Hey Pandas, If You Found A Genie’s Lamp, What Would You Wish For?

The basic rules are:

- no wishing for more wishes;

- 3 wishes only;

- no love magic.


Successful kidney transplant for my daughter.
My mortgage to be paid off (struggling right now)
A/C in my car to be fixed( ain't no joke in Texas)


That couples only can get pregnant if they both really, really want to have a baby. Any doubt, no baby. That should help with population explosion.
That everybody gets to have a conscience and empathy, so that if they hurt someone on purpose or by neglect, it will hurt them too. That should kill most of the 1%. And make most religions superfluous.
And that everybody who does their best to help others, create stuff, cleans the planet, will have a living wage.


1) Get rid of this stupid cancer so I can live more than the couple of months I'm given ?
2) I want my family back and together ?
3) Forget everything and have a new start in life...
I know my wishes are extremely selfish... Sorry


- Putin chokes on a peanut
- To go back and handle one little thing differently that changed the course of my life
- Find affordable cure for cancer


No Cancer.
No wars.
No abuse (human/animal).


World peace
No animal cruelty (people are animals too)
Healty earth


It would depend on whether the genie would give me anything.

If he said "anything" then I'd go with

- end poverty.

All crime, all war, all violence, and most cruelty, is caused by desperation due to poverty.

If he said something concrete, I think about 500bn USD would do it. I'd then use that money to fix all my country's problems.

If however he said only supernatural requests, I'd request powers of flight and invisibility on command.


- Bring back my grandparents in full health.

- Take my abusive father away.

- Have enough money to retire and to help all the people who needs it. (Family, neighbours, etc...)


An enormous increase in human empathy.
An enormous increase in human compassion.
An enormous increase in human intelligence.
That would solve everything.


Simply that my daughter can overcome her crippling anxiety and live her life. My bright and beautiful girl is wasting away indoors at the age of 24 because she is genuinely too terrified to leave the house.
I believe she could change the world, so this would benefit everyone eventually :)


1) Put Trump in jail or, respectively, to a place where he can no longer cause any damage in the future and replace him with a reasonable people-loving and nature-loving individual
2) Put Putin in jail or, respectively, to a place where he can no longer cause any damage in the future (might also add Mr. Bolsonaro, if it is a good Genie Lamp).. and replace him/them with a reasonable people-loving and nature-loving individual
3) give America a proper constitution that really protects democracy and where judges of the Supreme Court have to resign after 10 years (at the latest) so that they very soon can overrule Roe/Wade again. Some abortions just are necessary. Nobody does this without good reason.


Every pro-lifer, no matter their age or gender, is immediately 6 months pregnant.


I seek only to know three things.

Firstly, who put the bomp in the bomp ba bomp ba bomp.
Secondly, who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong.
And thirdly, the name of the exalted entity who placed the boog in the boogity boogity shoo.

I trust that the honorable genie will consider my entreaty forthwith, and I thank him for his consideration.


No climate change

World peace



Well if I'm not allowed to wish for more wishes, an easy way to get around that would be to wish for the power to grant my own wishes whenever, with no strings attached.

If that wasn't allowed I would wish to have any superpower I could think of, or want, on demand (so basically the first one).

I could then use my newfound abilities to solve any of the worlds problems in a constructive and non-harmful mannar.


1. No more poverty
2. The ability to take some of the food they make on cooking shows
3. The ability to travel to fictional worlds


- Magical powers for myself without any negative consequences for me (Matter manipluation for example)
- The creation of safe elements that can be used for clean energy production

Out of ideas for #3


The wise person wishes for good health, honest wealth, and true happiness for all.

Wording is everything when it comes to those tricksters.


There are always consequences and alternative ways to interpret wishes. Like for instance, wishing for world peace ends up with all life being extinguished. Looks peaceful to me. To get around this I would wish to know the outcome of my wishes before I wished them, including this one. The second wish would be to know everything there is to know. And the third would be to have the ability to do anything I know how to do.


Million dollars & world peace ;)


1. Happiness in myself
2. My friends and family to forever have only good memories
3. For all cancer to be cured


If we're being purely wistful and not worried about being scammed by an evil genie, then:

1. To advance the space industry by 1000 years.
2. To find the perfect system of worldwide governance - politically, judicially and economically (gotta stop letting sociopaths run things!).
3. Good health and vast wealth for me and the people I love.

Though, here's a fun loophole. Can't wish for more wishes? Then wish away the rules! Then you can do whatever you want!


1. End to poverty
2. No religion
3. Every one had equal access to basic human necessities


- For my Dad to be alive again, and in full health
- For my beloved baby Filou (kitty) to be alive again
- Enough money to retire instantly and live comfortably for the rest of my days (goes for me, Mom and my brother)


1. That my bf would suddenly not be able to (or just stop) drinking alcohol.
2. That my mom would leave me alone.
3. That my kids will grow up being well-balanced and content human beings.

If the first two happened I would be happier, able to lose weight and be a better mom for my kids which again would lead to the third wish.


World peace, including reversing climate change.

Resources of the 1% redistributed to solve all lack.

Unlimited love, joy, & resources for all.


1 - Peace on earth
2 - to have enough money to live a comfortable life
3 - For my family and friends to be happy


A social life
End the Russian Ukraine war
End poverty

First is joke but I'm serious


1. everlasting world peace
2. to have a million pounds
3. an end to global starvation


More genie lamps
The ability to instantly make sequels and stuff of my fav movies and tv shows so they never die out
To make any food I want appear out of thin air and taste delicious

Sorry if you’re all disappointed I didn’t solve world problems. I mean I could with those other genies



#1- all nukes and bombs to disappear
#2- all guns (yes, nerf guns can stay)
#3- all blueprints to those I've listed above


I'm not getting caught out by this one again.

Last time I wished I had the body of a model. The police raided me the next day and found Eva Herzigova in my freezer.


-Freddie Mercury to be alive
-be able to see a queen concert before he died
-lots of money


To be able to see the future of something specific when i concentrate or touch that thing but only for a month ahead.

To be able to fix injuries with a touch but not death or bring someone back to life

To be able to be invisible including what I am wearing


Wish for happiness in my life.


1. No global warming.
2. I get into (insert name of great university)
3. Find cheap and effective cure for cancer and COVID


My wish: That the men have the periods & make the babies.


- Bring back my grandparents in full health.

- Take my abusive father away.

- Have enough money to retire and to help all the people who needs it. (Family, neighbours, etc...)


1. A dog haven on earth ( complete with sleeping areas, plenty of space to run, 24/7 veterinarian, hospital).

2. Massive restaurants that shall serve free food to the poor.

3. Schools free of liberal teachings: just math, science, medicine


1) No more terminal illnesses for people or animals
2) Everyone to be kind to one another, always
3) Financial peace, not just stability


1. My family is alive and happy for a long, long time yet.
2. for people to unite and support others always.
3. no more famine and disease.


1: To have every less fortunate people in the world be debt free/able to have a living wage.
2: No famine and illnesses across the world.
3: No more war and violent conflicts across the world.


a tax on the rich that pays the needs of the poor.


1. To always have the right amount of money.
2. The ability to heal any injury/disease
3. To be able to alter reality to suit myself.


I would wish for

1. world peace

2. 50 million USD

3. a college scholarship for my mother


I wish for a list that things come true after writing on it.


1. Good healthcare for all
2. Cure for cancer
3. Enough funds for my family to live out their life comfortably


I'm going to change the rules of the game.

My first wish is that, henceforth and until the end of time, all wishes from any genie shall be granted as intended by the wisher and without unintended consequences or malice.
My second wish is that all people would care less about money and possessions and more about caring for their communities and the planet.
My last wish is for the ability to pause and restart time at will, that I wouldn't age when time is paused, and that if I come down with a disease that makes me lose control of my senses that ability disappears before my mind goes.


-to get into mit or cal-tech for college.
-to be able to read minds
-for homeless people to get a home and a job. It pains me seeing them everyday on the streets.


-end of child abuse
-a media that’s not blood thirsty and manipulative
-hyper intelligence


For everyone to feel whatever they do to another sentient being.


1. All disease to be irradiated.
2. Fair distribution of resources.
3. Hate to end


My goodness, people have good ideas. Here's mine.

1. That all the good wishes listed above come true.
2. That people would discover, appreciate and support the amazing musicians, like my husband, who work hard at their craft, play brilliantly, but aren't young or the popular genre of the moment. Pretty sure a decent manager would definitely be part of this deal. (FYI, he mostly plays mandolin and I guess I'd call the genre, lovely acoustic melodic tunes.)
3. That those we love are surrounded by love, which would not just include humans but that they always have the "magical" pets who adore them.


-For it to be possible to wish for more wishes
-More wishes
-A really nice boat


1: to always know the needs of any animal or human even if I don't speak their language

2: to imitate any ability I see in books or television

3: to have free food and any other resources given to anyone in need


1. No more billionaires.
2. No more dictators.
3. No more Republicans.


1: The next time any violent criminal goes to sleep, they never wake up.

2: The Earth's climate and environment is immediately cleaned up and returned to preindustrial ideal "normal", whatever that is for wherever you are.

3: Next time I buy a lottery ticket, I am the sole winner of the top prize.


To be able to talk to my mom one last time, and have her meet my daughter.


1) the money for my much needed hearing aids

2) a/c fixed in both vehicles

3) just enough money to pay fees and supplies for my kids to start school.


1: End of poverty
2: World peace
3: The ability to go back in time and change the past


1) The ability (financially and physically) to open my own bakery. Baked goods make people happy.
2) A cure for dementia. My sister has early-onset, and I desperately miss my best friend.
3) To be able to communicate with other species. I have grieved the loss of so many amazing cats; if only they could have told me what was wrong, or at least been able to tell me that it was time for them to go.


Heaven....nothing more, nothing less


More world peace
No more abuse towards humans or animals.
Infinite money when I need it.


I would wish for
1. Everyone gets saved by Jesus Christ.
2. Every time I put my hand in my left pocket I get a thousand dollars.
3. I no longer have social anxiety.


be born to a mother who was not forced to have me
a room full of Rottweilers, Shih Tzu


1. Perfect health (mainly so that I was no longer diabetic) 2. I could read/write/speak/understand any language 3. Not sure about the 3rd. Maybe no violence (ever).


Since it seems like world peace, climate change and all that are already taken care of I’d like the ability to save scum real life, bodies and minds to have a reset button, and for all animals (including humans) to speak the same language please, thanks.


Getting rid of world hunger.


• Student loans to be forgiven.
• No more poverty.
• The ability to teleport so I can travel anywhere I want and visit my Mom halfway across the world anytime I want.


To provide for my mother so she has the best as she reaches the age of nursing homes

For the hands of justice be swift and demolish the large corporations doing the most damage to the environment.

And for myself. 40,000 dollars a year. That's honestly more than I need, but I could help those around me with it too.


The chance to do it all again with what I know now, less pain, and for my ex’s dad to be still alive. I loved my father-in-law very deeply. He was Dad#2.


1. That everybody had the ability to afford at minimum basic necessities (food, shelter, transportation) with their income. I'm not saying steak and mansions, but at least sandwiches and a one bedroom apartment.
2. Repair to the planet so that it is more habitable after all the damage it has endured.
3. That the human trait of entitlement would cease to exist.


I'd wish for:
- A magic pen with unlimited ink that makes whatever I write or draw become reality.
- An infinite notebook.

Now I can write down every single one of the hundreds of wishes I have (including the stuff in my other post)


- The power to be like a genie but without restrictions -somewhat like a fairy godperson? Able to grant wishes for others but not for myself

- Animal shape shifting/communication (including mythical animals)

- Immortality but with a chosen end to it- I want to watch the world grow and see where the universe ends up but I don't want to be left alone or end up resenting it

They may seem selfish but I could help so many animals and people by granting wishes forever :)


That I would wake up to find that tRUMP was just a bad dream.


A wage I could actually get by on.
A government who put the needs of its people first.
Free healthcare for everyone.


1. Live with my Family together
2. No pollution, hence healthy Earth
3. No poverty


1. The power to spawn any animal when sad
2. World peace
3. Make all guns disappear


Everyone knows the first rule of time machine and any wish giving entity.

You kill baby Hitler!

C'mon people, priorities!


If those are the only rules I would simply wish for another genie.


1. To win the lottery every time I play.

2. For real world kicks/punches/slaps/etc. to sound like they do on TV.

3. Reversal of climate change.


1)No more rules wishes.
2)Infinite wishes
3)A cure for cancer
4)For World peace...


1) all doggies live (at minimum) as long as their humans
2) My daughter and i both learn how to interact with people
3) All religious people around the world can see and understand how and why the rest of us see them as people that are evil to their core


all people have equal amounts of money

reset state of nature back to before industrial civilization

maximum empathy for everyone


Well, this is a fantasy I to which I like to fall asleep sometimes.

Let's try these three wishes:

1. For me and all of mine, a reset to an earlier age (25 maybe) including perfect health and intact memory from today's date.
2. Unlimited supply of legal liquidity whenever I want or need it.
3. The ability to easily persuade anyone to do just about anything as long as it is not malicious.

Some of this was inspired by a short sci-fi story I read years ago that stuck with me.

The story is by author Ed Howdershelt called 4th wish. It is slightly different take on the genie/jinn story. Science fiction, worth a read. You can find it online. Be careful searching/surfing!


1. A really good cheeseburger. Two patties, two slices of cheese, a slice of a ripe summer tomato, slice of red onion (it MUST be a red onion), and shredded iceberg lettuce.
2. A big ol' glass of ice cold root beer to wash it down.
3. All that peace, love, and harmony stuff that everybody else wants.


1 for me to find my father in heaven
2 for a new post for ghost eyes to release
3 for All rapist and abusers to burn in hell while crying bleeding (losing-)


To have one last conversation with my mom, and for her to meet my daughter.


Ability to teleport, student loans paid off, and a super wish that my son will leave his bedroom, be able to socialize with nice girls and give me a grandchild. I may need more than one lamp


1. people don’t get offended over everything
2. outlaw 1 ply toilet paper
3. mountain dew ?


Wish 1: probably enough money to buy a bigger house and pay off my mortgage

Wish 2: that I could have a Time and Relative Dimension in Space

Wish 3: the power of teleportation


1. Increased Cognitive Abilities (Mind reading, Increased Awareness, that kind of thing)
2. The ability to transform into anything I want
3. The ability to learn anything I want to in a span of 20 min


I wish all the psychotic republicans would disappear off to their own little world they can screw up without affecting sane people.
I wish I was a master of every single programming language
I wish everyone had to experience the problems they inflict on others (unless it's for sport and both people agree ofc because otherwise this would ruin boxing and wrestling)


1. World peace
2. Family drama ends
3. I become successful in the future


1.All wishes, including this one, to happen as the wisher intends.
2. My lamp to be less restrictive
3.The wishes in the other posts come true
4.I go back to the start of time
5.From that moment no war, poverty, hunger, ect


1) 100 billion dollars (boring I know)
2) I wish that I could travel to other planets, I'd love to explore the universe
3) Finally, I wish that I could sing, I've always wanted to be a rock star, but have zero musical talent!


Well, world peace would definitely be on the list but then I'd also wish for a house but I'd describe it in intricate detail and as I was describing it those details would change and the genie would start fake yawning and sneak away.


There are so much obvious and good ones already mentioned, so I'm gonna type some wishes I haven't seen yet.
1: Every person and animal doesn't die or age beyond their peak physical and mental age.
2: Enlarge the universe and every planet within it to make sure there's enough room for the human (and alien?) population in addition to the animal population.
3: Make the whole concept of money and cost go away.
I think these would make a lot of problems go away by themselves.


Acceptance into MIT once I apply
A Koenigsegg Jesko
Not having the 9mm "BLOW THE LUNG OUT OF THE BODY"-Joe Biden


1) That after many losses, we would finally have our miracle child.

2) That my dogs could live a lot longer and in excellent health

3) After reading the other posts, I would want everyone else to have their wishes granted. ❤️


1. Exterminate all harmful viruses and bacteria.
2. Find way to cure stage 4 cancer.( RIP Tchalla and technoblade)
3. Have a good long life


My first wish would be for human beings to understand fully the consequences of their actions.

My second wish would be that this knowledge, rather than being paralyzing, would inform and shape our choices.

My third wish would be to have chocolate ice cream be less fattening!


Eradicate all cancers; Eradicate dementias; my house never needs repairs


* World peace
* A good life for my children and grandchildren
* To die soon, swift and painlessly


To have my body and mind fixed so I can once again live a life with purpose. Physical and mental health conditions have left me a shadow of my former self, things will never get better without magic.

My 2nd wish would be for my friend who has similar health issues as me to also be fixed.


That - just like a computer game - life would have a SAVE button.


1. Fix the world: remove cancer, guns and aggression, cure the damage we've done.
2. Take me and my wife back to the first time we met, so that we can marry and have children together and have a happier life than what we endured before we got together.
3. Get rid of the kinds of world "leaders" we have - Trump, Putin, Jong-Un and their ilk and replace them with leaders who know what's what.


People to only get hurt if they did something bad

There is no suck thing as poor or homeless, everyone has money and a home

Karen's respect the drip


That the world were a healthier place with nobody making profit at the expense of the health of others.
That there were no rich and there were no poor (everybody had what they needed)
That the human race wasn't so violent (no war, no rape, no senseless fighting)


_ A cat
_acceptance to hogwarts
_ sorted into Slytherin
_ Juice Wrld to come back


the first wish I would like is a job about $300 or more for salary.

My cat is a senior and is having kidney problems. I would wish for his health.

I dont know what would I like for a third wish.


1. No more college tuition.
2. No more Trump in the white house.
3. A few more years for my dog.


Nothing from a Genie. More trouble they they're worth and would rebury or throw it into the deepest ocean.
Better off saving the money you would normally pay for a lottery ticket and invest it. Easy guaranteed win that way.


First wish: I wish that the genie rules didn’t apply to me.

Second wish: I wish for infinite wishes

Third wish: I wish to be omnipotent


1. A guarantee that my neurodivergent daughter won't end up on the streets once I'm gone...
2. And she won't become my other daughter's responsibility which will likely detour her from the happiness and path to the life she has worked so hard to achieve...
3. Freedom from the constant, neverending pain in my body each waking moment. I don't need youth restored; just an absence of pain would be amazing.


1. Money ($1 Trillion)

2. Be incredibly smart (IQ of 200 AT LEAST)

3. Be able to make a real life dragon through genetic engineering


This sounds cheesy, but it’s true
- End world hunger
- End climate change
- Forever world peace (especially right now… ??)


1. Health (in general) for my loved ones and me.
2. A monthly rent that makes me financially stable (and not
rich a*****e)
3. I want to speak all languages in the world on native speaker

Yes, this sounds selfish, but wishes like "Peace to the world" or "No sickness and diseases for everyone" are to vage and could have massive downsides.