Guilt-Free Screen Time With Osmo

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This whole journey into homeschool life has been a learning curve, y’all! I’ve always had mad respect for teachers, but suddenly being forced into the role of homeschool mom has given me a whole new appreciation for all the amazingness that our teachers do every single day. Homeschooling is something that does not come easily or naturally for me so I’ve been so grateful for any tools that have made this transition easier for everyone.

To be honest, in the past I’ve never been a huge fan of screen time for my kiddos. With that said, the day that we found out that we were on the route to homeschool life, I ordered an iPad immediately. I knew that technology was going to be a huge factor into our schooling and I’m so grateful. I’m super picky about what apps I allow my children to use, so when stumbled upon Osmo in my research, my interest was piqued. Osmo is unique as it combines a multitude of senses – visual, mental and physical engagement – for a healthier screen time learning experience.

Osmo is a hands-on learning experience that combines physical and digital interactions with the use of an iPad or Fire tablet and their unique Osmo learning games and activity apps. With Osmo, you hook your tablet or iPad into the Osmo base and then add the reflector to the top (it goes over the camera) and download the Osmo app. When you download the app, you can create your account and then install the games that you would like and you’re ready to begin play!

We’ve been using the Genius Starter Kit the last few weeks and everyone in the family has been enjoying it so much. I love that it’s screen time with a purpose and allows children to practice and expand their learning concepts! It’s especially helpful as I’m still working from home so it allows my children to learn without me having to be on them every second to get things done. It makes learning fun, more engaging than other online learning opportunities and allows me to also work at the same time since I don’t have to constantly encourage them to continue the activities. It’s incredibly easy to set up and super user-friendly which is a must (even our 4 year old can use it)!

The Genius Starter Kit is aimed toward ages 6-10 that allows children to experience hands-on learning experiences in 5 different ways. It’s a really great way to get acquainted with the Osmo system and has many different games and activities for all different age and learning levels.

The games included in the Genius Starter Kit are:


Over 500 puzzles that allow children to strengthen their spatial development and problem-solving skills. With different levels and fun animations, this is one of my children’s favorite activities on Osmo.


Words is one of my favorite games for my reluctant speller! Players can play solo or against family/friends in spelling puzzles and adventures. You can even add your own words in the platform!


Physics and creative thinking combine for challenges for all levels (over 60!). You can use pen and paper or tangrams to help assist in moving the balls all over the screen and through different challenges.


There are so many images to choose from in the library and you can even add your images that allow you to create your own personal artistic masterpieces. You can save all drawings in the masterpiece gallery and even see them come to life through visual movement!


From addition to subtraction to multiplication, it’s a great way to make math more interactive and fun. My son loves the underwater world theme!

There are also a ton of additional games that can be purchased based on interests! From coding, to Hot Wheels, Disney (Frozen, Mickey, Princesses), Detective Agency (learn about geography and landmarks), there’s something for everyone. We have the Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends and my youngest (4 years old) loves it!

With step by step directions to draw the characters and scenes and then the ability to watch the scene come to life…it makes her giggle and laugh each time! I’m definitely adding the Frozen and Princesses to our collection soon as those are two of her favorite things!

Have you used Osmo? 

If you’re looking for a screen time option that facilitates hands on and electronic learning, Osmo is a great option!

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