Exploring Creation with Marine Biology 2-book Set, 2nd Edition

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Survey Life in Marine Habitats
Exploring Creation with Marine Biology, 2nd Edition, from Apologia teaches about marine wildlife and marine habitats, providing a survey of members of each biological kingdom that live in marine environments. Students will learn about:
  • The microscopic organisms that make life in the ocean possible, including details about their interesting habits and life cycles.
  • The anatomy of many macroscopic marine creatures such as clams, starfish, and sharks.
  • How these creatures and their physical surroundings form marine ecosystems such as intertidal zones, estuaries, coral reefs, continental shelf communities, epipelagic communities, and deep-ocean communities.
  • Marine resources and our relationship with the sea.
A God-honoring Look at Life in the Seas
For those who are virtually surrounded by water, as we are here in the Pacific Northwest, some of this may sound pretty familiar. But whether you live by an ocean or in the desert, you’ll be fascinated by this God-honoring look at life in the seas, written by marine biologist Sherri Seligson in the format of Apologia’s Exploring Creation series.

To take this course, students must have completed a first-year biology course, preferably Exploring Creation With Biology.

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Apologia: Setting the Standard
Without a doubt, Apologia has been setting standards for science textbooks for years. If you have ever doubted the thoroughness of a science text, one glance at these large textbooks will allay all fears! If your child thrives on detailed explanations and lots of information, Apologia is a great place to start.

Written For Christian Homeschoolers
The full color illustrations and written-for-homeschoolers text have immediate appeal. On closer look, the Christian worldview provides a solid foundation. I believe that a scientist who grasps the God of creation will have a tremendous head start as he moves onward into research and development, treating patients, or further study.

A Word Of Warning
These books are not for every student. They are massive, detailed and require a fair amount of math. A student who does not yet excel at math or will be overwhelmed by the textbook format may lose their zeal for science if forced to proceed down this track. Instead, we suggest looking at the Paradigm Curriculum for a gentler approach that will feed their interest without overwhelming them.

Apologia Is Perfect For…
…the student who loves science and isn't scared by math. He or she may want to pursue a career in the field, proceed to college, or simply satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Many homeschool families have found these to be a cornerstone of their student's higher education and we are sure you'll find them a worthy investment.

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  • Proven techniques that strengthen retention
  • Engaging narratives
  • Narration prompts
  • Notebooking projects

    Set Includes:
  • Hardcover Textbook
  • Solutions & Test Manual
  • Consumable Test Packet

  • View Exploring Creation with Marine Biology sample pages here (sample pages include Text & Student Notebook sample pages, Table of Contents, Supply List, and more).

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    Publisher's Information
    Author: Sherri Seligson
    Binding: Hardcover
    Copyright:2005, 2017
    Edition: 2nd Edition
    ISBN: 9781940110950
    Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministries
    Printed In: Korea
    Faith-Based: Yes

    Awards and Endorsements:
    Old Schoolhouse EE Award 2015 1st Place Winner!
    Practical Homeschooling 2015 Reader Award Top Ranked by Homeschoolers!
    One of Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum 2015!
    About.com Readers' Choice Winner!