85 Times Women Were Mansplained The Dumbest Things

If you are a woman, the chances are you've experienced mansplaining at least once at some point in your life. Whether at work or university, with friends, at a gym or while getting your car repaired, it seems like no place is free from overconfident and condescending men who think that they know things better than you. So they do explain it, without being asked to do so.

Not only is it super annoying, mansplaining is demeaning too, so by no means is it an innocent practice. So this time, we’re taking a look into what mansplaining experiences women witness time and again, as shared in these online threads.

Scroll down through the stories below and be sure to share your thoughts about delusional men talking down to women in the comments.


A white dude explained Chinese New Year to me. I'm Chinese.

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I was weeding stinging nettles at my work and this guy came up behind me and explained how you have to pull up the roots for it be effective (I am obviously already doing that and I was literally at work). So I asked him to show me and dumbass grabbed the biggest stinging nettle and got stings all over his arm and face. I was very happy.

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A man once tried to tell me what women on tinder want. When I argued with him he told me I didn’t know what I was talking about then he linked me a YouTube video of another man saying what women on tinder want.

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Bored Panda reached out to Nicole Froio, the feminist writer and researcher, who argues that mansplaining is one of many daily aggressions women go through in a sexist and misogynistic society. “It has to be understood as a part of a larger system of oppression rather than an isolated incident.”

According to Froio, mansplaining comes from the assumption that women and other non-men don't have the intelligence to understand the topic at hand, which is a sexist and misogynistic assumption. “The mansplainer will explain something that the woman probably knows already, usually in a condescending and infantilizing way,” Froio noted.


One of my husband's friends explained PTSD to me. He is an IT dude. I am a therapist specializing in trauma.

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argued with my boyfriend that though it was discovered awhile ago, it was only recently discovered what clitoris does… he said, and i quote, “but it’s been around since the 1800s.” he deadass told me the clit had only been around since the 1800s.

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I wrote a process that was used at our work. 25k people in this business. A guy explained my own process to me, showing it to me with my name written at the top.

He'd invited me to the meeting .....

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“When this happens in a professional setting, this can result in the woman in a professional setting feeling disrespected and/or inept for doing their job, they could feel like they've been publicly humiliated in front of their colleagues and feeling a general loss of respect for her expertise,” she explained.

“What I usually say to men trying to not be mansplainers is that asking can go a long way⁠—instead of assuming a person doesn't know about a certain topic, why not ask 'Do you know how this works?' or 'I'm not sure if you're familiar with this, but if you do, feel free to stop me?' These are simple ways to correct behavior that might accidentally harm someone.”


Guess that was a debate I had with some colleagues on a project or something, I don't remember, it was about the Thai boys that got stuck in a cave. I voiced my opinion and said that there is only way to ensure the rescuers' safety, it's by knocking the boys unconscious, tying them up, strapping a mask around them and pulling them out like a bag of sand. I then got laughed at some dude started to explain how scuba diving with "oxygen bottles" (yes indeed) works and that it's so easy, boys can learn that, they are brave boys... Well, I am an advanced diver with close to 300 dives which he had no idea about. I know how panicked swimmers or divers react. Btw, the boys were rescued exactly as I had said.

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Man: it’s hailing.

Me: (looks around) huh, yeah.

Man: It’s frozen water falling from the sky.

Me: ??

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My friend’s spouse tried to explain how stocks and options work to me at a party. I have a PhD in finance. He figured he still should tell me how financial markets work.

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While Froio would not classify mansplaining as one of the worst things experienced by women in a patriarchal system, she would say that “it is wrong because it rectifies the gender structure on an interpersonal level.”

“For example, you might be a woman in a male-dominated industry where your expertise is already undervalued because that field is male-dominated, and then one of your colleagues mansplains a simple concept everyone in the office is familiar with.”

Froio argues that “this can lead to things like imposter syndrome and an unwelcome work environment for women, where people's suspicions about the woman's supposed lack of expertise is rectified by the mansplaining.”


How to breastfeed.... With my second child.

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You only want one example...? The most infuriating example was when my “supervisor” at BioLife tried to tell me that I could get over Endometriosis and chronic migraines with “the power of positive thinking”, and I looked him dead in the face, said “that may work for you, but I’ve had these issues since I was 12 years old. I have tried literally everything including “positive thinking”, which is a toxic thing to say to a sick person, btw, and I know exactly what works for me by now and what doesn’t, so don’t ever say that to me again. Are we clear?” And for some background info, we’d been discussing my issues, and he cut me off and said “I never even get a cold, you have to rely on the power of positive thinking”. Meanwhile I was on my way to a hysterectomy bc of endometriosis and cervical cancer, but I didn’t mention the cancer bc it was caught very early with routine screening, thankfully, and it wasn’t everyone’s business.


During my first few months as a registered architect working for my dad, an engineer told me to call my daddy since he wasn't satisfied with my answer.

He literally said, "Call your daddy about it."

I took a deep breath, and tried not to clobber him. He was an old man, the same age as my dad.

I called my dad on loudspeaker, and he answered the same thing. He also told them to listen to me.


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Moreover, mansplaining is one of the many social phenomena that work to rectify a system of subjugation, and Froio would say that's the reason it is wrong.

When asked about the best ways to react if you are being mansplained to, Froio said that personally, she finds being assertive quite important when responding to mansplaining.

“I usually respond by saying things like 'Thanks for explaining, but I already knew that' or even interrupting the mansplainer and saying 'Sorry to interrupt, but I already know that, so we can move onto the next topic instead of wasting time.'"According to the writer, your response doesn't need to be overtly about gendered dynamics.

“It can just be a gentle nudge to the fact that you are knowledgeable and that you don't need an explanation,” Froio concluded.


Playing Overwatch.

I asked him what rating he was at, I couldn't queue with him on my main account because I was too high rating. I switched to a new account I was lvling at the time to just play some quick play with him instead.

He then started explaining to me what I have to do and so on.

He was silver, almost bronze. I was diamond on my main account, almost master.

He never asked to play with me again after I just destroyed the games.

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I had a man try to tell me that women's vaginas can't stretch to accommodate anything bigger than a strictly average sized penis, therefore it was a waste of time for any manufacturer to make any dildo bigger than 5 inches(!).

I think he might have had some insecurities going on in the trouser department.

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So this was quite a few years ago. I was at a party at someone's house and there were some guitars floating around. I wanted to play one and this guy started mansplaining to me about how to tune a guitar and how to hold a plectrum and how I should try Nirvana's Come As You Are as it's one of the easiest songs to play even though I hadn't asked how to tune a guitar or said I couldn't play. Then he started playing Under The Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, badly, just strumming some rough chords for the intro.

So I asked if I could have a go and proceeded to play an absolutely perfectly rendered version of Under the Bridge. His face was a picture.

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We also spoke with Priscilla Kavanaugh, the writer, designer, and content creator who runs the blog “Bonjour Bitches Blog.” She previously went viral for this illuminating Twitter thread on mansplaining. Bored Panda wrote about it in this previous article, so you may want to check it out. According to Kavanaugh, we have a long way to go because “men are more threatened by women than ever.” She believes that it's going to take a long time to untie this knot and we have to be prepared for that.


I was in the sprinkler aisle of the Home Depot looking for the correct replacement head for my system. And a dude just sidles up and starts explaining to me the different parts of a system and how water pressure is so important, and how complicated it is. I kept trying to cut him off telling him I knew and didn’t need his help, he just wouldn’t take a hint. I finally got shitty with him and told him I didn’t need his help because I was a plumbing engineer.


Sometimes, I don't like to assume a man is "mansplaining" because he may be the type to over explain everything to everyone--men included. So I try to only assume it in situations where a man is telling me about LADY STUFF.

My father has a tendency to tell me what women believe. He generalizes to a laughable degree and tells me, his Master's educated feminist daughter-- about women's overall opinions and flaws. So, not only is he being sexist, but his "mansplaining" is inaccurate.


I had some white guy from Sweden tell me I'm wrong about my own language when he wanted me to translate something from a korean series that apparently wasn't translated in the subtitles that he watched on netflix.

He told me he's hearing 좋아 in some interaction in the series, I told him that sounds wrong because it doesn't make sense in that context.

I started the series on netflix myself and found the interaction he was talking about, the word he inquired about was 저하, not 좋아. I told him what they were actually were saying means.

He insisted he was hearing 좋아 even though I told him he's wrong. They were saying 저하. He still insisted he was hearing 좋아 and said I was wrong.

Why? Because that's what it sounded like to him. Nooo, don't trust the person who actually speaks the language natively but think you are getting it right just by listening as a non-speaker of the language.

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Kavanaugh also doesn’t think that mansplainers understand that their behavior is damaging. She believes that in many cases, they don't particularly care. In order to fight mansplainers, Kavanaugh argues, we have to stop being afraid of making mansplainers uncomfortable.

“There are a lot of great articles about how to respond when you're being mansplained. Find an approach that's comfortable for you, whether it's making a joke or saying something more direct like ‘I just explained that, Jim,’ ‘I think my explanation was more than adequate,’ or ‘I don't think we need to further reiterate what I've been saying but thank you for chiming in.’”


Ok Picture the scene

I am best in my country at the sport I do, and top 20 in the world.

We have very specialized equipment requiring a lot of care.

I was taking a look at my best friends equipment (she is best in her country too), and feeling the edges, and talking about how the edges were really blunt. Like, REALLY blunt. (thats bad)

Dude walks up to us.

Dude has never done the sport before (this was his first day)

he feels my friends equipment without permission (HUGE no no)

"This is actually really sharp for edges."

My friend: Immediately bursts out laughing

Me: Too stunned for words.

Eventually I give him a bit of a berating for pulling that c**p, and told him to never touch someone else's equipment without permission. He was such a douche. Hes quit the sport now (luckily) don't have to see him ever again.

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I have a shirt with the constellations on it. It's not an accurate sky map by any means, but I like it. I wore it to the store one day and a man behind me started telling me that the stars were inaccurate and did not form a map of the sky. I turned back to him and explained that the front of the shirt was summer stars and the back of the shirt was winter stars so no, they do not form a continuous map. He stopped talking after that.


This happened to my work wife, not me. On Facebook, she posted a link to an article about mansplaining. A man then commented on the post to clarify to her what mansplaining actually is, and how it actually works. He mansplained mansplaining.

Moreover, we as a society need to rewrite the narrative from day one. “Instead of teaching girls to be polite and passive, we need to empower them and teach them that their input has value; and boys need to be taught that girls are their equals,” Kavanaugh concluded.


I was taking my car in to get the winter tires off. I was between services (and couldn't be bothered to do it myself) so I was getting it done at a one of those drive-thru places it might have been a Jiffy Lube.

One of the guys that works there comes out and tells me that he will drive the car in. Then slowly, like I'm an idiot, mansplains that I would have to drive my car just so to get it over the hydraulics and that there are big holes in the floor for getting under cars that aren't raised up. The jist his mansplaination being, that it would he hard for a little woman like me to drive my car into the shop.

So, they finish up with the guy ahead of me pretty quickly (we were the only two there). About ten minutes pass and they haven't brought my car in. I look out the waiting room window and see all six guys that are working there crowded around my car outside.

Now, I started to get really nervous thinking something is wrong with my car. But I opt not to bother them, figuring that they will come tell me what's wrong when they've got it figured out.

Another 15 minutes pass and someone pulls up behind my car. That's when the guy that originally explained to me how an auto shop works, finally comes into the waiting room. It's been 25 minutes since the guy before me left, so I brace myself for awful news delivered in a mansplaination.

But no, buddy politely asks me if I could drive my car onto the hydraulics for them. Turns out of all 6 dudes, not a single one knows how to drive a standard.

So, after mansplaining to me that it would be hard for me to drive my car into the shop, they waited almost a half an hour to tell me that not one guy in the shop could even drive my car.


The time when a data analyst explained to me, the main engineer on the project, that I wasn't qualified to comment on anything in the meeting because I was new and didn't know anything. His boss (who later became one of my good buddies) was STUNNED.

He also asked me to stay behind and "help" him on something after the meeting and after everyone left he started explaining to me how he hadn't wanted to ~intimidate me and he could tell he had (no, I hadn't been, his boss had actually told him to listen to me before I could calmly destroy his ego), and how he knows it's difficult to be a female engineer and how he wants to be supportive because he has daughters and he's afraid how the world will treat them in the future.


I was giving an informal speech at school and one of my classmates in the audience kept interrupting my speech to explain to me what I was talking about.

And I'm like "Thanks, I know what I'm talking about. That's why I'm up here."

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My cousin and I were setting up the Find My Friends app and were told:

"You know you aren't actually tracking each other, you're tracking the phone?"

Ya we know.

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Oh and another one. Years ago when I had a different career, this guy was delivering some audiovisual equipment to my office for review. He asked if I knew where "they" wanted it and evidently missed me pointedly saying where I wanted it put. He then started trying to explain how to hook it up. I made a slightly obnoxiously knowing comment about cables and mentioned that I was the tech editor, which shut him up...


Oh god today I was mansplained too. My boyfriend was driving my car and drove it over a tall curb on accident. So we pulled over to a gas station and I got out to check my car for damage, got out and started looking at the undercarriage. A guy drove past me and yelled out his window, “The gas tank is on the side of the car!!!” ......... groundbreaking.


One of my friend’s boyfriend explained how the GameStop stock market manipulation happened (and the general basics of the stock market).

I graduated summa cum laude with a finance degree from one of the top business schools in our state. (With a few minors, including economics)

He got a general business degree from that same college with much worse grades than I did, and I helped him with his homework. (So he knows that I have a degree in the field)

I just absentmindedly nodded along until he stopped talking.


I posted a selfie on Instagram with a caption about the fact that I'd had a panic attack a few hours earlier. A man told me that actually I couldn't have had a panic attack if I was posting a selfie with lipstick and fancy editing, and I wouldn't have been able to type. Therefore, I was just looking for attention.


My boyfriend's colleague (in a completely non-medical job) told him I was not having a miscarriage while it was happening; boyfriend then explained it to me, believing every word. He didn't enjoy my response to that.


Not sure if this counts, but I hate the "circling back around" thing. Like, I'll say how I had a problem, and ended up doing X. The guy is like "Well why didn't you do Y instead?", so I explain. Then it's "Well then why didn't you do Z?", so I explain that too. Then it's "Well then why didn't you do A?".

It goes all the way around the alphabet until he suggests I do X, and... I did. Like, me saying that I did X, and you thinking that you know better, is what started this.


There was one time when I was telling my dad how I just saw the movie adaption of Les Mes. He responds by telling me about the plot...of the movie I just told him I saw.


A man very recently on reddit explained female masturbation to me…


I’m a licensed RN and my brother tried to explain to me what nursing was all about.


I had a guy tell me and a client in the gym that he would "show us how to use the weights". I had on my personal trainer shirt and in session with a client.

And then he wanted us to believe he had some pull and could get us PT sessions for free.

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I was sitting in a lecture about a year or two ago and was shooting off a few quick emails on my laptop. At the end of the lecture the guy behind me says "So, I was watching you write your emails..." GREAT way to start a conversation, btw. "...and I noticed you didn't have an automatic signature." He then tries to tell me how to add a signature on my emails.

The class was for people who are computer science majors or the very least highly tech literate...he thought I was an idiot.


A guy I was dating lost his work iPad. I told him to use the Find My app and he went on a tirade about how he couldn't use that. I rolled my eyes and though, "Fine. Have fun explaining to your boss that you lost a brand new iPad."

He calls me back later and tells me that Assistant Male Boss is a genius! It was Assistant Male Boss' idea to use Find My app and they found the iPad. What a miracle!

He then procceded to mansplain how the app works.

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When we were 16 or 17 I had two guy friends tell me I was disgusting for not using soap to clean my vajayjay ;-;


Got in an argument with a dude who was suggesting that cellulite was rare, and that only overweight women have it (based on his experiences browsing Instagram and checking out women at the beach - literally, he said this). I pointed out that it was so common as to be a secondary sex characteristic for women.

When he started fighting with anecdotal evidence, I in turn pointed out that I, a borderline underweight woman, had cellulite - and that a close friend of mine, who is literally a salaried model, also had cellulite.

His closing argument was that, as a dude, he more closely examines women's bodies than I do (note: I hadn't divulged my sexuality at any point), and that I was invalidating his lived experiences as a man.


A dude who had admittedly never ridden a horse before explained the theory behind modern day horseback riding to me at the bar. He was a stranger. I am a horse trainer


Was changing my tire on the side of the road and a random guy ended up telling me how to do it and proceeded to demonstrate the technique. Then ran away when he knocked the jack off and nearly caused the wheel hub to break.


One dude explained me the correct way to read books when I was 12. And that person had never even touched a single book in his entire life apart from the school textbooks. He showed me how to hold a book without cracking the spine, while he himself was cracking it while trying to explain me (I love cracked spines, I don't know why, but I just do).


A guy explained to me how to go up the stairs while wearing a floor length dress without tripping, as if he had done that more often than I have.


Some random guy walking on a trail decided to tell me, a cyclist, that there was a hill ahead- okay sure, already knew that but whatever. He then, completely unprompted, started trying to explain that I should gear down for the hill and how to gear down.

I told him I already knew and biked off, but what the f**k? All of that was completely unprompted. I had stopped my bike to ask a different person if she’d seen my cycling buddy up ahead, because I wasn’t sure if they’d gone left or right, and this random guy decided that that meant I didn’t know how to use my own goddamn bike.


Dude I was on a date with started explaining why my office might be warm… 10 minutes after I told him I was an HVAC engineer. I just let him dig that hole, staring him down until he trailed off. Then he quietly added “uhh I guess you know all that”, to which I nodded.


My brother in law once explained to me how to trace a picture.

He gets the ridiculous mansplaining from my father in law, who mansplains everything. How to start a lawnmower, or pull a weed. Summarizing my thesis for me, incorrectly, without having read it or any research on the topic. The man literally repeats my words sometimes to make it seem like he is answering the question and not me.


In my country an article about women in gaming was making a lot of noise at the time. It was about the sexism in every aspect of the community : female characters too sexy, women players & sexual harassment, babes in bikini at game cons etc.

For me and my female gamer friends it was old news. We spoke about the article and added our own experience to it.

Men decided to explain to us how the article was wrong because **they** never saw sexism in video games and cons, never. So we were lying and making up stories.

Sure enough they finished by saying they were not sexist and never had been.... ?

Edit : conjugation. Sorry english isn't my first langage.


The pronunciation of my own name.


A dude explained to me how dinosaurs are extinct. Thank god he did or otherwise I would've never found out.


A dude went on to explain how i could hold in my period. He really believed you could do that


At the gym, an old man went up to me while I was doing skull crushers and guided my arms when I was perfectly fine. He was speaking loudly about how I had to do it a certain way to feel it in my arms in front of everyone


Earlier this year I had a man a few years younger than me explain how the female orgasm is achieved. I have had it figured out for about 25 years now, so I told him that and he kept going with his instructions. He also just can't understand why I have no interest in a sexual relationship with him.

I also had one of my brothers explain how to change a diaper to me, while I was in the middle of changing my 3rd babies diaper.


Started at a gym recently, a man was showing me a baseball move but told me to pretend I was moving a laundry basket. Little did he know I played softball for 12 years…he ASSumed wrong :)!


I don't know if it counts as mansplaining, but sometimes I'll say something and a man will say the exact same thing back to me as if he's making a new point and when I say "that's literally what I just said" they just lose it. Just. Why.


A mechanical engineer, my ex-boyfriend's brother, explained how medical genetics works to me. It's fine though, I'm only a medical geneticist who's been working in the field for 5 years.


A professor of my university, whose seminars I hadn't taken, as he had a reputation of dismissing women, and especially women in teacher's studies (here, the seminars are mixed, so if you are in a history seminar, you'll see aspiring historians and history teachers), tried to explain Robert Burns' gothic poems to me. I had just written a thesis about this. Which I had been asked to present in his seminar. By him. Who didn't know jacksh*t about Burns or his poetry, because he was focusing his research on American gothic literature and only wanted me to present Burns in a "yeah, and the British did it, too. Now you know." kind of way. Needless to say, I blatantly told him he was wrong and left. It was my last day at university anyways as I had just been given my diploma a few hours prior.


Went to a store to get a power bar with a surge protector. Got asked if I know what a surge is.


When men find out I don't masturbate, they feel like they need to "fix" me and give some sort of advices. A man explained to me how a vibrator works. I know how a vibrator works. I just don't want it and frankly don't need it.

A guy also tried to explain to me how a tampon works. I just don't use it cause I don't want it. I prefer pads.


Oh man, I have a good one for this. I don’t know how we got on the topic of names but my brother flat out said to me “you know you have two middle names” and I was dumbfounded at the level of this. I had to tell him my first name was two parts with a hyphen and I had one middle name (think Heaven-Leigh Hope but definitely not that name). He then proceeded to tell me he’s always thought I had two middle names and he was going to keep thinking it ??‍♀️. This is one of the many stupid reasons I had my first name legally changed to get rid of the stupid hyphen.


how control c and v are keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste


As a fat woman... Diets, yes I only drink water, yeah I know count calories and work out.


When I told a guy in a bar I was a teacher, he asked me about the Common Core standards. I told him my thoughts as a professional, very briefly outlining some of the challenges but a lot of the things I thought were beneficial. His response:

"Yeah I saw some comedian talk about how he can't help his daughter do math anymore cuz of Common Core. Probably should get rid of 'em."


About how the vagina gets enormously big and sloppy if you have sex with many penises, big dildos or have babies. Only 1 smallish penis is acceptable ever.
Multiple men have mansplained this to me, and it's not even correct. A vagina is not made of memory foam!
One sent along a photo of someone's vagina with a very severe prolapse, saying that is what happens to all women after they give birth (I am a mother and certainly did not have a prolapse). And then he asked me if the "carpet matches the curtains", like his type always do to redhead women.


We were watching Rome and my partner tried to (incorrectly) explain Roman Imperial cults to me. While sitting next to my DEGREE in classical history.


i work at a fast food place, basically how to do my job…and having them explain what i already know but ill rephrase it differently and theyd be like WELL ACTUALLY..and still end up w the same explanation as me lol


I was not long ago informed about child labour and how “it’s not even that painful”. I’ve had four children. The man that tried to tell me the ins and outs of giving birth hasn’t ever even witnessed labour and delivery.


Have another one, a man said “good luck” to me (woman) backing my trailer down a busy launch ramp-I proceeded to back up perfectly & get our boat hitched up & out…before he turned his car on to leave.


On one of my work calls, this male employee was explaining to a female manager what her subordinate was "intending".

The manager replied saying "Yes, Dave. I know what she said. I asked her to convey it to you"


Some guy tried to explain the biology behind depression to me. My major is literally called psychobiology.


I was halfway through building a small deck when my father felt the need to tell me how to use a screwdriver.


Dude told me men were better drivers than women. I informed him that studies suggested women were safer drivers (fewer accidents or something). He said yeah, that's why men are better drivers because they had to learn how to steer out of those bad situations.


My husband is the kind of guy who loves to learn. He loves knowledge. I do not share his passion for constant learning about things, I need a break. I don't think he means to, but he explains some really obvious stuff to me sometimes and I'm like... yeah, I know. He'll explain things to me that he learned in college about my culture. He'll explain to me what I should do to calm down (I have an anxiety and panic disorder). He'll explain to me how female hormones work. He honestly doesn't realise he's doing it but it rags the tits off me sometimes.


I was invited by a public interest group to do a talk on the tech community in our city as someone who worked at a startup and was pretty active in the community. The host asked what my thoughts were on the startup scene and before I could even answer, this random guy gets up and says “I can probably answer that for you” and proceeds to blabber on for several minutes like I’m not even there. That was exactly the topic I was invited for and I had no idea who this guy even was.


This bartender tried to argue with me over something so stupid. I was just trying to be friendly and make conversation, so I asked him if he was Irish (this was an Irish bar). He told me yes he was, and I said that my family is Irish too. He then tells me “NO, you’re white and I hate when white people talk about all the countries they apparently are from.” I’m like....bro you JUST told me that you are Irish before I even said anything and you are also white? He then raised his voice at me and became very argumentative so much that everyone at this bar was just staring at me like I did something wrong...lmao ok


My own asthma.
Yeah, really.
When I was in 7th grade I couldn't run during gym, and I still can't, because of my asthma. It's severe and something I was born with. My gym teacher apparently also had asthma when he was a kid and he grew out of it. I understand that some people can grow out of their asthma, but I can't. He thought I was pretending it was worse than it was so I wouldn't have to run, even though I had a note from my doctor and I was perfectly willing to do the other exercises that I could do.
He told me that if I just ran every day, my asthma would go away. Like it would evaporate or some s**t
This moron really spent like 3 hours arguing with me about MY asthma and was acting like he knew more about it than I did because he USED to have asthma that was nothing like mine. I'm still salty.
(He also told me I wouldn't get away with pulling that c**p in high school and it literally took a 30 second conversation with my high school gym teacher and I was exempt from running for the entire year.)


That bisexual women don't have problems related to their sexuality because everyone loves them.

That, or that time when a guy told me he'd protect me in a game he had played for 5 hours and I'd played competitively for a year at that point.


I have another one but this is slightly opposite. My husband mansplains to me alot. Most of the time it comes with an eye roll but he caught me out the other day and I found it hilarious. Our dogs were on the sofa sleeping and he says to them 'look at this luxury you have. In the old days you would've been up in the roof'. I was literally like 'wtf are you talking about now, why would they have been in the roof'?'. He then proceeds to tell me about the origin of the phrase 'raining cats and dogs". I had to Google it. He was right damn it!!!


Ex boyfriend was an engineer and genuinely once described to me what a screw was because it was “complicated”


Guy at my work (i work there as a student) asked me what i study and i told him about it and about the master thesis i'm writing. He then proceeds to try and argue with me about my thesis subject , mansplaining the very subject i do research about to me, a subject that he didn't know sh*t about. I'm also a language teacher and he is known at work for being good at languages (basically the only thing that makes up for his social incompetence). Ever since i told him that, he constantly corrects my French, told me that "donc" isn't an existing word in French, lmao. He gets a kick out of making me feel dumb i think.


I had my bf try to mansplain something about Mars’ geology to me. I’m a geology major, who’s done research on Martian geology for three years now, and is about to go to grad school for planetary science. Wtf.


I was in Curry's (UK white goods/computer type store) once just looking for an ethernet cable, knew exactly what to get, what ends to look for etc. A male sales person asked me if I needed help and I said no, it's fine, I know what I'm getting. He then insisted i tell him and took me to an aisle with the completely wrong cables. I humored him for a while and when trying to politely back off he randomly starting quoting something he'd heard from David Hasslehoff once about women and technology. Completely irrelevant but obviously trying to belittle me (or impress me? Who knows). I just laughed in his face, picked up what I needed and said something along the lines of 'some advice, when trying to use your sales pitch , quoting The Hoff is not going to get you very far'. K**b.


OMG!! This happened yesterday!! My husband man-splained summer to me hahahaha


I get a lot of guys trying to tell me "what women are like" and "what women want."

Last time I checked, I was a woman. And they are always so, so wrong..


Context: I am an American who has lived in Europe over 20 years and has worked for a British boss for 10 of those years.

A British man I have known for almost 20 years, who also knows my boss is British, explained to me literally last week based solely on a sh*tpost meme i posted on fb purely to sh*tpost, **that in England they don't call football soccer, only Americans call it soccer.**

First, why are you explaining sh*tpost memes to people. If i'm posting a meme why are you explaining it back to me. So that's mansplaining mistake number one.

Two, even if i was so culturally unaware or stupid, I speak French and German and soccer is "football" in French and a cognate in German, i think i would have figured it out at least a decade ago if my BRITISH BOSS hadn't clued me in.

Three, i call it soccer in English because I'm American. I use American vernacular. That does not imply ignorance of other regions' English vocabulary, it just implies i am AMERICAN.

The hell are you going to explain that to me. There's no way that looks good or justified.


I was new to a factory and hired for my forklift license +5years experience. I was being shown the machine I'll be using by a guy and his exact words were "hydraulics means it goes up and down" and "these metal tynes are what make it a forklift".

The dude didn't even have a license.