Fall STEM Activities for Kids

Explore fun and easy Fall STEM Activities for kids with apples, leaves, pumpkins and more! Playful ways to explore science, technology, engineering, and math with your child this fall as the season changes.

Which fall STEM activity will you try first?

50+ Fall STEM Activities for Kids
Fall STEM Activities for Kids

Fall Stem Activities for Kids

These hands-on fall activities create an invitation for your kids to explore, test, think, observe, and discover! Through leaves, apples, pumpkins and more get hands-on learning through natural elements we explore each fall.

If you are looking to learn more about STEM or science, technology, engineering, and math, explore our awesome STEM resource for parents.

Fall Leaves STEM Activities

The first we think of with fall is the change in color of leaves. It’s such a magical time of year for a child. This collection of fall leaves STEM activities explores various concepts of leaves with your child.

Fall STEm Challenge for kids with leaves

A Fall STEM Challenge with Leaves will not only get kids outside and engaged with nature, it will also encourage them to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to create a leaf sculpture greater than 6 inches tall.

Fall STEM Challenge: Leaf Sculptures

Science Experiment: The Hidden Colors in a Leaf

Preschool Physical Science Activity – Leaf Pounding

Number Leaf Scavenger Hunt

chalk numbers outdoor fun with leaves

Get outdoors this fall and sneak in a little number fun with your child.  Just takes two items… chalk and leaves to create this chalk number game with leaves.

Chalk Number with Leaves

Science Experiment: Exploring Leaf Colors and Chlorophyll with Kids

How Do Leaves Breathe? A Simple Science Experiment for Kids

Fall Leaf Movement Activity with Sidewalk Chalk for Preschoolers

Head outside this fall to play a fun fall leaf movement activity with your child. A colorful activity that works on gross motor and fine motor skills as you celebrate fall.

Fall Leaf Movement Activity

Fall Leaves Art with Washi Tape

Fall Leaves Virtual Field Trips

Acorn STEM Activities

One of the first things children notice in fall are the acorns falling to the ground. Grab a container to collect a few for these fun acorn STEM activities to explore with your child.

Acorn Math Games

Painting Acorns Art Project

Building with Acorns

Building an Acorn Chute

Acorn Catapult

Acorn Sink or Float Experiment

Apple STEM Activities

Fall brings a special time for apple picking! Here are some adorable apple STEM activities for hours of fun and learning with your child.

STEM Activity for Ten apples Up On Top for Kids

Create a hands-on fall STEM activity with this stacking apples game using pretend apples and playdough.

Stacking Apples STEM Activity

Build an Apple Tree

Apple Boat Challenge

DIY apple game to explore force and motion science with preschoolers

Create a fun DIY Apple Game for exploring science with force and motion with your child.  Here’s how to make your own apple game tray!

DIY Apple Game

Apple Bitmap Coding

Apple Toothpick Tower Building

Apple STEM Activity for Preschoolers

Do you enjoy picking apples in the fall? This apple stem activity for preschoolers will give you hours of fun with this Fall STEM Challenge for your child. Plus you don’t even have to drive anywhere!

Apple STEM Activity

Apple Wrecking Ball Challenge

Apple Pie Pockets Recipe for Kids

Mini Apple Pie Recipe

STEM activities with Apples for back to school STEM.

Get into that creative mindset with your child as they head back to school with these 20 Back to School STEM activities for kids. Explore hands on fun with science, technology, engineering and math to start off a new school year. STEM fun for the first day of school!

Back to School STEM Activities

Apple Orchard Virtual Field Trips

Pumpkin STEM Activities

Pumpkins are such an iconic element of fall with kids. Discover these pumpkin STEM activities that highlight all the various parts of pumpkins. You’d be surprised how much you can learn with pumpkins.

STEM Activity for Five Little Pumpkins with pumpkin playdough

Create a fun STEM Challenge for Halloween with this Stacking Pumpkins STEM Activity for Kids inspired by Five Little Pumpkins!  Collect some mini pumpkins and playdough and it’s time to play.

Stacking Pumpkins STEM Activity

Pumpkin House: Engineering Project for Kids

Pumpkin Crystal Science Experiment

Pumpkin Water Play Idea for Fall

Pumpkins are such a memorable item from nature for fall.  Add to the fun some water, leaves, acorns, and now you have your own pumpkin sensory play for your child. Here’s how to create this natural fall sensory play.

Pumpkin Sensory Play

Halloween Pumpkin Volcano Science Project

Halloween STEM – Paper Circuits

Pumpkin STEM Activity inspired by Five Little Pumpkins for Preschoolers

How many pumpkins can you sit on the gate? This Pumpkin STEM Activity will challenge your child’s skills of building and engineering this Halloween with just a few materials inspired by Five Little Pumpkins.

Pumpkin STEM Activity

Building Structures with Candy Pumpkins

Pumpkin Catapults

Pumpkin STEAM Activities for Kids

Pumpkins and kids are a natural magnet to one another. With these STEAM Pumpkin activities your child will explore science, art, engineering, technology, and math all while they play with pumpkin this fall.

STEAM Pumpkin Activities

Create Your Own Storybook Pumpkin

Pumpkin Ice Cream Recipe Idea for Kids to Make with Friends for a Playdate or Class

Making pumpkin ice cream for fall with friends is such fun! It requires quite a bit of dedication and energy to make that special magic happen, but that’s what friendship is about too, right? Here’s how to make special ice cream with your child’s friends.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Brownies Recipe for Kids

Salted Caramel Pumpkin Muffin Recipe for Kids

Pumpkin Geoboard

Pumpkin Patch Virtual Field Trips

Halloween STEM Activities

One of the main holidays of fall is Halloween. We wanted to include several Halloween STEM activities for your child to enjoy a little spooky creepy fun that’s age appropriate with bats, spiders, and monsters.

Flying Bats STEM Activity for Kids this Halloween

This flying bat STEM activity will be a hit with your preschooler as they send their bat flying around the room. This activity will have them designing their own bat and a system engineered to make it fly this Halloween.

Flying Bat STEM Challenge

Monster Lab STEM Lab

Spooky Science Experiment

Spider T-shirt Art

Making Spider Themed Meatballs

DIY Motion Sensing Spider

Turkey STEM Activities

Time for a little turkey fun this fall! Thanksgiving holidays give us a little extra time at home with our little ones, why not add some turkey STEM activities to your holiday fun? Perhaps consider doing it as a cousin or sibling activity!

Lego Fun with Turkeys from The Educators' Spin On It

LEGO Fun with Turkeys

Turkey Math Games for Kids

Turkey Balloon Races

Turkey Towers

Circuit Turkeys

Turkey Color by Coding

Make a Turkey Drawbot

Turkey Farm Virtual Field Trips

Fall STEM Books for Kids

One of my favorite things to do is to connect a fun picture book with a STEM activity. I’ve added many of my favorite fall books that will be a great addition to the fall STEM activities that are featured here on this list of activities for kids.

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50+ Fall STEM Activities for Kids!

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50 STEM Activities for Kids. Explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with your child with hands on fun.
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