How to Organize Classroom Reward Stickers

Storing classroom reward stickers

Teachers use stickers to reward students for behavior, leadership, math goals, reading goals, acts of kindness, having a clean desk, homework club, improvement, etc. The most important purpose for reward stickers is for classroom management. It is helpful to have a large assortment of trendy stickers which fall under themes that your students like, and that are age-appropriate for them. Classroom reward stickers can be organized and sorted by seasons, hobby themes, subject themes, or sizes. Also, by the types (flat or bubble). Having stickers in your classroom management toolkit will fix your need for positive student behaviour incentives.

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How to Organize and Store Classroom Stickers
To organize your classroom reward sticker collection, you can store them in a plastic bin with dividers, a binder with sheet protectors, a pocket chart, or a sticker book.

  • Keep sticker sheets in a binder with sheet protector: Using sheet protectors for storing sticker sheets makes it easy for students to flip through.

  • Keep reward stickers in a pocket chart: These Marvel comic stickers are on display for students to see. The teacher finds that her students are highly motivated to find ways to earn these stickers.  A standard pocket chart with enough slots can be used for sticker storage.

Sticker book for teachers to keep reaward stickers
  • Keep reward stickers in a sticker book: The pages in this sticker book are re-stickable so you can add new stickers to it each term, and group them according to themes, on different pages. Your stickers can fit if they are of varying sizes because there are no pocket dividers on the pages so small and big stickers can be on the same page.

Where can students stick their reward stickers?

  • Water bottles: Students can sport their stickers on their hydro flasks or water bottles. Motivational stickers are great for keeping students positive.

  • Laptops: Laptops have a large enough surface area to hold a growing sticker collection. Students proudly stick their stickers on the laptops to show everyone how many stickers they have earned.

  • Folders: Student folders, binders, and books, are usually the first things on which kids love to show off their stickers.