Easy Butterfly Name Activities for Preschool

Kids can explore a variety of early literacy skills with these butterfly name activities for preschool. Be sure to add them to the rest of your butterfly activities for preschoolers!

Young children need hands-on, meaningful activities to learn. And what’s more meaningful than their names?! Incorporate these butterfly name crafts into your next butterfly theme. Kids will be excited to make the butterfly crafts focused on their names.

Below you’ll find two ideas for name learning activities with a butterfly twist. I even have a few additional suggestions for you, in case you want to tweak things a bit.

Collage of name ideas using dyed pasta with text that reads butterfly name activities for preschool

It’s no secret that we do a ton of name activities in preschool! Names are important to the kiddos, and learning their names is something every preschooler strives for. A child’s name can be used to teach so many early learning concepts, too.

Butterfly Name Activities for Preschool

As I mentioned above, I’ve got two butterfly crafts for you that are focused on kids’ names. You can make some changes to what we did, or try things exactly the same way.

Materials for the Butterfly Name Crafts

Here’s what we used for the butterfly-inspired name fun (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

You can change up the supplies if you need to or want to. For example, use cardstock in place of regular paper if you want a sturdier surface. If you don’t have liquid watercolors, food coloring is a good option.

How to Prep the Butterfly-Themed Preschool Name Activities

We have a lot of colorful butterfly life cycle pasta right now. We used them to make a butterfly sensory bin, as well as a butterfly life cycle necklace. So all we had to do was grab the rest of the materials and we were good to go!

If you don’t have these bits on-hand, grab some pasta and color it:

  • First, place the pasta in a bag or container.
  • Next, add some liquid watercolors and close the bag.
  • Then shake well to disperse the color.
  • Finally, let the pasta dry completely.
Dyed pasta for a butterfly craft for preschoolers

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Once the pasta is dry, and you have the rest of the supplies, it’s time to jump into the butterfly name activities for preschool!

Butterfly Name Craft Directions

Let’s take a look at the first butterfly name activity! This one is focused on tracing over the letters in the kids’ names. The children can practice letter formation as they choose which “butterflies” and “caterpillars” to place on each letter of their names.

To begin, write the child’s name on a thick piece of paper or a piece of cardstock. If the student’s name is long, you might need to staple two pieces of paper together.

Next, set out the butterflies (bowtie pasta) and caterpillars (rotini pasta). Have the child trace the first letter with glue, then add pasta as they see fit!

The name Ann spelled out using dyed pasta as part of butterfly name activities

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Encourage the child to keep going, letter by letter, until their name is done. This is a great time to talk about letter formation, letter sounds, that we write left to right, and maybe even touch on some butterfly life cycle facts.

Once the names are all done, help your students place them carefully out to dry. When everything is dry, you can post the butterfly name art up on your classroom walls!

Straw and Pasta Butterfly Name Activity Directions

The second of the butterfly name activities for preschool creates individual letter manipulatives that look like butterflies.

To make these, grab some of the colorful “butterfly” pastas – one for each letter in the child’s name. Cut up a paper straw so you have one piece for each butterfly. Your students can help with this, of course! Write a letter on each straw piece until the child’s entire first name is represented. Glue each straw letter onto a piece of butterfly pasta.

Letters written on straw pieces and pasta to be used with butterfly name activities for preschool

Let the child use their butterfly letters to create their name. As with the above butterfly craft name, talk about literacy and science concepts as you go along. The child can make their name, then break it apart, and then remake it to their heart’s content. If the kiddo wants to, they can even glue their butterfly letters to a piece of paper or cardstock to display.

Additional Butterfly Name Activities for Preschool Kids

We had a ton of fun making our names with the colorful dyed pasta. We even tested out making some sight words, too! If your students are ready for that, I suggest you give it a go.

As promised, here are a few other ways you can make names during a butterfly theme. Instead of the pasta, use:

So you can see that there are a lot of options! Pick the one that best suits you and your students, and have a blast working on the kids’ names.

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More Butterfly Literacy Activities

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Collage of preschool names made with dyed pasta and text that reads butterfly name crafts

Originally written April 2015.

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