3 Ways to Use Division Word Problems in Your Classroom

Teaching division in 3rd grade can be challenging. It’s a concept that 3rd graders may really struggle with. However, there are 3 Ways to Use Division Word Problems in Your Classroom that will make a difference in how your students learn and practice them!

1. Whole Group Instruction

Model. Model. Model.

Word problems are hard. Modeling for our students how to solve word problems is key to their ability to solve them independently.

You can display these Division Word Problems on your whiteboard using Google Slides or the PDF version.

I teach word problem solving by using the acronym R.U.P.S.E.

  • R- Read – read the problem carefully
  • U – Underline – underline keywords and the question that is being asked
  • P – Plan – decide what mathematical operation is needed to solve it
  • S – Solve – solve it by showing all of your work
  • E – Explain – explain how you solved it

If students can learn to do these steps – word problem solving becomes much easier!

Projecting the task cards on your whiteboard makes it really easy to walk through these steps for your students.

2. Math Centers

Many teachers are using both print and digital activities in math centers, and these Division Word Problems can be used both ways – which makes them so versatile!

Students can work on them in pairs or small groups using the printable task cards.

The digital version of Division Word Problems Print & Digital is perfect for pairs or students to work independently – plus there is NO PREP for you!

3. Formative Assessments

After you have modeled problem solving with the task cards in your whole group lesson and after your students have practiced in math centers – you can use them to formatively assess mastery.

Plus – if you use the R.U.P.S.E. method and students show their work and explain their thinking – you can determine who needs more instruction and where they have misconceptions.

You can find more strategies for teaching division in this post – Teaching Division in 3rd Grade – Small Group Instruction.

Looking for more division activities?

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