Become a Brilliant Learner With This Online Learning Platform

We get it. Learning can sometimes be a drag, no matter what your age. A lot of online platforms still rely on a lecture-style approach to learning; having someone orate a lesson to you can be incredibly dull, though.

Fortunately, Brilliant—an innovative online learning platform—gets it too. Here's how Brilliant can improve your learning experience...

What Is Brilliant?

Brilliant is on online learning platform with a difference. Gone are the stuffy classroom vibes—those are oppressive—and in comes a fun way to absorb knowledge instead. Learning can be fun, as long as the teaching is too.

Brilliant is a subscription-based platform. There are three tiers available and you can subscribe to any of them now at These subscription tiers are:

Monthly Subscription: $24.99 per month. Cancel any time.

Annual Subscription: $149.88 billed as one payment (Equivalent to $12.49 per month. One year subscription.)

Group Annual Subscription: $299.88 billed as one payment (One year subscription.)

There is also a seven-day free trial available if you want to test the water first. However, MUO readers can get an impressive 20% discount on an annual subscription now, so it is worth investing.

What Courses Does Brilliant Have?

Brilliant has courses covering three core subjects. These are Math, Science, and Computer Science. You can complete as many courses as you like within your subscription, and you can do these at your own pace; no more rushing to make a digitally-delivered video class.

Examples of courses available include Programming With Python, Gravitational Physics, and Multivariable Calculus. If those sound a bit too overwhelming right now, there are courses available that grant the foundation knowledge needed to advance to the more difficult courses.

How Does Brilliant Work?

Learning from home can be a difficult task where motivation is concerned, so throw oppressive timetables and boring video lectures into the mix and you're hardly going to want to stick to your learning regime.

Brilliant tackles this problem head on. Instead of learning by listening and watching (which, granted, works for some people), it takes a more practical approach to lessons. You take an active rather than a passive role in your own learning; you learn by doing.

So, say you're presented with a math problem at the start of the class. Do you think you'll learn much if someone stands in front of you and reels the answer off? Or will you learn it better by actually working through the math problem yourself, with guidance along the way? The latter is more likely.

Become Brilliant

That's it! If you want to learn the Brilliant way, you just need to subscribe and you too could impress literally everybody with your knowledge of Linear Algebra or Astrophysics! If they don't understand, you could always encourage them to become Brilliant, too!