Gregor Mendel Study

Gregor Mendel Study

I love learning about nature through the eyes of naturalists, botanists, and other scientists. In this Gregor Mendel study, the No Sweat Nature Study Podcast takes a look at botany through scientific eyes!

Who is Gregor Mendel and why is he important?

It might seem weird to go all the way back to the 1800s to talk about modern-day science and nature study, but Gregor Mendel’s experiments with plants were THAT important.

In the episode, you’ll learn about this interesting monk who loved to study biology, weather, and math. He became famous for a series of pea plant experiments that led to a breakthrough understanding of genetics!

Genetics might not seem to go hand in hand with nature study at first glance, but understanding traits and how they are passed down through generations of plants, animals, and people is extremely important. And, you don’t have to be a serious scientist to notice traits in your family, friends, and the plants and animals you see on nature walks!

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Gregor Mendel Study

Learn the basic biography of Gregor Mendel and the amazing things he discovered about traits and heredity during the podcast episode.

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