All the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals on Toys and Games

Cyber Monday has experienced mission creep in recent years and now seems to run roughly from Halloween until Christmas. Deals are constantly coming and going — so much so, it can be hard to keep track. We’ve sifted through all the noise to find the very best Cyber Monday toy deals for kids of all ages. We at Fatherly are proponents of thoughtfully made toys with few bells and whistles, the types of toys that make kids work their imaginations and engage in free, unstructured play. But this is the holidays, when bigger is better, so we’ve mixed it up a bit: Here are the best Cyber Monday deals on the best toys, along with the best deals on the most popular toys.

The Best Cyber Monday Toy Deals for Babies

This sweet sensory toy, normally $24.99, encourages babies to move around and begin crawling, as they follow the cute little bug around.

This $14 rattle is a colorful, delightful, sensory work of art.

Take 30 percent off of this exceedingly cute and soft lovey. Babies will appreciate the high snuggle factor.

Babies can get used to exploration early with this cute animal safari teether set. They won't know what binoculars are, but they'll appreciate the elephant, and their gums will appreciate all the bumps and nubs.

This looks like a simple ball of beads and elastic, but to babies, it's a whole world: grasping, stretching, pinching, chewing, holding — there's a lot you can do with this thing.

This cute baby gym is super well designed: It's made of wood, good-looking, and portable, and the dinosaurs, which babies will love, double as rattles and are removable.

Babies will love grasping the wooden arcs of this rainbow, while toddlers will enjoy fitting them all together. When not in use, they function as nursery decor: They look great just propped on a shelf.

The Best Cyber Monday Toy Deals for Toddlers

The great thing about Strider bikes is that kids as young as 18 months can use them to start getting the hang of balancing. By the time they've played on the Strider 12 for a while, riding a bike with pedals is a cinch. Apply a $20 coupon to the pink Strider; other colors are $10 off today.

This $40 set of fruits and veggies teaches kids about colors, shapes, and names of objects; hopefully, it also encourages them to eat healthier.

The king of toddler pianos is 30 percent off today. Schoenhut's (baby) baby grand has 30 keys, is nice-looking, and has a gentle sound that won't cause any migraines, even if the pianist bangs on the keys. Schoenhut's toddler drum kit, for very brave parents, is also 30 percent off at Maisonette today.

They're a bit young to handle the real deal, so this Little Tikes mower, with a pull cord that activates engine sounds and beads that pop around as the mower is pushed, is a great way to pretend. Normally $27, it's heavily discounted for Cyber Monday.

This wonderful little $100 play kitchen has two grow-with-me modes: It starts wide for younger kids and adjusts to a higher countertop as kids grow taller. It includes 40+ pieces of food for pretend play.

This is not the least expensive play kitchen out there, obviously, and kids won't appreciate how solidly they're crafted — by Amish artisans, no less. But the eco-friendly, thoughtful construction, along with the beautiful design — this can hold its own in the middle of the living room — are what you're paying for here. There's also lots of storage for play foods and pots and pans. It's 20 percent off today.

Milton & Goose's play kitchen accessories are just as cool as its play kitchen, and they're 20 percent off today. This dairy play set is super-handsome, and toddlers will love the smooth feel of the wooden eggs.

This $50 ice cream stand helps kids engage in pretend play as they serve up different scoops and run their own business.

This $25 set of 80 blocks encourages toddlers to build and build and build some more. Free play at its best.

Perfect for pretend play, this wooden $20 fruit set includes a knife, which helps kids with their fine motor skills as they 'chop' up the melon and kiwi.

This $70 activity table has removable legs for different modes of play, lets multiple kids play together, and plays 65 melodies and sounds.

Designed to give those motor skills a good workout, this $100 activity center has gliders, springy flaps, spinning dials, bead runs, and shape recognition.

Kids love to pretend-clean. Why? Who cares? This set lets them do it for less than $30.

This $50 critter helps babies and toddlers learn the alphabet, counting, opposites, and all about following directions when used in various play modes.

This gorgeous $150 play cube helps your toddler develop their motor skills and experiment with shapes and colors. Plus, it's just really fun.

This $30 piano plays six different songs and helps toddlers learn about cause and effect.

This $129.99 entertainment center has a musical dashboard, a steering wheel that plays 'wheels on the bus,' and makes sounds when you honk the horn. And of course, there's a sweet little slide.

One of the most enduringly beloved toys you can buy, this $70 kiddie shopping card is always a win.

This $60 sea creature has three play modes: math, music, and game; it responds to whatever instrument kids insert or tap.

The Best Cyber Monday Toy Deals for Preschoolers

Instill a love of geography in little kids with this puzzle globe; the $34.99 globe's puzzle pieces represent major land masses.

Duplo's $20 train teaches kids about colors and numbers, and how to build things and put them together.

From a real beeping scanner to an array of boxed foods, this miniature market setup (normally $180) has everything kids need to pretend play that they're in the grocery store.

The great thing about Micro scooters, besides the fact that they're incredibly well made and well designed, is that the handlebar adjusts, so you get several years of scootering out of it. Kids love this particular model, which is 20 percent off today, because it lights up.

It's easy enough to make your own playdough without this kit, but this one stands out thanks to its all-natural ingredients, including plant based colors. Your kids would love the extra step of creating something from scratch and so will you.

Kids can pretend to treat a dog and cat with this $30 vet set, with 24 pieces of medical gear.

This intricate $150 marble run teaches kids about gravity and encourages problem solving.

Kids use squishy, colorful sticks and rings to create letters, and then can watch them come alive (or not) in this $40 set; the Osmo base is required.

This awesome $83 tool bench helps kids learn about problem-solving and how to put things together (and take them apart).

The cool new $115 Toniebox is a screen-free audio player for kids, playing music or telling stories.

The Best Cyber Monday Toy Deals for 5- to 7-Year-Olds

Normally $191, this 61-key keyboard has three teaching modes and light-up keys to help kids learn and headphones to keep parents sane.

Normally $45, this Hot Wheels set comes with a motorized launcher that slings the cars around the track and a massive scorpion because, well, why not?

Yeah, you know you want this $20 Baby Yoda speaker for yourself. But you can say it's for your kids.

The original $80 Botley the coding robot is on sale; he teaches kids to code with active, screen-free play using a programmer.

Barbie pays tribute to jazz great Ella Fitzgerald with this gorgeous $30 doll.

Central Perk comes to life with this $60 set. It even includes a miniature Gunther.

Between its eight inch screen, 12 hours of battery life, robust parental controls, and access to a ton of kid-friendly content, this $139.99 tablet is a real score.

This $65 kids' watch has an alarm, timer, and stopwatch, plus kids can take tons of pictures and videos, with special effects.

A $70 set that also serves as the boy wizard's origin story: It even includes Harry’s cupboard under the stairs.

You can now build one of the most iconic Star Wars vehicles for less than $50. it has jointed posable legs, a turning turret that opens and two firing shooters.

This $50 surprise toy has a color-changing tummy and eyes that reveal her changing moods.

There's absolutely no limit to what your kids can build with this $60 Lego set. You get eight different types of toy windows and toy doors, two green baseplates, and six toy tires and toy wheel rims.

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