Favorite Amazon Math Manipulatives

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Amazon… Need a book for tomorrow’s lesson? See if I can one day ship it with Amazon. Need more supplies for the classroom? I’m sure I can find it on Amazon. Let’s be honest, what teacher can resist next-day or two-day shipping? And let me tell you, Amazon has seriously saved me when it comes to math manipulatives! That’s why today, I’m sharing some of the best Amazon math manipulatives. Come check them out and add them to your cart for your best year ever!

favorite math manipulatives found on Amazon

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Math Manipulatives Found on Amazon Quick Find

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1. Magnetic Fraction Circles

magnetic fraction tiles

These Magnetic Fraction Circles are absolutely perfect for any upcoming lessons on fractions. These are perfect for modeling fractions, especially equivalent fractions!

You can grab them here.

2. Magnetic Place Value Blocks

magnetic place value blocks for whiteboad

These are a must when your students learn counting and place value! The colors of the place value blocks are super bright and engaging. These manipulatives allow your kiddos to build and move numbers around, especially during math talks.

You can grab them here!

3. Polyhedral Dice

These dice come in various colors and are great when you begin incorporating math games into your lessons. When you begin teaching multiplication facts, you will definitely want to have these manipulatives on hand.

You can find them here!

4. Spinners

These are the perfect spinners for math games or math centers! I find that students have a much easier time using these rather than a pencil and a paper clip. I have tried that method in the past, and not only was that time-consuming, but it simply didn’t work either. This is a pack of 10 spinners; if you pair students, that should equal a class set!

Check them out here.

5. Base Ten Blocks

Using these Base Ten Blocks makes teaching and learning place value very simple, and it creates a visual so that your students have a better understanding of the concept. With this kit, you will also receive a whiteboard (which you can keep to model), and your students can follow along by modeling on their whiteboards, too. This is a great way to incorporate hands-on learning into your classroom!

You can grab them here!

6. Judy Clock for Teachers & Students

When you begin to teach telling time to your students, these manipulatives are a classroom staple. The Judy Clock for Teachers is such a great tool, and I love how the hour hand can move independently and with the minute hand, just like on a real clock. The numbers on the face of the clock are also very easy to read.

You can grab the Judy Clock for Teachers here!

This student set of Judy Clocks comes with a total of 24 clocks. Your kiddos can practice getting their time skills down using these manipulatives. Also, if you are teaching upper elementary, I find that these clocks help students grasp more intricate ways of telling time that often confuse them when they first begin learning this skill.

You can grab the class set here!

7. Red and Yellow Counters

These counters can help your students practice various math skills, including counting, sorting, learning patterns, and grouping. Yes, whenever I decide to play an educational game of Bingo with my students, we use the counters as Bingo chips, too. Again, this is another great manipulative students can use to demonstrate their thinking or understanding.

You can check them out here!

8. Class Set of Whiteboards

When I introduced some of the other math manipulatives, I mentioned that students can show their thinking on their whiteboards. Having a class set of whiteboards is such a great investment, and the boards can be used for years to come. Another great option is to have your students show their understanding of a skill, and you can use that as a quick and easy informal assessment! Not to mention, this set comes with individual erasers so that no tissues will be wasted. I know that often happened in my class.

You can grab your class set here!

9. Magnetic Money

When students begin learning about money, these manipulatives are a great addition to your classroom. I find they really reinforce what students are learning. Not only are they of great quality, but they are also magnetic and can be used with your students’ whiteboards!

You can check them out here!

10. Fake Coins

These manipulatives are another great addition when teaching money lessons in your classroom. I love to make money bags for each student. I will place a variety of coins in individual bags (this takes a little time at first); that way, we aren’t wasting time passing out or sorting coins during the math lessons. These also look very realistic, so it can help your kiddos if they have difficulty distinguishing coins.

You can grab them here!

11. Foldable 3D Shapes

favorite math manipulatives on amazon 3d shapes

These shapes are great manipulatives for teaching symmetry, perimeter, area, surface area, and volume! You can also use them to initiate math talks; they are great visuals for your kiddos. The shapes are versatile and extremely useful when teaching a variety of lessons on Geometry.

You can find the shapes here.

12. Tape Measures

When teaching measurement to your students, I find these tape measures so handy! For one, they are double-sided. One side is in inches, and the other side is in centimeters. Not only that, but they come in bright, bold colors and are a great hands-on tool for measuring objects around the classroom.

Check them out here!

13. Rulers

These rulers have quickly become my favorite. I can’t tell you how many times I have used hard, plastic rulers in my classroom. You know, the ones that easily break or snap and then become safety hazards. These multicolored rulers come in a pack of 48 and are 100% flexible! They are the perfect tools to use when teaching measurement to your kiddos.

Grab them here!

14. Classroom Number Line

This number line can be displayed on a classroom wall or as a bulletin board for your students to refer to during math lessons. It is large enough so that your kiddos can read it. In the past, I have bought number lines that were too small for anyone to see. This is a great visual when teaching the skills of numbers, counting, and number order. Get your number line here!

15. Plastic Organizers with Lids

Okay, now that you have all these amazing math manipulatives, you might be wondering where you should store everything. These clear storage bins are the perfect solution. You can even take it a step further by adding a label to each bin and placing the bins in cubbies or cabinets for easy access throughout the school year.

Grab your set here!

16. Timers

There are many different ways these timers can be used in your classroom. They are handy during your math block and can also be used as a classroom management tool to keep your students on task. Regarding math, I love implementing the timers when I begin incorporating math rotations. They can also be used during math discussions or quick informal quizzes. The options are endless.

Grab your timers here!

Favorite Amazon Math Manipulatives

So, there you have it. These are my favorite Amazon finds for teaching math. I find that providing students with hands-on tools or visual examples is so beneficial to their learning. It also makes teaching more effective. Did I mention the added bonus of having all of these items delivered right to your front door so you don’t even have to leave your home? Do you use Amazon when purchasing things for your classroom? Comment below!

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