4 Ways that Music Can Enrich Your Child’s Life

Ways that Music Can Enrich Your Child’s Life

Music is a powerful tool that society has been using for thousands of years. It is entertaining as well as emotionally fulfilling for many. It also helps us learn. According to an article published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Psychology, music interventions play an important role in childhood development, especially among school-aged children.

Most of us experience music in our daily lives and remember how it shaped our childhood. As a parent, you should actively incorporate lessons into your child's life. It will help them grow and develop their minds.

Here are 4 ways that music can enrich your child's life.

Ways that Music Can Enrich Your Child’s Life

When children first begin to learn new concepts, especially skills like reading and math, latching on to these complex ideas can be difficult. However, music helps children form connections to these concepts. Songs can be used to explain big ideas to young children.

Singing and repeating songs prompts them to retain new ideas and apply them later. It can help with memory skills and their ability to recognize patterns. Learning about new instruments introduces basic scientific knowledge about sound and vibrations. And at the end of the day, using music to teach will keep your children engaged in the lesson at hand.

As children grow, they are continuously developing their motor skills. Participation in music is one way that children develop and fine-tune their motor skills. In very early age groups, kids listen to music and start to dance along to the rhythms in songs and sing to lyrics.

As children mature, they may start to play instruments as part of their musical development. Percussion and string instruments are particularly good for motor skill development. Drums and the piano, for example, require the use of both hands, and even the feet, to perform different rhythms at once. Learning to play an instrument requires precision and focus.

Ways that Music Can Enrich Your Child’s Life

Music allows children to express themselves. They can get in touch with their emotions in a healthy, productive way. Many children fall in love with music and want to pursue it full-time.

If your child is passionate about a particular instrument or genre, sign them up for lessons or rent/buy instruments for them to use at home. The only way they will ever experience their interest in music is by trying out melodies and rhythms on the instruments.

Keep in mind that you'll need to do some research about what equipment is necessary. For example, according to the Drum Center of Portsmouth, percussion, requires a lot of specific equipment. Use the internet or visit your local drum shop to speak to an expert about which gear is needed for your child's instrument of choice.

Music also fosters social development in children. This can happen in early age groups when children listen to or create new songs together. If children take group classes or join an ensemble, they collaborate to achieve a common goal.

It is also important for older age groups, especially teens. During these formative years, many teens discover what kinds of music they like and develop meaningful relationships based on shared interests. A shared passion for music bonds people and may lead to lifelong friendships.

Ways that Music Can Enrich Your Child’s Life


Music is beneficial to your child's early development. It is also important to them as they grow older and develop unique hobbies and interests.

We know that music is good for the mind, but it is especially useful for teaching children important academic concepts.

Look for more ways to incorporate music into your child's daily routine by doing your own research online!