Engage Your Reluctant Reader


Do you have a reluctant reader in your home, and you’ve struggled to get them to pick up any kind of book? The first steps are to rule out why your child doesn’t want to read. Figure out if they have basic reading skills, are they just not interested in reading, or check to make sure there isn’t an impairment that might be hindering their desire to read. Below, are four websites that share information about reluctant readers, what some issues may be, and how to help them with reading.

Reluctant Reader Books – The Ultimate Guide to Reluctant Reader

This site has plenty of books listed that kids will want to read. There are also resources that will help with your child’s writing, and reading, reading hacks, and ways to get free books for your child. Parents can also see lesson plans, interviews with authors, and more. 

Reading Eggs

This is a site that offers reading assistance and help but there is a cost for their services. The Fast Phonics is an online games app that will help kids learn. There are articles and other apps too. Parents can also find help for kids who need assistance with math. 


This well-known site has books, reading tips, activities, and printables to help kids be better readers. Visitors can also find book clubs and book fair information. 

Reading Rockets

This well-known site has videos, books, guides, and resources to help teachers, parents, and kids. There are tips to help get kids interested in reading and fun downloads.


This well-known magazine has a website that offers plenty of information for parents. Visitors will find fun and interesting ways to engage with your reluctant reader to encourage them to want to read. There is also a list of ways to read various books.

It’s up to you to help engage your reluctant reader. The suggestions are a great way to provide ideas and help you figure out ways to get your child to pick up a book. If you need ideas on books, Kristi’s Book Nook has plenty to choose from. Happy reading!