Digital Math Games

It's almost March! Just one week away until the month that seems to last forever before Spring Break. I love March because that means that the weather is starting to turn into spring, even though it's warm one minute and cold the next! Tomorrow where I live it's going to be 60 degrees when yesterday is was a high of 20. CRAZY!

Let's talk Math Games this week! I know a lot of you are still teaching virtual, looking for classroom activities that are fun and engaging, or curriculum you can put on your personal sites so students can access them. 

Math games allow students to have fun, use thinking skills, BUT are still able to review and learn concepts. These games below are great, because they show the students the wrong answer and once they do get it correct, it takes them to the next level. I post these on my website and have students complete. You can  have them show their work on problems, use it as review, or have students work together or as a whole group. 


If your students want more of a challenge, I use this Fraction Escape Room. It's longer, but it really CHALLENGES the students. I use it in January/February because I have already taught fractions or am getting ready to. My students love seeing which level they have passed in the game. 

Check out the video preview below! Students can watch video embedded into the game on making equivalent fractions and ordering and comparing fractions. They then find the correct answers and match them to different space adventures. Once they find the answer, they get a code word they need to punch in for the LOCKS page to take them to the next level of the escape. 

What are your students interested in? Whatever you are teaching in math, try some math games in your classroom. I love trying some new things in my classroom to break up these LONG winter days.