Best Alexa games: 48 great adventures to play on your Echo

Alexa is smart, funny, helpful, and, as it turns out, a game master.

From interactive stories to trivia, Amazon's voice assistant is packed with games that can keep both children and adults entertained. We've spent years playing with Alexa in order to bring you guides on how to set it up, use it to control your smart home, and make your friends laugh with silly commands. Now, we've rounded up the best Alexa games. Like our other guides, we will continue to update this over time.

Best Amazon Alexa games

Note: To activate a skill, say, "Alexa, activate the [name of skill] skill".

Lemonade Stand

Lemond Stand simulates owning a lemonade stand. Alexa states the weather forecast for the day and then the player buys cups of lemonade to sell, buys signs for advertising, and sets a price for a cup of lemonade, etc. You will earn "experience badges" and money as you play.

Alexa skill store: Lemonade Stand

The Magic Door

The Magic Door is an adventure game with original stories. You can tell Alexa what choices to make as you explore a magical land and collect hidden items, solve riddles, and help the local creatures. For instance, you can take the garden path to help the princess find her crown.

Alexa skill store: The Magic Door

Escape the Room

The Escape the Room skill is just like the real-life version. You are trapped in a room, and it's up to you to escape. Search your room, pick up items, and solve puzzles to find your way out. There are multiple rooms to choose from, with more being added regularly.

Alexa skill store: Escape the Room

Would You Rather for Family

Would You Rather for Family is a game where you must make a choice between situations. For instance, would you rather be attacked by a zombie or attacked by a shark? It's up to you to decide. But you have to keep in mind: Will the rest of the family agree with your decision?

Alexa skill store: Would You Rather for Family

Panda Rescue

In Panda Rescue, you are a caregiver and you're supposed to take care of an orphaned baby panda. It's basically like a virtual pet game. You answer questions and make the correct decisions as a parent until the panda becomes an adult and can be released back into the wild.

Alexa skill store: Panda Rescue

Hungry Birds

Hungry Birds test your kids' logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The object is to help a bird reach its nest by following a path filled with worms and corn. You can select from four types of movements: Fly, sit, right and left. If you make the wrong move, the fox catches the bird.

Alexa skill store: Hungry Birds

Freeze Dancers

Freeze Dancers is based on the classic Freeze Dance game. Alexa will play music and tell you to dance. When the music stops, you must freeze and stay put until the music continues. If you fall, you're done (or you can do 10 jumping jacks to rejoin). You play until no one is left standing.

Alexa skill store: Freeze Dancers

The SpongeBob Challenge

The SpongeBob Challenge is a memory game. You see, the Krusty Krab crew takes orders from customers, and you must remember their orders.

Alexa skill store: The SpongeBob Challenge

Silly Things

Silly Things will tell you something funny to act out. It might tell you to act like the floor is lava, for instance.

Alexa skill store: Silly Things

Outer Space Alice

Outer Space Alice is an informational skill about a teenage astronaut, Alice, who is aboard the International Space Station (ISS). When asked, Alice will tell you the current position of the ISS in real-life as well an interesting factoid about that location.

Alexa skill store: Outer Space Alice

Kids Court

With Kids Court, if there is an argument, you can tell your children to take it to Kids Court. There, Judge Lexy will give a verdict.

Alexa skill store: Kids Court

Magical Adventure

Magical Adventure tells stories with your children's names as characters. Each story is roughly five minutes in length.

Alexa skill store: Magical Adventure

Math Dungeon

In Math Dungeon, you must move around a dungeon. You'll come across different creatures there and need to answer their problems to progress.

Alexa skill store: Math Dungeon

Hide and Seek

With the Hide and Seek skill, Alexa will play the classic game with you. You'll do all the hiding and Alexa will try to guess where you are.

Alexa skill store: Hide and Seek

Twenty Questions

This is the classic 20 questions game. Think of something, and then Alexa will try and guess in twenty questions or less.

Alexa skill store: Twenty Questions


Akinator is like the 20 questions game. You choose an object, person, place, or animal, and answer yes or no as the genie tries to guess it.

Alexa skill store: Akinator

Mighty Trivia

Mighty Trivia is the opposite of Akinator. Here, Alexa will pretend to be an object, person, place, or animal for you to guess.

Alexa skill store: Mighty Trivia

Animal Game

Animal Game is 20 questions limited to animals. Choose any animal and answer a series of questions while Alexa tries to guess.

Alexa skill store: Animal Game

Memory Game For Kids

Memory Game For Kids will provide you with a list of words and follow it up with a question, such as "What word was before apple?" You must do your best to memorise the list and answer correctly in order to proceed and win the game.

Alexa skill store: Memory Game For Kids

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz is an interactive adaptation of the story that includes puzzles and problems that you must solve to find your way back home.

Alexa skill store: Wizard of Oz

Guess My Name

The Guess My Name skill has you try to guess who Alexa is describing. Once you think you know the correct answer, yell your guess at Alexa.

Alexa skill store: Guess My Name

True, False, or Trick!

True, False, or Trick will tell you a "fact," but you must choose whether the fact is in fact true, false, or a trick.

Alexa skill store: True, False, or Trick!

Kid Power

Kid Power from UNICEF will tell your kids to perform different activities, quiz them on countries, and take them on an interactive adventure. When they use the skill, they will earn Kid Power points, which supposedly transfers into food packets that UNICEF will deliver to malnourished kids.

Alexa skill store: Kid Power

The Queen's Mathematician

The Queen's Mathematician is another adventure where the queen has been kidnapped by elves. You must use your math skills to rescue her.

Alexa skill store: The Queen's Mathematician

The Wayne Investigation

This lets you solve on age-old question: Who killed Bruce Wayne's parents? You play a detective investigating the murder.

Alexa skill store: The Wayne Investigation


Earplay serves up thriller stories with an interactive twist. Your choices determine how each story unfolds and ends.

Alexa skill store: Earplay

Myth Buster

Alexa will give a statement, and you decide if it's true or false. Alexa will give details to help you determine the right answer.

Alexa skill store: Myth Buster

Mind Maze

Alexa tells you coordinates, including directions you can travel, and where you are trying to go. After you move, you'll hear a new set of actions.

Alexa skill store: Mind Maze

Twisted Game

Forget about spinning the wheel during your next game of Twister - Alexa will do it for you with this skill.

Alexa skill store: Twisted Game

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket will test your movie knowledge. This game gives you two movie titles, and you have to name the actor who starred in both.

Alexa skill store: Golden Ticket

Question of the Day

The Question of the Day skill gives you a new puzzle each morning, with topics ranging from arts and entertainment to literature and science.

Alexa skill store: Question of the Day

Super Brain

With this memory game, Alexa describes a scene and then asks three questions about it. There's three difficulty levels to choose from too.

Alexa skill store: Super Brain

Amazing Word Master Game

Alexa says a word, and you reply with another word that starts with the last letter in Alexa's choice. The longer the word, the more points you get.

Alexa skill store: Amazing Word Master Game


Test your knowledge with the popular TV trivia game. Each day, you can answer six questions- -plus six more if you're Prime member.

Alexa skill store: Jeopardy!

Hunt the Yeti

In Hunt the Yeti, you're a hunter in a cave. Alexa tells you which direction you can go, and you navigate while trying to find the creature.

Alexa skill store: Hunt the Yeti

Tricky Genie

Alexa tells you a story in which a character has a problem. The Tricky Genie appears and offers three options. You choose the better option. When the game is over, Alexa asks a couple of questions about the story to see how well you remember.

Alexa skill store: Tricky Genie

Board Games Answers

If you can't remember how to play Monopoly or other classic games, you can make Alexa your board game master with this skill.

Alexa skill store: Board Games Answers

Fortune Teller Zoltar

Ask Alexa to tell your fortune. It will respond with the kinds of fortunes you get at Chinese restaurants.

Alexa skill store: Fortune Teller Zoltar

Deal or No Deal

In Deal or No Deal, there are 20 cases, each containing 1 cent to $1 million. You pick a case, keep track of what’s in each, and at the end of each round, you’ll get an offer from a banker. If you think the amount in your case is lower than the amount offered, take it and you win.

Alexa skill store: Deal or No Deal

Millionaire Quiz Game

Just like the So You Want to Be a Millionaire game show, you can answer trivia questions correctly to win “money” (not real money, sadly).

Alexa skill store: Millionaire Quiz Game

Categories Game

Similar to Scattergories, this skill asks you to come up with a word that begins with a certain letter in each category. If your answer was accepted, you get 50 minus the number of seconds it took you to answer, so you can't take forever to shout your answer.

Alexa skill store: Categories Game

Word Play

Test your word skills with players from around the globe. Receive only a letter or two and try to fill in the blanks and choose the right word.

Alexa skill store: Word Play

True or False

True or False tests your memorisation and knowledge skills. Listen as Alexa offers you clues and then you determine which ones are true or false.

Alexa skill store: True or False

Yes Sire

Play the play the part of medieval lord. Yes Sire gives you situations, like what to do with a thief, and then you earn wealth and influence points.

Alexa skill store: Yes Sire

Song Quiz

This is a music trivia skill for Alexa. It has playlists from every decade. You get points for answering the correct artist and title..

Alexa skill store: Song Quiz

Heads Up!

Offered by the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Heads Up! skill has you guess anything from celebrity names to movie titles.

Alexa skill store: Heads Up!

When In Rome

A travel trivia game where real you "visit" 20 cities, "meet" the locals, and make new friends. The aim is to travel, learn, and collect souvenirs as you go. Just keep in mind this skill requires the When in Rome board game (now available for $29.95 on

Alexa skill store: When In Rome


Become a host and move through the world of HBO's Westworld. This is a maze, essentially, with "60 possible paths to consciousness". To find the center of the maze, you must answer a series of questions across "levels" - including memory, improvisation, and self-interest.

Alexa skill store: Westworld