4 Strewing Ideas to Consider for Your Homeschool This Year

Strewing Ideas to Consider for Your Homeschool

4 Strewing Ideas to Consider for Your Homeschool ~
Written by Erin Vincent of Nourishing My Scholar

Do you strew? I remember years ago when I learned about strewing, and it sounded like a fantastic way to get my kids excited about their education. Little did I realize it was so much more than that!

Strewing is the process of laying out or scattering interesting items around your home for your kids to discover.

It is not about “getting” your child to do anything, and it is not about controlling your child’s interests or having your child follow through with YOUR expectations on what you think they should be learning. Strewing is not about meeting deadlines.

Strewing IS about expanding our ideas, following rabbit trails of discovery, immersing ourselves in a subject of passion for weeks, months, or even years IF that is our child’s internal goal.

For our family, strewing means piles of books in every nook and cranny, science experiments, and hands-on activities all around the house, musical instruments, paint, modeling clay, documentaries, video games, and puzzles too.

Strewing is the perfect complement to our child-led homeschool, but it can be an excellent addition to any homeschool. And what better time to try something new than in the new year?

Strewing Ideas to Consider for Your Homeschool

Strewing Ideas for Your Homeschool

Homeschool strewing doesn’t have to be intimidating. When I started strewing, I started small with a few books and games, making it easier to wrap my head around. If my kiddos showed an interest in something, then I’d look for a couple of items on the subject to place on a little table we had in our living room. I would slowly add more resources until my child’s interest was satiated.

Sometimes, I’d place books or games on the table of a subject they hadn’t shown interest in. Then I’d wait to see if it piqued their interest.

Over the years, our strewing has expanded and filled all corners of our home. You don’t have to do that, of course. Just start small and see where strewing takes you! Do what works for your family.

Strewing Books

Books can be an easy resource to strew. Take your kids to the library and see what subjects spark their interests. Maybe they want to know more about the seasons, moon cycles, counting, lions, or gardening.

Maybe try some large illustrated encyclopedias to inspire your kiddos. Whatever it is, embrace it as a learning opportunity. Go with the flow.

Strewing Games

The art of strewing games is remembering that children learn best through play!

Sometimes games can be paired with a subject like history, math, or science, and other times games are just what they are – fun!

Strewing Ideas to Consider for Your Homeschool

Strewing Hands-On Activities

Hands-on activities can include anything from puzzles, legos, loose parts, kinetic sand, slime, owl pellets, paint and paint supplies, markers, pens, paper, modeling clay, scissors, science experiments, and everything in between!

Some mornings I’ll set the table with art supplies or the ingredients to make slime. Then I’ll begin reading aloud while the kids make some messy discoveries.

Strewing Experiences

Strewing isn’t just about placing items in your home. It can also be about giving your child access to experiences:

  • nature preserves
  • museums
  • theaters
  • libraries
  • stores
  • zoos
  • extracurricular lessons

… any place where there are engaging experiences and conversations with other people.

Once my daughter wanted to grow a fairy garden because of a couple of fairy books I had strewn. S, she talked with a Master Gardener at a local plant nursery about the best plants to use. We went home and measured the garden space, created a budget, and a list of plants she wanted to add.

Then we went back to the plant nursery for her to pick out the plants, soil, and mulch. She kept track of her expenses and came out under budget!

Strewing Ideas for Your Homeschool

Strewing is about helping facilitate our children’s natural curiosity to explore new and different things. It can help with pursuing established passions or discovering new and exciting ones.

If you need more help with the idea of strewing, then be sure to check these 100 strewing ideas for your homeschool!

Strewing Ideas to Consider for Your Homeschool

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