48 Quick Sensory Bags to Make for Your Kids

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Sensory bags are perfect for toddlers that still put things in their mouth and are even a great way for babies to explore!

Sensory bags are squishy, slimy and the perfect medium to explore safely inside bag. But they can also be a tool for kids to learn! Yes! Learning can be done in simple sensory bag (we’ve done it with colors, math problems and sight words)!

And what’s even more to like about sensory bags is that they are very versatile to use whatever you have on hand. You can use almost anything in your pantry cupboards! Go dig around!

They are so easy to make — see?

Since we’ve done a few and have had really good look with our sensory bags, here’s a collection of sensory bag ideas for you to get some fantastic ideas to go from. But I encourage you to be creative, find something new to put in your sensory bag!

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48 Ideas to Explore & Learn with Sensory Bags

Like I said, you can put almost anything in a sensory bag. Here I’ve broken it down into different areas: nature, colors and then we get into a little bit of learning with numbers and letters. Have fun!

Exploring nature can be super cool without the dirty mess (though I am certainly not one to be against getting messy, and here’s why).

Put together any of these nature sensory bags and let the fun begin!

You can add in just a tad bit of color learning with these colorful sensory bags. Or just let it be fun and colorful!

These colorful sensory bags are bright and cheery for one of those days you’re stuck indoors.

When you are juggling multiple kids, adding a sensory bag with additional learning in it will be great for the older kids. They can work on these while the younger kids explore.

Don’t be afraid to substitute learning letters for numbers or sight words, or whatever it is that your child is working on. Make it as simple or as hard as they’re up for. Try a couple variations!

Push your horizons further with these simple ideas to fill your sensory bags with. Then just have fun!

Up for further exploration?

Take the sensory out of the bag and keep the fun going!