Conspiracy of Censorship by the Medical Mafia &...


At our inception as a nation, the United States was framed and founded on one great and godly principle: that all men are created equal and ought to be FREE. Together, we stand for freedom in every sense of the word. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. Freedom from monarchs, tyrants, and dictators.

But that very freedom is in peril. We are at the brink of a totalitarian dystopia in which all of us are subservient to the State. In which personal freedoms are sacrificed for the “greater good” as defined by a corrupt oligarchy.

As the freest nation that has ever existed, we have been blessed by generations of freedom and democracy. But that freedom, long a bastion of hope for oppressed people across the world, seems to be coming to an end, but only if we allow it.

Unlike anything we’ve seen in the past, this assassination of liberty will not come through some military coup or foreign invasion, but through a relentless propaganda campaign created to blind the ignorant and silence all resistance. 

This change is a combination of desperately aggressive politics and a private sector at the pinnacle of its corruption. The result has been an assault on our First Amendment rights, but the path to total government oppression is steep and slippery.

We’re in the midst of a civil liberties battle. The massive power grab displayed by our leaders was unprecedented and ruled by fear and ignorance. Businesses were forced to close, with many never to reopen. Children were kept home from school (or worse: forced to wear a mask all day every day) as suicide, mental illness, abuse, hunger, and job-loss mortality skyrocketed.

From french fries and firearms to lap dances and lottery tickets, Big Pharma and their government lackeys are using any and every possible incentive to get us to accept their vaccines. The American people – and those of the world – have been lied to. The media and the government have been flat-out wrong on a staggering amount of information, changing their stance several times over.

These “authorities” and “trusted sources” have demanded our unquestioned trust and belief, silencing anyone who presents an opposing point of view. They want to control what you say and who you see. 

They want to control what drugs your child takes and what they’re allowed to learn. They want to strip us of the autonomy that defines this once-great nation.

This is not a drill. 

The internet has become a seemingly essential tool for communication and the dissemination of information. Gone are the days of newspapers, libraries, and town hall meetings: if you have something to say or a question to answer, you need to get online. 

But your ability to speak freely online is quickly evaporating. Since a year ago, companies like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram have been aggressively censoring information and opinions. This “nazi-esque” style of censorship was hailed as a brave fight against terrorism and misinformation. 

But the content that was censored – and the people who were permanently banned from the world’s biggest social networks – may not have been as dangerous as the media and government would have you believe. 

We are going to make and defend 3 strong statements here:

  1. Current censorship has reached its zenith, is backed by the government, and is a violation of our constitutional rights.
  2. The information that is readily available is mostly false, while the information labeled as “misinformation” has been mostly true.
  3. Our nation is on the precipice of becoming a totalitarian state – and we are humanity’s best hope at preserving freedom.

Our Constitutional Rights Are Under Attack

On July 1st, Facebook started adding a notice to the homepage of some users:

facebook extremism warning

“This test is part of our larger work to assess ways to provide resources and support to people on Facebook who may have engaged with or were exposed to extremist content, or may know someone who is at risk,” said a Facebook spokesperson in an emailed statement. “We are partnering with NGOs [non-governmental organizations] and academic experts in this space and hope to have more to share in the future.”

But what are extremists? 

According to the dictionary, an extremist is someone who goes to extremes. But on Facebook, this could mean anything from questioning government information regarding covid to speaking poorly of a government official. People have been banned for sharing published research on alternative medicine, voicing support for the second amendment, or questioning the integrity of the 2020 elections. 

Heck, many of us have been deplatformed for simply quoting the CDC’s and other government websites, or for quoting Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates along with other sources deemed “credible” to the MSM and Big Tech social media platforms.

And to add insult to injury, many doctors have been banned for simply sharing experiences from their own clinics. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

As many of you know, we are the founders of The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Vaccines. We also created the United Medical Freedom Super PAC, a political action platform focused on preserving medical autonomy for Americans. 

Since then, we’ve been named among the “Disinformation Dozen,” a list of 13 people (we didn’t coin the name – you’ll have to ask Imran Ahmedabout that math who are allegedly responsible for spreading 65% of “false information” online. For more on who the CCHD is and their founding members, see Part 1 and Part 2  of the article we wrote to help people understand who they are, where they come from, and what they want. 

[We’ll address the specific of these claims further on.]

As we expected, our social media pages – which contained life saving content specific to health and wellness along with the truth about vaccines – were systematically eradicated by self-righteous and self-aggrandizing social media companies from Pinterest (TTAC), Instagram (TTAV), 5 Twitter accounts (twice!), TTAV and TTAC YouTube  accounts. Our latest social media removal just took place this past Thursday, July 22 – The Truth About Cancer YouTube. TTAC YouTube contained no information on vaccines, COVID, or even anything political. TTAC YouTube was a place where hundreds of thousands of people came to find answers to their health issues, many of which were sent home to die by their doctors but are now alive and cancer-free due to our video content that gave them the life saving information for which they were searching.

TTAC’s channel, with no warning or strikes against us, was deactivated by YouTube. We had over 30 million views. What does this say to our millions of viewers? This is not just about us, it is about the many millions of people that stand with us, that desire this life saving content but have been denied easy access because of a few people at the top of the Big Tech and Big Media food chain who have decided to deny everyone access to this life saving information. This move has sadly been applauded by mainstream media and politicians alike. 

Our entire mission is to save lives by presenting the truth. And while we may have been painted as scary “anti-vaxxers” (which is simply another way of saying we actually read the vaccine inserts and also the CDC’s website), we are so much more. In fact, our journey into the health world was born of significant loss within our family to modern cancer treatments and Big Pharma interventions. Take a few minutes to watch Charlene talk about why we do what we do. And then take a few more minutes to watch Ty. Here you will understand who we are and why we work so hard to save lives. 

You can read our story here.

The remaining social media accounts that we have left are heavily censored. We are being shadowbanned and, in some cases, our friends and followers can no longer tag us on posts they want to share with us on these platforms. 

Nevertheless, our TTAC YouTube channel was deleted without notice and without cause on July 22nd. Of course, Youtube accused us of “violating community standards,” but then gave no specific community standard which we violated. We had no record of warnings or violations in the past from them. This was a broad stroke accusation in an email we received after they deactivated our account. Sort of like how the needle-wielding vaccine pushers accuse us of spreading “vaccine disinformation” but then never can give us any specific instances of the actual disinformation. 

They just use ad hominem attacks and bigoted epithets like “anti-vaxxer.” Some bigoted smears are based on racism and some are based on choices that people have made. The “anti-vaxxer” term falls into the latter category… 

And this isn’t just an attack on misinformation; it’s a direct and personal assault on anyone brave enough to speak the truth or stand in the way of the government agenda. 

And make no mistake: this is a government conspiracy. 

Sure, one could argue that these are private companies and can set whatever rules and standards they choose. After all, the first amendment only stops the government from censoring speech. But the two are one and the same.

Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced a bill Thursday that would strip online platforms such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. of liability protections if their technology spreads misinformation about coronavirus vaccines or other public-health emergencies.

Mark Zuckerberg reached out to Anthony Fauci volunteering the services of Facebook to help spread “official” information, later creating warning labels, deleting tens of thousands of users, and using only CDC information to decide what could and could not be posted. 

We’d like to quote Donald J. Trump’s words, published earlier this month in the Wall Street Journal:

One of the gravest threats to our democracy today is a powerful group of Big Tech corporations that have teamed up with the government to censor the free speech of the American people. This is not only wrong—it is unconstitutional.

In 1996 Congress sought to promote the growth of the internet by extending liability protections to internet platforms, recognizing that they were exactly that—platforms, not publishers. Unlike publishers, companies such as Facebook and Twitter can’t be held legally liable for the content posted to their sites. Without this immunity, social media companies could not exist.

Democrats in Congress are exploiting this leverage to coerce platforms into censoring their political opponents. In recent years, we have all watched Congress haul Big Tech CEOs before their committees and demand that they censor “false” stories and “disinformation”—labels determined by an army of partisan fact-checkers loyal to the Democrat Party.

Further, Big Tech and government agencies are actively coordinating to remove content from the platforms according to the guidance of agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Big Tech and traditional media entities formed the Trusted News Initiative, which essentially takes instructions from the CDC about what information they need to “combat.” The tech companies are doing the government’s bidding, colluding to censor unapproved ideas.

This coercion and coordination is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has held that Congress can’t use private actors to achieve what the Constitution prohibits it from doing itself. In effect, Big Tech has been illegally deputized as the censorship arm of the U.S. government. This should alarm you no matter your political persuasion. It is unacceptable, unlawful and un-American.

It’s bad enough that the government is using the private sector as pawns to further its political agenda, but it turns out that most of the information they’re censoring is TRUE!

Missing the Mark On Misinformation

For the past 18 months, we’ve been on a roller coaster ride of information from leading media outlets and government agencies. From the origin of COVID-19 to the best prevention methods, it seems like the truth continues to change as time marches on. But the truth – by definition – is constant; like true north or gravity, it is absolute and unchanging.


One of the biggest points of contention in the information struggle has been the origin of the virus. Since the very beginning, we’ve been told that this was a naturally-occurring mutation of a known strain of coronavirus that had somehow passed from bats to humans. The consensus narrative (originally concocted by Chinese state media) was that the virus had somehow spread from a wet market in Wuhan.

But the truth was out there, and we were among the first to share that truth with the world. Back in January 2020, long before the economic shutdowns or tyrannical quarantine orders, we published an article titled “Man-made Coronavirus Kills Hundreds”. 

In that article, we went over the swift and far-reaching censorship that almost immediately took over social media, the true origins of the virus, and warned of the government overreach, suppression of free speech, and compulsory vaccines that were on the horizon.

But information from Fauci’s emails – combined with newly released information from U.S. intelligence – tells us that they knew all along that COVID-19 was almost certainly designed, produced, and released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Three researchers from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology became sick enough in November 2019 that they sought hospital care, displaying symptoms “consistent with COVID-19” according to the state department.

The Chinese government still refuses to allow a probe into the origins of COVID-19. 


Think back to the early days of 2020, when the Diamond Princess cruise ship was among the biggest headlines of the day. Remember the first information we were told about masks? “Only those who are infected need to wear a mask. It is not recommended that healthy individuals wear masks.”

That narrative quickly changed, with masks becoming suddenly mandatory despite virtually ZERO evidence that they worked. In fact, we’ve established that most masks and face covering do NOT protect against the virus, with some even making the possibility of infection WORSE!

In February of this year, the CDC even recommended wearing TWO MASKS, suggesting that this would make people even more safe. But new and existing research, emails from Fauci, and raw data all confirm what we’ve known all along: masks are ineffective and can have numerous, harmful side effects.

For further proof that these mask mandates were useless, look no further than the new guidance telling us that vaccinated people don’t need to wear them. If there’s one thing about these vaccines that has never been disputed, it’s that vaccinated people can still catch and spread the virus. In fact, the jab only claims to reduce the severity of symptoms in those who do contract the disease.

Remember, the mask mandates were all about protecting people and stopping the spread. You weren’t wearing a mask for your own protection, but everyone around you. There was a huge fear that people who had no symptoms (most of the infected, as it turns out) would continue to spread the virus.

Why, then, are vaccinated people suddenly off the hook? Could it be that our leaders know that masks don’t work? Could it be that these vaccines are just another test of our collective civil obedience? Did Pfizer and Moerna show MASSIVE profits this last quarter?

Death Rates

Death rates from COVID-19 have been the driving force behind lockdowns, bailouts, mask mandates, and pretty much everything else we’ve seen over the last year and a half. How can people argue with the new rules if it’s for the greater good? Why wouldn’t you wear a mask if it could save lives?

But these numbers have been dramatically overinflated, with errors and misinformation coming to light almost regularly throughout the pandemic. Reliable data and information are essential to making decisions. You can’t plan a dinner party if you don’t know what’s on the menu or how many guests will attend. You can’t order parts to fix your car if you haven’t diagnosed the problem.

And you can’t effectively implement drastic, global, “protective” protocols if you don’t yet understand the extent of the virus.

Even the CDC admitted that the death count was misleading. Last September, the CDC released data showing that 94% of reported COVID-19 deaths may have been falsely reported. According to recent data from this government agency, only 6% of deaths attributed to COVID-19 can actually be attributed to the virus.

In Colorado, nearly a quarter of the people reported as coronavirus deaths in state statistics don’t have the virus listed on their death certificates — at least not yet — the state Health Department said back in May 2020, adding more uncertainty to how many people the virus has killed in Colorado.

The number of coronavirus deaths in state figures stood at 1,150 deaths as of May 15th. But officials with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment revealed during a call with reporters that that number does not represent the number of people who have died due to COVID-19

Instead, the death figure CDPHE has been providing for weeks is more accurately described as the number of people with COVID-19 who have died — for any reason. The number of people who have died and have COVID-19 listed on their death certificate is 24% lower: 878, according to CDPHE’s latest figures.

Vaccine Safety

According to the CDC’s vaccine adverse reactions portal, there were 4,006 deaths following Covid-19 vaccinations reported between June 26 and July 9. During the same time period, the CDC shows 3,114 deaths attributed to Covid-19. That means there have been over 28% more vaccine-related deaths than Covid-related deaths during the two-week period.

This information is being ignored by the media, censored by Big Tech, and suppressed by our government. They are well aware of the health risks associated with these so-called “vaccines” but they will not allow their narrative of ubiquitous vaccinations to falter no matter how many people die as a result.

To put it into perspective, there have been more post-vaccination deaths reported in the first week of July than there have been in any given year since the data was first collected in 1990, and it’s not even close.

VAERS deaths chart

One might think that this information, all publicly available, would be seen by world leaders, the press, scientists, and doctors who would all be calling for us to rethink the push to vaccinate everyone. Of course, anyone who has been paying attention realizes that this is not new information to those who can act upon it. They’ve known all along. At least some of them likely knew before the “vaccines” were first distributed. But they have an agenda and it has nothing to do with stopping Covid-19 from spreading. 

It has nothing to do with saving lives.

Government & Big Pharma

When we say that there is a massive conspiracy between the government and Big Pharma, we’re labeled as conspiracy theorists and quacks. We prefer the term “critical thinkers.”

Our entire mission started because the medical mafia has gained a stranglehold on modern medicine, silencing the truth and discrediting natural and alternative remedies – at least the ones that can’t be patented. And as a result of this censorship, we lost 7 close family members to cancer treatments because we didn’t know there was a more powerful way to treat cancer. If we would have known then what we know today, Mom and Dad Bollinger along with Ty’s uncle, cousin, and grandparents may still be here with us. Censorship kills.

When it comes to the new COVID-19 shots, we’re told to “trust the science.” That these vaccines are “safe and effective” and should be taken by everyone to stop the virus. But the truth is that these jabs are under Emergency Use Authorization. 

And these manufacturers have zero liability.

The federal government has granted companies like Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines.

“It is very rare for a blanket immunity law to be passed,” said Rogge Dunn, a Dallas labor and employment attorney. “Pharmaceutical companies typically aren’t offered much liability protection under the law.“

These companies have a long track record of putting profits above patients. In 2009, Pfizer paid $2.3 BILLION to settle claims that they illegally marketed some drugs and bribed doctors to promote them for off-label use. 

Johnson & Johnson, in addition to the numerous other lawsuits in which they’ve been named, recently agreed to pay $5 BILLION to settle claims that they knowingly pumped hundreds of thousands of opioids into communities while lying about how dangerous and addictive they could be. 

But don’t worry about poor old Johnson & Johnson: They announced yesterday that they expect to sell $2.5 BILLION in COVID-19 shots just next year. Under one pandemic supply deal, Pfizer is charging the U.S. $19.50 per dose, said CFO Frank D’Amelio, which is “not a normal price like we typically get for a vaccine—$150, $175 per dose. So, pandemic pricing.”

Pfizer has said it expects $15 BILLION from its COVID-19 vaccine this year, but if the company charges higher prices after the pandemic, it could continue to reap significant sales from the product in the years to come, particularly if routine boosters are needed as variants arise.

This isn’t about public health; it’s about money.

Pfizer’s market cap is up more than 21% since a year ago. BioNTech is up 176%. Moderna is up 275.55%.

But if you question the origins of COVID-19, the data provided by the CDC, the safety of the jab, or the integrity of the manufacturers, you’re spreading misinformation… and may even be a domestic extremist. 

What Can We Do?

Social media has become as central to free speech as town meeting halls, newspapers and television networks were in prior generations. The internet is the new public square. In recent years, however, Big Tech platforms have become increasingly brazen and shameless in censoring and discriminating against ideas, information and people on social media—banning users, deplatforming organizations, and aggressively blocking the free flow of information on which our democracy depends.” – Donald J. Trump

This has gone far beyond some noble attempt to distinguish between fact and fiction. The days of unbiased reporting are over. Everything is now an Op-Ed. And the U.S. government, through its proxies in tech and medicine, are on a witch hunt. 

They’ve come for us. They’ve come for sitting presidents here and abroad. They’ve silenced doctors, mothers, and scientists. 

And they’ll come for you next.

It’s time to take a dramatic stand. It’s time to say “ENOUGH!” to these corrupt politicians. The tide is turning. 

Daniel Henninger sums it up well:

Cuba, South Africa, Haiti, Belarus, and Myanmar all have seen recent explosions of significant anti-government protests. In a world overwhelmed by dramatic events, one’s instinct is to let them wash through. But maybe we should consider the possibility that something other than random chaos is reflected in so many anti-government protests. Wildfires can also erupt among nations.

The Hong Kong autonomy protests became a global phenomenon, running almost nonstop after March 2019. They were about one clear thing – freedom. The dramatic images of those long, hopelessly overmatched protests penetrated everywhere via social media, and that includes Cuba. It looks now as if Hong Kong’s people lost, but we shall see.

In the U.S. we have been having a debate about democratic capitalism and whether it can provide what its critics on the left call distributive justice, or equity. Their alternative, on offer now in Congress, is a softened version of centralized government direction for a country of 328 million people. The result surely would be permanent misrule. Who already in possession of freedom would want to go there?

We can’t fight this wave of oppression on our own, and we can’t organize through the digital channels that have become staples of modern society. And yet we must fight or else see the destruction of liberty and the loss of hope for a free world. 

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Inaction is compliance; compliance is slavery. 

We need to return to the very roots that helped form this great nation by joining together in churches, homes, and town halls. We must gather now to share the truth and stand together against the oppression that lingers at our doorstep. 

That’s why we are asking all patriots to gather together with us this October in Nashville. No masks. No vaccination records. No social distancing. Just truth, love, and freedom. 

We’ve gathered over 50 of the world’s leading doctors, researchers, and patriots to speak at this event, and will have ample opportunities for breakout sessions and social gathering. This is a place where you can meet like-minded people who share your love of liberty and learn how to FIGHT BACK against the totalitarian state on the horizon. 

We hope you’ll join us. We hope you’ll continue to spread the song of freedom. 

The truth can never be silenced. With the truth on our side, neither can we. 


~ Ty & Charlene

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