Atlanta Kids Weekend Events: Feb. 11-13

Forget the flowers. This weekend’s events in Atlanta are a bouquet of the city’s best programming from our favorite spots to hit with the kids. Whether you take a tour of Oakland Cemetery to hear about the loves of past Atlantans in a park-like setting, or opt to catch a 1-hour family performance of Atlanta Ballet’s Snow White, there are incredible options to choose among. Keep reading for some absolutely lovely activities to do with the kids this weekend in Atlanta, below.

Photo by Keira Burton via Pexels

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids in Atlanta
Valentines Day is so much more fun when you’re celebrating it with your kids. No stress, no fancy clothes and no staying up too late. In Atlanta, there are plenty of places to show your loves that you love them. Here are our favorite events for spreading some love.

Catch a 1-Hour Family Performance of Atlanta Ballet’s Snow White
See a Family Performance of Atlanta Ballet’s Snow White
In this one-hour ballet version (perfect for kids who may not make it through a full-length production) of Snow White choreographed by Bruce Wells, audiences will enjoy following the young heroine and her prince as they outwit the schemes of the evil queen. Here‘s the scoop.

Tour Love Stories of Oakland Cemetery
Learn about the love stories buried in Oakland Cemetery on this historical walking tour of Atlanta’s finest final resting place. More info can be found here.

Take the Free “We Shall Overcome” Tour at Oakland Cemetery
This tour explores the lives and accomplishments of outstanding and ordinary African Americans who fought to overcome the effects of slavery and discrimination to help shape the history of Atlanta. These free tours start outside of the Oakland Bell Tower (at the Visitors Center and Museum Store) at 1 p.m. Please arrive a few minutes early to check in with the volunteer at the front desk. Here’s what you need to know.

See Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type at Center for Puppetry Arts
Opening on February 2 and running Thurs.-Sun. through Mar. 13 is the Center’s adaptation of Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type, based on the book by Doreen Cronin with illustrations by Betsy Lewin.  Farmer Brown can’t believe his ears. Are his cows typing? Then he receives a letter from the cows with a specific demand. If they do not get what they want, they will strike. Here‘s all you need before you go.

Check Out Knights in Armor at Fernbank
Knights In Armor showcases stunning examples of European arms and armor from the renowned collection of the Museo Stibbert in Florence, Italy. Through more than 100 objects— including full suits of armor, mounted equestrian figures, paintings, helmets, swords and other weaponry— this exhibit tells the tale of the European knight from the medieval and Renaissance periods through the Medieval Revival of the 19th century. Check it out here.

Visit Atlantic Station for a Lunar New Year Celebration
Celebrate the Year of the Tiger at Atlantic Station! Visit Atlantic Green to see a spectacular display of Lunar New Year décor and traditions, from a “fire” breathing magnificent red dragon to a mesmerizing lantern show running at the top of the hour each night from 5-9 p.m. Here‘s what you need to know.

Check Out Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab at Children’s Museum
Inspired by the educational, animated comedy series, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab presents an exciting world of science and discovery! The exhibit invites you to join the fun through interactive explorations of science, technology, engineering, and math. Discover invisible forces that seem more like magic than science, manipulate simple machines, learn basic coding and more. Here‘s the deal.

Explore the Atlanta Science Festival
Once again, the Atlanta Science Festival is looking forward to painting the city with science during their week-long festival with 100 events across the city. Cap it all off with the Exploration Expo on Mar. 26– back after being quarantined for 2 years. Be sure to register to attend In advance. Here’s the scoop.

Go on a Dino Safari in Alpharetta 
Dinosaurs have taken over Alpharetta! Dino Safari…A Walk Thru Adventure at North Point Mall features fossils, a Sauropod Slide, Dig Pit, interactive games, cutting-edge research, and many varieties of advanced animatronic dinosaurs. Dig up ancient fossils, see how you measure up to the massive T. Rex, and race a Raptor. Check this out.

Check out our incredible virtual adventure calendar here for more options!

—Shelley Massey


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