5 Major Elements of a STEAM Mindset

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math comprise STEAM learning. However, there is more to a true STEM mindset than just the content. Today Tim Needles talks about five elements that comprise an effective STEAM mindset to help us bring these topics into our classrooms as we teach and learn together.

5 Major Elements of a STEAM Mindset

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Learn about a STEAM Mindset


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Tim Needles – Bio as Submitted

Tim NeedlesTim Needles is an artist, writer, performer, and educator from Port Jefferson, New York. He is the author of STEAM Power: Infusing Art Into Your STEM Curriculum from ISTE booksand has been teaching art and media at Smithtown School District in New York for over twenty years as well as serving as an adjunct college professor. His work has been featured on NPR, in the New York Times, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Alexandria Museum of Art, the Katonah Museum of Art, the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and The George Washington University Museum. He is the recipient of the ISTE Technology in Action Award, the ISTE Creativity Award, the National Art Educators Association AET Outstanding Teaching Award, and The Robert Rauschenberg Power of Art Award at the National Gallery of Art. He has served as a National Geographic Certified Teacher, a PBS Digital Innovator, an Adobe Education Leader as well as a TEDx speaker. He’s also a ISTE Arts and Technology PLN leader as well as a NAEA ArtEDTech officer and is active on social media, guest hosting education chats and sharing his thoughts on arts and education. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram @timneedles.

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