Fourth of July Scavenger Hunts

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to learn facts and introduce vocabulary words that go along with it with a fun scavenger hunt!

Hang your American flag high, pull out your red, white and blue decorations, and scroll down to celebrate America’s birthday with this free Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt and then hop over and learn how to make some patriotic bracelets for even more 4th of July fun!

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Getting Ready

Prepping was as easy as saying “Red, white, and BOOM!”

I printed both scavenger hunts and vocabulary cards on plain white paper.

Then, I cut the cards along the black lines and stacked them up in alphabetical order.

Fourth of July Scavenger Hunts

As a whole group, we jotted down the alphabet on the board.  Next, I encouraged my students to share a Fourth of July word that begins with each letter.

I used the vocabulary cards for ideas and to help guide my students’ thinking.

Then, I circled the vocabulary words that were on the scavenger hunts, held up each vocabulary card, and went over the meaning and examples of each word.

I then asked my students to share their own understanding and where they may have seen images of each.

I encouraged my students to choose the scavenger hunt that was the best fit for their ability level: one list had all twenty-six words and the other had only fourteen words.

Over the next few days, we read books and watched videos on Independence Day to learn how people celebrate it.

Whenever students heard or saw images of the words from their scavenger hunt, they would check them off the list.

When we finished reading and watching the videos, we went over what the students found, quickly reviewing the vocabulary along the way.

It was a great way to learn facts and vocabulary words for the Fourth of July!

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