Do You Want Pie or Kale? (Check Out Dr. Orlena’s Healthy Eating Reboot!)

The holidays have arrived. Do you want pie or kale? Let’s chat. I’ve come across something cool.

November is here. We had a blast trunk-or-treating at three different events in our town and ohmygoodness the candy pile!!!!!!! (We were able to give most of it away. I have my ways.)

But who wouldn’t give this group of cuties handfuls of sugar?

Halloween 2022 at the Coppinger house featured many Monster’s Inc. favorites: Mr. Waternoose, Roz, Sully, Mike Wazowski, Celia, Boo, Randall, and George.

Now, we are heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas, all of which will include gatherings and parties and loads and loads more sugar.

Laura’s confession:

We give our littles almost no sugar, but it’s harder for all the grown-ups. Sometimes I find myself in a rut and while we continue to faithfully guzzle down our Green Smoothies every day, I feel like we’re slipping a little bit into some other bad eating habits.

At the same time, I know I need to make compromises right now so that I can instead focus on loving people without stressing out about the free-range chicken, right?

Balance. That’s what we strive for. Sometimes we need a little bit of encouragement and inspiration. After all, taking care of ourselves IS important. If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of them:

Enter: Dr. Orlena’s Healthy Eating Reboot eCourse

I have discovered this and want to encourage you to work through it with me. I found that this eCourse is not like others I’ve ever seen. (First, Dr. Orlena has a really cool British accent. Her videos are fun to watch simply because she talks so cool. I love a good British accent.)

In her very cool-talking way, Dr. Orlena’s suggestions are professional, practical, and easy. I love how she shares ways to eat healthier that actually motivate me to want to eat healthier. But they don’t put on pressure or make me feel bad about the frozen pizzas we ate yesterday when I didn’t have time to cook.

The drawback (hear me out though): The Healthy Eating Reboot eCourse normally costs $299. I had only worked 1/3 of the way through it before I recognized that all it offered made it 100% worth its cost. But right now isn’t a good time for most of us to drop $300 on something, even if it is good. The really good news is that today through Friday, November 11, this eCourse is included in this year’s Ultimate Home Management Bundle for a total of only $47.

Aha. Now we’re talking.

What I’m learning

Dr. Orlena’s course is making me think more about everything I’m putting into my body. I mean, our Green Smoothies are super packed with nourishment, but I can’t rely on only that to keep me going. So what else can I easily add to my diet each day as I put so much energy into caring for my family?

Throughout the course, Dr. Orlena offers loads of practical ideas and recipes to eat clean foods that are high in nutrients. So I started making some of her easy recipes and found that they were really good. Even our kids (the picky ones!!) ate most of what I’ve tried so far.

Her Baked Salmon with Dijon Mustard Sauce made me wonder why I typically don’t like mustard. I am so glad I made the sauce. Wow. This is delicious. (And it only took five minutes of prep work time. Twenty minutes later, dinner was served.)

And how about getting better sleep??

Dr. Orlena has an entire section in the eCourse on how to get good sleep. I learned more about how what we do during the day really affects our sleep. She recognizes that sleep can be disrupted by kids (can I get an amen?), and she addresses this, giving us ideas for routines and healthy choices so that we can get the best sleep possible, even when we have little ones (thank you very much).

Oh, and she addresses coffee, tea, and alcohol. I won’t tell you what she said but let’s just say that I like her even more because she didn’t take away my coffee. ;)

Now that is an old picture. RIP Wiggams.

Is it worth it?

I know a lot about healthy eating. But knowing and doing are different. I needed a reboot. I think most of us can use one from time to time.

So yes, I can say that while I feel that the value of Dr. Orlena’s Healthy Eating Reboot is every bit worth the $299 it normally costs, I’d have a hard time making myself fork that out. On the other hand, since we can get it in the $47 bundle along with 85 other products, I’d have no hesitation buying this and recommending this. What a great offer on such a valuable product, and beyond!

Read here to learn more about this year’s Ultimate Home Management Bundle, and know that buying this great package gives you full access to Dr. Orlena’s Healthy Eating Reboot.

More thoughts about the Ultimate Home Management Bundle

Today I’m only highlighting Dr. Orlena’s Healthy Eating Reboot, simply because I’m so impressed with it and so grateful that we can get it at such a discount. But don’t miss everything else included in this year’s bundle – 86 more home management resources to be exact! You can see it all here, and in true Laura fashion to determine if something is worth it, I did some math:

If the bundle costs $47, and we get 87 products within it, then technically that makes each item, including the Healthy Eating Reboot only $0.54. Fifty-four cents. Per product. My mind is kind of blown when I see that.

This offer is only good through this Friday, November 11. Take advantage now and enjoy all the goods.

Hesitant because you don’t have time right now?

We’re about to hit the holiday craze, so I hear you, and here’s what I’m doing. I downloaded all of the products (they make it easy to do that and they put them all in one folder for you). Then I plan to work my way through them a little at a time. Specifically, many of them are going to be perfect to read through or print and use after the first of the year (planners, decluttering check-lists, organizational tools…). Even the Healthy Eating Reboot course will be fantastic if we wait to start it in January.

So get it now while it’s available for so little. Then work your way through everything you need/want as the timing is right for you. And speaking of the holidays…

A Thank You Gift

I’m eager for you to enjoy this bundle with me, and as an affiliate with Ultimate Bundles, I earn a commission when you purchase through my links. So as a thank you, I created something else fun – and healthy – and practical for us to enjoy this holiday season. I’ll send the entire packet to you for free when you forward me a quick copy of your invoice.

To go along with Dr. Orlena’s Healthy Eating Reboot course, I wanted to get us started with some simple holiday guides for this season.

  • How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays Guide (doable for everyone)
  • Healthier Holidays Cookbook (amazing, brand new treat recipes)
  • Holiday Priorities Notebook (read about how I overdid us during Fall Break, what I learned, and what you can do to actually ENJOY this season) #mentalhealthamatters

This Healthier Holidays bonus package is going into my shop on November 12 for $19.99, but yours will be free when you send me your bundle receipt!

Grab your Home Management Bundle here.

Holler if you have any questions. I’m going to go try a couple more of Dr. Orlena’s recipes…

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