30 Best History Homeschool Curriculum Programs

Homeschooling provides families with the opportunity to customize their child’s education and instill a love for learning. For history enthusiasts, there are many homeschool curriculum programs available that offer unique and engaging approaches to teaching history. From Christian-based perspectives to hands-on, project-based methods, there’s something for every family and student. To help you find the right fit, we’ve compiled a list of 30 of the best history homeschool curriculum programs on the market.

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30 Best History Homeschool Curriculum Programs

Here are 30 history homeschool curriculum options with a line to describe each and why they’re unique:

  1. Notgrass History – Offers a Christian perspective on world history.
  2. Compass Classroom – Offers American History, Modernity, Antiquity, Christendom, and more!
  3. The Story of the World – Uses a narrative approach to tell the story of world history.
  4. Mystery of History – Focuses on the history of civilization from a biblical perspective.
  5. Time Travelers History – A multi-sensory approach to history with hands-on activities and projects.
  6. BJU Press – A traditional curriculum that’s love extremely high quality that emphasizes American and Christian heritage.
  7. My Father’s World – Integrates history, geography, and Bible study.
  8. Schoolhouse Teachers – Basic math curriculum plus plenty of advanced electives.
  9. The Usborne Book of World History – A comprehensive, illustrated reference book for children.
  10. Rosetta Stone Homeschool – Uses a foreign language immersion approach to teach history and geography.
  11. Tapestry of Grace – Offers a literature-based curriculum for multiple ages.
  12. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool – A free, online curriculum that covers history, literature, and more.
  13. Abeka & Abeka Academy – Accredited and unaccredited distance learning program that uses A Beka Book curriculum.
  14. Monarch Online Homeschool – An online Christian curriculum that includes history and other subjects.
  15. Switched-On Schoolhouse – A computer-based curriculum that covers history and other subjects (now discontinued).
  16. The Homeschool Mom’s Guide to World History – A resource for creating a customized history curriculum.
  17. The History of Us – A curriculum that focuses on American history.
  18. The Critical Thinking Co. – Offers history resources that emphasize critical thinking skills.
  19. KONOS – A character-building curriculum that incorporates history and other subjects.
  20. The History Adventure – A hands-on, project-based curriculum.
  21. The Unit Study Approach to Homeschooling – A guide to creating unit studies, which can include history and other subjects.
  22. Five in a Row – A literature-based curriculum that covers history and geography.
  23. Trail Guide to Learning – A literature-based curriculum that covers history and other subjects.
  24. The World in Pictures for Little Folks – A picture-based curriculum for younger children.
  25. History Pockets – Hands-on, interactive resources for teaching history.
  26. Homeschooling with Picture Books – A resource for teaching history and other subjects using picture books.
  27. The Global Village School – A literature-based curriculum that covers world history.
  28. History for Little Pilgrims – A history curriculum for younger children that emphasizes American and Christian heritage.
  29. The Mystery of History Activity Pack – A companion resource to the Mystery of History curriculum.
  30. The Adventures of Molly and Mason – A series of history books for children that covers different time periods.
  31. History Detective – A curriculum that encourages children to explore history as detectives.

These are just a few of the many history homeschool curriculum options available. Each one offers a unique approach and perspective on teaching history, and it’s important to choose one that aligns with your educational philosophy and goals.

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Conclusion on History Homeschool Curriculum Programs

When it comes to homeschooling and teaching history, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. With so many options available, it’s important to take the time to research and choose a curriculum that aligns with your educational philosophy and goals. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive program that covers world history or a specialized curriculum that focuses on a specific time period, there’s a program out there that will meet your needs. With the right curriculum in place, homeschooling can be a fun and educational experience for both you and your child. By exploring the various options, you can ensure that your child develops a deep appreciation and understanding of history.

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