ABCmouse Workbooks Will Go On Sale In August

It’s summer, which means that many kids are experiencing the so-called “summer slump,” i.e. when they’re prone to forget some of what they learned throughout the school year. It happens, it’s totally normal, but finding ways to promote learning and engagement over the break can be a good step to make sure that their education sticks with them. It’s even more crucial as back to school remains uncertain for many families and finding ways to learn at home is more important than ever. To make parents’ lives a bit easier, it would seem, the popular digital subscription service ABCmouse has launched the company’s first line of physical handbooks, focused on subjects like math, reading, social studies and more.

The books will be available at Walmart stores starting in August, Romper writes. The workbooks are geared towards kids ages 3–8 and will retail for $7, which is less than the $60 ABCmouse annual subscription. At Fatherly, we’ve already written about why kids like ABCmouse (their web-based games feel more like play than homework), and the company’s recent move to give out free access codes to families. The physical workbooks will make ABCmouse’s educational games even more accessible, plus it’s a way to keep an eye on your kid’s screen time. So, if you’re in the market for more educational tools that might make your kids feel like they’re playing a game rather than simply studying, maybe these could be a welcome addition to your kids’ summer reading?

As of this writing, there are not pre-order links for the books at Walmart, but we’ll update that as soon as it changes.

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