April Activities for Kids After School {Free Activity Calendar}

April is a time for change and exploring our world with your child. This is a collection of April Activities for Kids to enjoy after school. Plus we’ve included a free April activity calendar just for you!

Get started exploring the changes in April by going on one of our Spring Virtual Field Trips!

April Activities for Kids
April Activity Calendar for Kids

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April Activities for Kids

April is such a fun time of year when you’re with kids. There are so many changes to explore with them in nature. From the trees growing new leaves and blooming flowers to the changes in weather and baby animals and more, the change in season can be found all around us.

We kicked off spring with our March Activity Calendar and will continue to share more in this April Monthly Calendar.

This collection of April Activities is packed full of these special events to learn about with your child.

Flower Rangoli for Diwali with Kids
Simple Flower Activities for Kids. Flower math, flower science, flower crafts for kids

Spring Flower Activities for Kids

The quickest way to notice spring is here is by all the flowers you start to see blooming on the trees and popping up as wildflowers in the fields. The bulbs start to emerge and this is such a magical time of year for children.

Here’s a collection of flower themed activities for you to explore together this spring.

spring virtual field trips for kids with flowers, trees, baby animals and more
Playdough flower with rock and numbers

Read a Flower Book

10 Outdoor Activities for Kids this Spring
Purple and red flowers in pot to attract butterflies
child with camera taking Spring Photos of flowers in trees

Outdoor Spring Activities for kids

As the weather begins to warm up, you can feel yourself being pulled outside more and more. Here’s a collection of outdoor activities this spring to enjoy together.

Read a Spring Book

Ukrainian Easter Eggs with Kids
Spring STEM Activities for Kids, 3 dimensional egg structures PLUS 3 more STEM Learning Center Ideas
Bunny Alphabet Game with Sidewalk Chalk for Movement and ABC Fun for Preschoolers

Easter Activities for Kids 

Here’s a collection of Easter Activities, for the times when it falls in April. From eggs to bunnies here are some creative ways to celebrate Easter with after school activities.

Read an Easter Book

Want more Easter ideas? Explore these 40+ Easter Activities for Kids!

Tulip Flowers with yellow and orange held by a child's hand
Pink Flowers planted inside of painted cinder block
Vegetables harvested from a backyard garden with kids

Spring Gardening Activities for Kids

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s the perfect time to start learning about gardening with your child. Here are a few ideas to get you started! They work for either inside your home or outside making a kid friendly garden together this growing season.

Backyard Activities for Kids
Growing Romaine Lettuce from Kitchen Scraps : An easy science experiement to do with your kids
A math and science spin off the classic green bean germination science experiment

Read a Garden Book

Want more ideas for learning about plants? Try this collection of Gardening Activities for Kids!

earth day books for kids
Earth Day Kid Made Fruit Snack with Rice Cake, Blueberries and Grapes
earth day activities for kids

Earth Day Activities

Two special events that happen each April are Earth Day and Arbor Day. Take time this month to discuss these days with your child and see how you can connect with your local events to make an impact.

Read an Earth Day Book

Butterfly Balloon STEM Challenge for Kids
Ladybug on side of home for kids with tips to explore ladybug science
praying mantis egg cases a kit for kids to explore life cycles

Insect Activities for Kids

Insects seem to come to life in spring as the warmer weather approaches. It’s time for some science with these insect themed activities for kids.

Child drip painting with rainbow colored paints onto paper with stenciled name
ABC Beads on cloud cutouts to create sight word game for kids.

Weather Themed Activities

You’ve heard the phrase “April showers bring May Flowers“. Depending on where you live, there can be quite a few rainstorms during this season. Here are a few fun ideas to learn about weather.

Read a Rainbow Book

April Activity Calendar for Kids

April Books for Kids

This is an awesome collection of April Books to go along with these April Activities for your child to read at home after school.

The book images are linked to Amazon Affiliate Program for your convenience, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

There you have it. A month packed full of ideas for your child to do after school this April. Plus several hand picked books to extend with activities. Which one will you try first?

April books for Kids

Be sure to download our free monthly activity guide for April. We’ve done all the planning so you can have fun with your child with these activity ideas.

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