Engaging Students with Color-by-Number

These fun worksheets are so versatile and students love them!

Have you tried a color-by-number worksheet yet? These creative worksheets make use of skills students need to practice and add some flair with the amazing graphics uncovered in the designs.

I have used these sets for years in the STEM Lab! Let me tell you why you need color-by-number sheets and how to use them!

color-by-number elementary math puzzles and skills

Why do you need Color by Number sets?

Obviously, these worksheets practice or review specific skills. That’s one reason. I do have several more reasons to share!

Worksheets are Easy to Adapt

In a package of coloring worksheets, you will find differing levels of skills. Choose the ability set for your classroom. You may even find some puzzle sets that are provided in easier/harder forms.

High Engagement

Coloring worksheets allow students to continue to learn and have fun at the same time. This means high engagement and makes a perfect way to keep students calm and quiet (you know what I mean)!

Perfect for Review of Skills

Practicing skills, even something learned earlier in the year is always needed. Why not try practicing with an engaging coloring set?

Active Learning

Students are kept busy with the problems or skills of the color-by-number. They must also work by following the directions of each sheet and using the tables of charts to find the colors needed.


Color-by-number sets are scripted but the coloring style is not! Students can shade, color darker or lighter, and add details to their work.

Quiet Times

Color-by-number sheets can be completed in quiet time. Seatwork, morning work, or small group time are all times when students must work quietly.

So, when do I use Color-by-Number in STEM?

Great question! I have several sets to share and tell you how I use them!

This Sports set has 6 worksheets to color. The math skills for each page are upper-level elementary standards. Great, engaging practice!

I would use this set after completing a Sports Escape Room or Sports STEM Challenge.

Make copies of the sheets and as teams “escape” they can grab a sheet to stay busy while others teams finish.

This works for early finishers in a regular classroom too!

This Winter Color by Number set features math skills for 3rd and 4th grade.

I would use this after a paper/pencil no-locks breakout – like my Escape the Blizzard set.

As students “escape’ they can grab a set to try.

Another STEM Lab idea- I occasionally have a class show up to the lab that is missing too many students to have regular class time.

I grab my stack of themed coloring sets and we get to work!

This Valentine’s Day Puzzle Pack has coloring worksheets and other puzzles.

I use this when classes arrive for STEM on the day of Valentine’s Day. Students are too excited to try a STEM project, so we tackle these puzzle sheets instead!

Sheets like these are perfect for those emergency days when you must have a substitute. #sotrue

Let’s recap!

Ways to use color-by-number sheets or puzzle packs:

  • Early finishers (in STEM or the regular classroom)
  • Small group time (something to keep students working while you are with a group)
  • Substitute days
  • Morning work
  • Tutoring (perfect way to engage a single student that needs extra help with a skill)
  • Centers
  • Rewards

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Color-by-number sheets are so versatile and engaging and so easy to use!

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