was rolled around inside it while people were trying to stop it. The whole time he's laughing at me.

I get pulled out and I'm scraped up pretty good, get taken to the office to get patched up. Teachers ask what happened, I told them I fell.

Went back outside and saw him standing there with his buddies, I ran as fast as I could toward him and punched him as hard as I could in the face, broke his nose and just stood there looking at him ready to fight. His buddies told him to leave me alone and I never got picked on again at school.

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I graduated and they are either drug dealers, in jail, or dead.

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I was being bullied at school and it got to the point where I was sick to my stomach going to school everyday. Finally, one day I decided I would rather get beat up and get it over with than keep going on this way. When my bully started in on me at the playground with three other girls backing her up, I just let out all that frustration and basically went psycho and said come on let's do this! She totally backed down. Apparently, all of her harassment was her just joking with me and why was I taking it so seriously.

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Some asshole kept bugging me on the bus in 8th grade. I completely ignored him at first. He would get in my face and call me ugly, stupid and throw paper balls at me. One day he was sitting behind me telling me how ugly and fat I was and I lost it. I got up and starting slapping him. Like open handed b***h slapping this kid. I did that for like two minutes and then sat back down. The whole bus started laughing at him and the bus driver laughing his a** off too told the guy to p**s me of again so I would slap him again. That kid NEVER bothered me again. It was great

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Little late to the party but I'll share.

This happened in first grade. I had a bully who would tease me, knock me down, and push me around. One day I was on the jungle gym and he pushed me off. I fell, broke my arm, and had to get stitches above my eye.

When I came back to school the next Monday I walked up to him, on the playground, and swung my cast right at his face; breaking his nose.

After that he left me alone.

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Got in trouble. Everyone knew he was the bully and so did the teachers, so one day he was picking on me, and I punched him. Got sent to the principles office, blah-blah usual stuff, the principle told me that I had to right an apology letter, so I did, and because I was 6, my handwriting sucked (and still does) When I handed the bully the letter he said to me "Your handwriting sucks," so I punched him again.

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He confronted me in the hall and grabbed my shirt trying to be threatening, I bent his thumb backward to meet his wrist. He wore a cast to the school dance and was picked on for being the looser 8th grader who got his thumb broken by a 6th grader. Needless to say I wasn't picked on after that.

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I went to a Boys only secondary school and was THE kid to pick on. Even the nerds who had a good day in the computer lab felt it was acceptable. All because of my history of Absence Epilepsy made me look like a tit nearly every day.

I'd had enough, and was moving schools for numerous reasons, including the bullying. This meathead Alex (F**k you Alex) got me in a headlock and started rubbing my scalp and trying to poke my eyes out. This was it, last day at this POS school. No punishments for anything...

From the headlock I grabbed his waist and stood up to bring him upside down (we were on a small steep slope at the edge of our school sports field) and f*****g piledrived him to the mud. Got him in a leg choke and scribbled the word Bully in biro into his forehead. Let him go, grabbed my back and walked out of school, never to be seen again.

OR SO I THOUGHT. I was a season ticket holder at my local football team (soccer) and saw him on the bus to the ground. I looked him dead in the eye the entire ride, still imagining the scribble on his forehead. He could barely look at me. Bullys are just cowards with a thick shell. Break it and they will leave you alone.

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I had a bully in middle school name Josh, fat kid 3X the size of my skinny a**. He harassed me daily for 2 years, insults, pushing and punching. One day, I was on a friends shoulders on the playground he comes up to rip me down and grabs the neck shirt and gold chain at the same time. Of course he breaks my chain, I snapped; gave him one good karate chop to the side of his neck which dropped him like a sack of bricks. I didn't even get in trouble since the office knew about his constant bullying.

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I waited until we were both 30, then let him serve me at Burger King.

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In high school, there was a group of kids my age who used to bully me. It was one of the reasons I hated high school so I graduated a year early and went off to our local university.

The next year, I'm walking across campus and one of the guys who was in the group runs up to me, excited to see someone he knew on campus and wanting to know where a certain building was.

Now this was a huge campus. I had classes that I could not get to on time without a bike because the class before it was so far away and we had 15 minutes between classes.

So he's all excited to see me and asking directions, which I gladly provided. /s

Yeah, he didn't get to his class on time. I'm pretty sure he's still looking for that building.

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In 10th grade, there used to be a trend called folding, (Or nuggeting is what people are telling me), where you would turn someone's backpack inside out, put everything inside it, then zip tie it. Well, the way I prevented this was to put two 5 pound metal weights inside.

Now, there was one bully that would thrive off of making all negative attention turn to me. "I may have done that, but (me) is stupid" ect. Well, at one point I left the class and came back and this guy folded my backpack. Teacher walks out of the room and the bully turns to me and goes "Hey look, (me) got what he deserved."

Now, I'm not that strong, but I swung that backpack in into his face as hard as I could and knocked him down.

Got suspended, and he tried to keep bullying me. I finally walked up to him and went, "do you want me to snap again?". He stopped after that. Made me so happy.

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Not me but a buddy of mine told me this story and it always sticks with me. Guy is named Elias. Another guy in the class calls him Eli-a**. One day he turned and slapped him in the face, shocking him. Then he pointed at him and stared for over 10 seconds, not saying anything.

Never f****d with again.

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I was your typical looking nerd - scotch tape on my glasses, very high grades, smallish size, building radios in the bus, etc. People tried bullying me more than once, but turns out I got a temper and always fought back. Once a much bigger kid (you know those guys who failed twice in primary school and started puberty before everyone) tried his luck at bullying me by locking me in a locker... (how f*****g cliche I know, I think I'm claustrophobic today because of it). The second I got out, I went into the classroom, walked straight up to him (he was sitting down) grabbed a chair on my way and slammed it on his head. I don't remember much of what happened next because I was in that red state of rage. He never bothered me again and I didn't get in trouble, the teachers loved me and he was a regular bully.

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Mine's super petty. There was a dude who picked on me in middle school. I was a quiet nerd who didn't bother anyone.

One day the book fair rolls through. He buys a book. He's enjoying it. He's about halfway through.

I steal it.

He complains, I act innocent, the teacher believes me. F**k you, Clay. I still have that book.

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Preschool, this rude boy and his friend used to call me names.

Hit them both upside the head with a wooden block during playtime, still friends with them now.

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In fifth or sixth grade there was this huge a**, he would push my head into the water fountains, call me fat, all of the stereotypical stuff. Well one day, he asked to go the bathroom, so while he was still there I asked to go as well. After he left, I put some cloth in the sink and turned it on, flooding the bathroom. He got in trouble for it, and I wasn't even a possible suspect because I was probably the nicest kid in that school.

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He just finished being a huge jerk towards me and making fun of me. I was fuming and he turned his back to me.

I hocked up the biggest loogie of my life (does anyone still say that?) and spat it on the back of his stupid leather vest. After my anger had cleared a little bit, I remembered he is a muscular 6'4'' guy and I'm a scrawny little 5'10'' guy. I realized that none of his groupies saw me do it and I backed away.

Later I heard him shouting angrily in the locker room. Luckily he didn't know it was me.

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20 years after I last saw him, I found out he started his own business. I left it a bad review on Yelp. Very satisfying.

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