Classroom Book Bins Aren’t Just for Books

What can you use book bins for

Book bins make any collection of books or other classroom essentials have neat storage with easy access. The open tops are convenient for students to just reach in, to take out, or return an item. There are no clips or latches to open. The sides are deep enough to keep items within the bins and since book bins are usually placed tightly in a row, it reduces the chamces of them getting knocked over. 

I'm noticing that book bins are not only being used for storing classroom library books, but they are being used for storing many other classrom items like Chromebooks, clipboards, earphones, worksheets, and centers. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that show the versatility of book bins in the classroom. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more.

  • Store classroom laptops in book bins: 

  • Store classroom earphones in book bins: This classroom cubby shelf is for students' books and earphones. The earphones go in the book bins to keep them safe.

  • Use book bins as student mailboxes: Put all work that is to be sent home in book bins that are labelled with students' names. They can also be used as turn in bins. The storage rack keeps the bins secure.

  • Store classroom manipulatives in book bins: Put your math maipulatives in zippy bags, then store each one in a book bin. This keeps the bags separate and makes everything neat.

  • Use book bins as turn in bins: If you have a lot of subject areas to collect work for and less space to store it all, use book bins to collect the work. A book bin rack would be necessary to keep the book bins upright.

You can find lots of free book bin labels here for your classroom. There are black and white templates and colorful ones. Some of the labels are PDFs and others are editable in PowerPoint. More ideas will be added soon.