This photo brings up all kinds of emotions, wonderful emotions, in me. The look on this child's face, the joy of learning, the pride in his accomplishment, even, the very chalk and chalkboard itself...move me deeply. 

Learning is one of the most sacred things there is, being human. 

And we had Back to School night last Thursday. I spent fifteen minutes in 'mini classes' with the other parents, wandering from room to room in a hurry before the next bell would ring. 

In one of the classes, they showed a video from the Parent-Teacher-Student association, with drone footage of the school. Anthony was in it, without his knowing, because the drone flew over the pool for practice...As we were watching the movie, I was the only one tearing up and having tears roll down my face. It was the appreciation I felt, for the staff and students, for having weathered the Covid storm, and the visible joy at their being able to be back.

School had gotten a little out of hand before Covid. You couldn't go to the bathroom in class. The homework load kept kids up way late at night. There was too much competition and stress to get into college.

Well, with Covid and distance learning, scores and grades plummeted. Anthony was fine, he's used to having to do his work because he went to Montessori. They foster work ethic and independence. The American History teacher said the AP (advanced placement test for college credit) scores were the lowest ever, passing rate of high fifty something percent. Usually it's in the nineties and twice he's had one hundred percent pass rate in the last eight years. 

The teachers have slowed things down, and given children time in class to do homework. Life is better. Perhaps not so nice as online school starting at nine a.m. and lasting only three hours! But it's better.

This photo here of students from Ghana speaks volumes. Absolute volumes. Many girls, once they hit puberty, have to stop their education because there aren't enough sanitary supplies for their monthly period, and they can't go to school and make a mess. 

It's a wonderful opportunity to build a life and do well, being able to attend school, to learn to read and write.

Jessie C was saying she actually wasn't taught how to read in the system. She could memorize and read from ancient texts. But her fifth grade teacher is the one who noticed she didn't know how to match the sounds with the letters, and spent extra time teaching her how to actually READ read.  She was grateful for that.

I loved all my subjects in school. And seeing the teachers, face to face, and experiencing THEIR love for the subject, the students, and teaching really inspired me greatly. My father was a teacher. I was a professor. Teaching is the most natural thing in the world!

Which brings us to the next topic--how do we reconcile that the important things (life skills, spiritual skills, 'adulting') are not taught in school, and yet the other things that are taught, are wonderful in and of themselves too?

I don't know.

I know the system teaches us in a way to lull us into fact-based thinking and to downplay our intuition and emotion. 

But the classical subjects--History, Math, Foreign Language, English, Science, Athletics--are wonderful too!

Look at these beautiful souls, so full of life and joy! Posing for the picture, arm in arm, smiles on every one!

This is what learning is supposed to be!

How on earth could then, it change, into something like this, politicalized confrontation in college library

The answer is simple.

The woman who is upset, is only partially right. Her focus should be off the near, and way, way, UP HIGHER, to the unseen hands that make everything the way it is, the 'Builders' of the system if you will, who built into the system, systemic unfairness to all, and are training people in higher education to look at the 'near' and 'react' in a polarized manner. This way nobody would ever suspect the 'unseen'. 

Brilliant, isn't it?

Which brings us to this. People who value ONLY the social, the logical, the senses that can be measured, completely discredit those who work and know the realm of Spirit. 

The most brilliant thing the devil ever did was to convince man that he doesn't exist. 

This TV host is pretty close to the mark for one of the Agenda's.  

Yet, he sounds foolish, and no one who isn't in that level of learning of the deception that runs the world, is going to listen. 

Well, what about these predictions from 1969?  there's a nice list of bullet points at the end if you scroll down and are in a hurry

This is a lot of information to digest, and we know it. This is why we highly, highly recommend daily time spent in active learning, and also, going into that quiet place where you can connect with Source and limit the distractions which are so numerous and pressing in our lives.


Nothing is more freeing than making something, anything. Planning an event. Working in a garden. 

Do what brings you Joy. 

It might not seem like it, but this is what keeps you energetically in the 'space' where you can ferret out the Truth on all of the other topics we have shared with you today.


I'd like to talk about Carla.

Carla has been making meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, in her time off. 

She hasn't been asking for help from Anthony with anything, she knows he is busy, very busy, and that she has the time off so she 'pulled her weight' a little more than usual in the housekeeping department.

I sent Carla to the local crystal shop, where she found her friend Charlie was covering for someone else's shift. But what Carla bought for herself was only six dollars, and everything else was gifts for others who are very close to her. 

So today, I sent both Carla and Anthony to go buy some ice cream near the beach. It was a beautiful day, with beautiful weather, and I told Carla not to worry about the calories. 

One the way there, this song came on the radio. It's one of her favorites, and she knew I had sent it. Instinctively, she reached for the volume, turned it up and began to sing.

With that simple act, she started to get teared up. She tried to hide it from Anthony while he was driving so he wouldn't worry about her. 


Because the simple freedom, and confidence, from a mere three years ago, are light years away from where she is now--aging, without both of her parents, wondering if she will keep the job, the house, everything, and the horrors of Covid...all in the context of End Times Bible Prophecy. 

I tell you, there was a time, where Carla shook her fist at me, and dared me and her guides to 'Bring It On!' to Bring On The do whatever was going to happen. 

And now, here we are, years later, and Carla is recognizing a soft case of PTSD in herself and others...

This is why I asked Carla to write to you. I am HUMAN. I once walked the planet like you. I know and I have felt, the pain, the anguish, the unknowing, the worry, and faced my eventual I couldn't escape.

Remember the joys.

Seek the joys.

Remember how in the middle of Ravensbruck concentration camp, one of the very worst ones, Corrie Ten Boom stopped and listened to the birds singing, and let it bring her joy. 

We require joy to be alive and incarnate, especially when we are locked in to Spiritual battle.

It's not like physical battle where you can see it, react, and remove yourself from it.

Spiritual battle is 24/7, and also, while you are sleeping you are actively involved in the liberation process. 

So be good to yourselves, and be kind to others. 

Now is the time to take care of YOU. And to keep showing up. No matter how difficult it gets. Your being here, in a human body, is important. And the minute your services are no longer needed you will go UP. I promise this. Straight UP.

Here is the Schumann resonance frequency for today. I  know how much it encourages you when you see something measured.

With this battlefront, you can't see it, hear it or taste/smell it. But you have a SENSE for it. And remember everything is going along perfectly as planned.

As a P.S. I'd like to share this petition with you, and all of you can sign it:

Doctors speak out--petition-- please read:

Thank you for answering our call.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins