Cher gushes about her new boyfriend A.E. Edwards ‘He’s 36 & came after me’

At the beginning of the month we learned Cher was dating Alexander Edwards, aka A.E. Cher calls him both A.E. and Alexander so I don’t know what we’re supposed to call him. I’ll go with Alexander because writing the periods in A.E. annoys me today. Anyway, people have a lot to say about Cher and Alexander, mainly about their age difference. We already know that Cher doesn’t care what anyone has to say about that. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Cher doesn’t “give a f*** what anyone thinks” about who she’s dating, but I am a little surprised how much she’s defending her relationship online. Surely if she didn’t give a fig about people’s opinions, she would simply block out the noise. But she responded again to concerned followers last week and said that Alexander pursued her, they make-out like teenagers and that although she doesn’t care, she knows the age gap looks strange.

Cher is talking directly with fans about her relationship with Alexander “A.E.” Edwards.

Three weeks after being photographed holding hands with the 36-year-old music exec, the 76-year-old icon shared a pic of her boyfriend on her Twitter account. “A.E. Hanging Ot [sic],” she tweeted on November 23, before getting busy replying to fan questions. Regarding their age gap, Cher told one follower that Edwards sought her out.

“He’s 36 & in [the] end he came after me, till we met in the middle,” she tweeted. “He’s [the] consistent one, I’m the skittish one. We love each other… Ladies never give up. Neither one [of us] wanted to make long [flights].” Cher said everything changed for her after a “magic” trip to Paris.

When asked about the quality she most admires about Edwards, she replied, “He’s kind, smart, hilarious…and we [kiss] like teenagers.”

In response to a fan who called the producer “so handsome,” Cher wrote, “I don’t give men qualities they don’t possess. It’s a recipe 4 disaster. He’s ‘not’ his tats, hair color, diamond grill. I [love] him because he wasn’t afraid.” While she says they’re “perfectly matched,” Cher admitted the age gap is not ideal. “Do I wish I was younger, yah,” she added. “I’m not boo fkn hoo.”

“On paper This Looks strange (Even 2 ME),” she tweeted on November 24. “A.E says [heart emoji] Doesn’t Know Math.”

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“I don’t give men qualities they don’t possess. It’s a recipe 4 disaster.” This is good advice. Both sexes give their partners traits they want to see in them, and it is a recipe for disaster. Back to Cher, she sounds smitten. I assume that’s why she’s spending the energy responding to people questioning the relationship. Plus, she’s posting pics of Alexander like the one below, she’s definitely loopy for the guy. While I still don’t think she has to defend the age gap, I think it’s kind of funny that Cher admitted it wouldn’t make sense to her on paper either. It also shows that Alexander is a better match for her than me because if he had responded “Love doesn’t know math” to me, I would’ve laughed him out of the room. To each their own.

I’m glad Cher is happy. Apparently, her family has already met Alexander. Hopefully she’s been able to shake Alexander’s best friend Travis Scott as their constant third wheel. And Cher has known her share of lousy relationships. As she told one fan who expressed concern, “As we all know…I wasn’t born yesterday & what I know for sure…there are no guarantees. Anytime you make choice you take a chance. I’ve always taken chances…It’s who I am.”

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