41 Insults From Parents To Kids That Hit Deep In The Feels, As Shared Online

Almost all kids look at their parents as role models. Growing up, they are our heroes and their opinion and reassurance are the most important things in the world. While getting older, we tend to care what our parents think less and less and we already see them through a different perspective. Now, they are more flawed and maybe not as perfect as they looked in our childhood. Unfortunately, even if we don’t remember much from our childhood, hurtful things that were said by our parents may be engraved in our memories for a while. A passing remark made by our parents may alter how we perceive ourselves or deter us from pursuing our passions. Sadly, most of the hurtful things that we heard in childhood evolve and can have an impact on us for the rest of our lives.

In this online group, members shared their not-so-pleasant memories that they heard from their parents but are still stuck in their head as an adult. Here are 41 of them for you to check out, hopefully none of which you can relate to.

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"you can't even laugh right"

My mom in a weird moment I thought we were bonding. There's something inherently extra evil when someone tells you your joy is wrong

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My dad, very recently, told me (33F) that "I don't have a career and that I was only hired as a charity case". The hardest part is that my dad is normally really supportive and kind and this was not said in anger.

I am a project mgr at a real estate development company that my FIL owns. I have a university degree in a related field (landscape architecture and urban planning) & project mgmt experience from a previous job. I never planned on working for my FIL.

I am getting paid about 1/2 of what I could be making if I worked for another company.

I am sticking it out because my husband and his brothers deserve to inherit the company (their dad uses the inheritance as a way to control them and they have put in so, so much free labour despite never being paid by the company & working FT in completely separate careers). I'm worried my FILs semi-recent drinking habit, mixed with his unrelenting narcissism is going to lead to him squandering the business so I'm staying to keep tabs on it.

I know no one is going to read this. It still feels good to get off my chest.

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My little brother was drowning, I tried to save him but also almost drowned, we got rescued by a neighbour. My mom told me that they should've left me in the pond. I haven't spoken to her in many years

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My mother said lots of things like that. I'll just talk about one of the most memorable.

While I went to go inside the the corner store, she stayed behind in the car. Outside the store was a kid that had a crush on me. He grabbed my a*s and I b***hed him out. My mother saw all this. In the following days and weeks she basically accused me of being a s**t, implying that I somehow invited it. She tried convincing my father of this, told her coworkers about it, everything except being a mom infuriated that someone touched their daughter like that.

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“You’re so annoying.” Said to me as a young kid while I was expressing enthusiasm over some new interest. Later my father complains I never tell him anything.

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She told me I was acting just like my father when I would get upset. I would just get kinda pissy and sulk. He would go on rampages and scream and hit and throw things. He pushed her down the stairs once. I would never lay a finger on my current partner.
The worst part is I look just like him. I was wondering if my mother always expected me to turn into my dad. I prove her wrong every day.

Edit: Thank you to everyone who shared their own stories. It's good to know I'm not alone. Also, to the people suggesting I had previous partners I would actually abuse, I can understand the wording could have been better but how dare you.

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What did I do to deserve a fat kid.

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Not me, but a friend after her dad had died. She told her mom that she missed her daddy; I say daddy because she was roughly 8 at the time. "You miss him so much? If you ever say that to me again I swear I'll chain you to his gravestone!"

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I asked my parents why they gave my sister a lot of money for college and not me. My dad said, "we never thought you could finish."

I have a doctorate now and no student loans ever.

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When I was 14, and struggling with depression. "You're just a psychopath who will die alone cause nobody will ever love you"

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I’m a waste of sperm apparently.

Not sure what else they’re doing with their sperm but.. ok.

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In 7th grade, I was learning how to write better poetry thanks to an awesome teacher. I was so proud of a collection I made, so I let my mom read it. She asked me, “Do you need to be put in a mental asylum?” I was so upset and as I was growing up, I didn’t share any of my art with people, regardless of the medium. Even now, I still hear how serious she was when she asked me that.

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“You’re not skinny.”

My mom when I mentioned wanting to dress as Elle Woods for Halloween when I was 10. Yeah, I was overweight as a kid but that sure as hell didn’t motive me. To this day, whenever I see an outfit I’d love to wear, I hear that line in my head.

Parents, that s**t doesn’t go away over time. Your kids just learn to put it in the backs of their minds but hear you me, they still remember.

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There are so many things I really don’t remember most of them…

Once my stepmom called me a lying sneaking little s**t bc she thought I stole her melatonin, when she just used it all and forgot ab it.

But the thing that I think about a lot is my dad once when I was like 10-12. I don’t remember what it was about, I just remember him poking me in the chest with enough force to knock me down, he said “you’re such a piece of s**t, I can’t wait until I get to kick you out” and spat in my face as I was laying on the ground.

That was the man who was supposed to be Superman to me. I was supposed to sit on his shoulders to see a parade or something.

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My father is very good at maths. Especially at doing it in his head. I always was self-conscious about that. One hike in the mountains he gave me a math problem and I went totally blank, tried to frantically solve it in my head but couldn't. Finally he said "You once were intelligent, that's long gone." starting a monologue about how dumb I am.

I was 13 at the time.

In my end thirties we had a chat about chemistry, which I excelled in at school. That led to other subjects and it turned out, he wasn't really good in any subject we shared, except math. I was in most - except math.

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When I was ~10 years old, my mum once said “If I could go back in time and make sure I never gave birth to you, I would in a heartbeat”

Never forgot it. Talked to her a about it a couple of times years later and her responses ranged from “That never happened” to “oh yeah and I suppose I’m just the worst mother ever” and finally “yeah but I didn’t mean it, you know that”

Messed me up tho tbh. Another one was “[older sibling] was the only child we actually planned for, the rest of you were accidents.” I don’t think it was intended as an insult, but being told your entire existence was an accident as a child kinda stung.

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“You will never amount to anything in life”

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Why can't you just be normal? I loved art, film, writing & performing. I listened, now I'm 46, stuck in a civil service job that I loathe & unhappy. Wish I hadn't listened.


Mom was talking to dad about me while I was right there. I was bullied in high school and it had an effect on my grades. While discussing my education she said:

“Look at him. Can’t you see there’s nothing in there? Just look at how he sits there. He can’t do this. He’s not capable of more. This is it. He’s nothing.”

It gave me a drive and motivation. It also gave me a constant need to prove myself.

EDIT: I never imagined this to get so much replies. For the people wondering: this happened almost 20 years ago and I have now found peace with what she said. My mom has a lot of mental issues but she tries her best. She’s made a lot of progress and is still working on battling her inner demons. And in the end: she has since done a lot more good than bad to me. I will never forget what she said but I no longer hold it against her. People shouldn’t always be reduced to their worst moment.

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Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Not really an insult but is what I’d hear any time I had a negative emotion. Having emotions was grounds for punishment. Now whenever I’m sad I hear that voice in my head.


It's taken quite some time to accept that this isn't true but being told I'm selfish and arrogant for speaking about things I might like, or how I'm feeling when I was a young child. Growing up it was more speak of when you were spoken to as you had no real reason to speak otherwise unless you were going to risk being screamed at or physically hurt, and I only ever had sentences based around me saying sorry, thank you and please.

As an adult now, even when someone wants to listen to what I have to say I still occasionally unintentionally cut myself off and stop talking out of fear. And the fact that someone is actually willing to listen to what I have to say - but I'm working through it >:D


My parents divorced when I was young and they hate each other. My mom would call me my dad's name when she was really upset. What makes it worse is that I confided in her that I never wanted to be like my dad. She used that ammunition against me

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I was probably 14, it was ‘97 or ‘98, and I was walking up the stairs one afternoon. My dad was on the landing, looked at me, paused and said “your forehead. It’s ‘gettin zitty with it.’”

I’ve told him about how it’s something I still think about now that I’m an adult. He has zero recollection of something I remember so vividly.

The axe forgets, but the tree remembers.

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I was an only child and lonely. When I asked for a sibling, the response was "if you want to know why we don't have more kids, go look in the mirror".

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"Don't be so simple"

"Do you think that looks good?"

"You're a slob"

"You're lazy"

"Stop, you are doing it wrong. Just go away"

"You lack motivation"

"You're wasting your potential"

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"You sound like a pig under a gate." I was ~10 and working to expand my vocal range. To this day, I stop singing when others are around.

The one that lives rent free though is, "now, find someone else to take care of you." Thanks for the help, I guess.

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My sister won a ton of toddler and baby beauty pageants. My dad for awhile didn’t believe I was his daughter.

He told me I wasn’t pretty enough to be his daughter. Well jokes on you dad, we look just alike. My younger sister and I do too lolll,

Killed my self esteem, but I think it’s kinda of funny now.

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Not really an insult:

My brothers and sister lived out in Utah, we are live outside of Cincinnati. My mom, dad and myself drove to Utah because my sister was getting married.

The first night of being settled in, we went out to dinner with my older brother's fiance and her family. My oldest brother was there with his wife, and my sister was there with her fiance. Again, we were there for my sister, yet the first night we were there, going to dinner with my older brother and his soon to be wife and in-laws took priority.

We are sitting at this restaurant, and my mom straight up blurted out my older brother is her favorite child. My oldest brother, my sister and I just looked at each other just like slowly nodding going like ... "No s**t, mom. We know. Doesn't make it okay for you to say it out loud, though."

I was 14, so that was about 20 years ago. Still f*****g stings.

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“Don’t be so sensitive.” Even till now as an adult, and I just suddenly realized why I don’t feel safe being emotionally vulnerable with my parents.


Through an unfortunate event, I contracted herpes right before I went home on Spring Break. I was naïve and had no sex ed so I didn't know what was going on and I was super sick with a 104.5°F fever. I had to tell my parents. My mom called me a whore. Will never forget that. Thanks mom.

Note: they're mormon ?

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“You’re too goofy. Guys don’t want to date a girl who’s funnier than they are.”

Not exactly an *insult,* I guess… but it did stick with me.

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So many things

About how I'm a waste of space

I'm a horrible person

I'm lazy

Comparing me to other people's children and how I'm not as good as them

It still continues


“You’re the biggest mistake I ever made.” - my mother when I was 5. I’m 32 now and it’s been the undercurrent for our relationship ever since, constantly wondering if anything I’ve achieved or struggled for is something she’s genuinely proud of or just relieved to say I wasn’t a total failure on her part.


“The only reason I had kids is to serve me”
“I only wanted one boy and one girl” B***h had 3 boys.

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My father said to my mother when she finally left him, "The only one of the 3 kids that has done any good is the middle one. I'm surprised that the other 2 aren't in jail " ?

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‘Half man half mattress’ my old man when I wouldn’t get out of bed

Edit: for those asking, he was being amazing and funny. 1990, I was 16 and had to get up at 04:30 for work, he got me up and out the door every morning.

A nice wee story

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I think I was like 2nd grade and my dad called me manipulative.

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"All your friends will be more successful than you in life"

It turned out to be true.


My mum told me I was a little s**t and then later told me no matter what she says she always loves me… somehow that’s stuck with me for 30+ years

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"Dad you're fat"

"Well you're ugly and I can lose weight."


Like a half a century ago....My mother and I were talking and the topic of someone's eye color came up...I forget who. I sincerely asked...what color are my eyes? (they are sort of a grey-green) She looked at them closely and told me..."sort of a s**t-brindle"

I still bring that up from time to time

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