How to Practice the Multiplication Times Table for 9

Multiplication Times Table for 9

Multiplication Times Table for 9

Why can’t my students remember the multiplication times tables for 9?!

I’m not kidding you when I say that this is a highly searched topic.

You aren’t alone!

Luckily, there are tricks AND ways to practice this times table so that your students become multiplication times tables for 9 WIZARDS!

Keep reading for tips, tricks, and activities that will help your students master this 9s time tables!


Multiplication Times Table for 9

Count down!

This is the perfect introduction to the 9s times tables!

Write down all the facts in a column (9 x 1 all the way to 9 x 12).

Write down the answers in a column as well.

Ask students – what pattern do you see?

Students will quickly see that tens place goes up by 1 as the ones place value goes down by 1.

Seeing this pattern is a neat way that some kids will be able to use and visualize the answers!

Multiplication Times Table for 9

Use your hands!

Y’all… I totally still use this trick.

As soon as your kids learn it, it’s totally foolproof and will instantly tell you any multiplication fact answer for the 9s.

Okay – put your hands in front of you with your palms open, fingers separated.

Now, let’s say we want to know what 9 x 8 is.

Put down your 8th finger.

Everything to the left of the folded finger is a tens place value; everything to the right of the folded finger is a ones place value.

There are 7 fingers to the left, 2 to the right.

Therefore, 9×8=72.


This works all the way up to 9 x 10 🙂

Practice the multiplication times table for 9

Multiplication Times Table for 9

Flashcards & constant practice for multiplication times tables for 9!

I know … no one wants to hear it.

But flashcards really are a great way to get those pesky facts to “stick.”

The trick is to incorporate flashcards into your day constantly.

Finish a math worksheet early? Do flashcards with a partner.

Doing a group bathroom break? Quiz the kids.

Take advantage of every single minute of the day and throw in some math facts!

Especially practice the more challenging times table facts like the multiplication times table for 9!

Multiplication Times Table worksheet

Multiplication color by number worksheets

You guys – these multiplication color by number worksheets are my FAVORITE to incorporate into your math block.

These color by number worksheets don’t feel like a math worksheet – they are just plain fun!

Students first answer multiplication problems.

Then, they find the products in the black and white picture at the bottom, and color it based on their answers!

So cool, right?!

Click HERE to snag the multiplication color by number worksheets!

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to grab a FREE multiplication color by number!

multiplication digital mystery picture activity

Multiplication times tables for 9s mystery pictures

Multiplication pixel art feels like a fun computer game, your students are going to LOVE these.

As students correctly answer multiplication problems, a mystery picture appears!

Wrong answer? Parts of the picture will not appear.

These are a great way for students to self-check their answers (woohoo, less work for you!).

Math pixel art works awesome as a technology center during your math block ( you can learn more about it in my post on how to use pixel art during your math block!).

Click HERE to snag the multiplication pixel art!

multiplication interactive notebook

Need more multiplication practice?

You can find lots of other resources for multiplication at Glitter in Third on TPT!

Do your students struggle with the multiplication times table for 9? Let me know if you have any additional rocking tips for this tricky times table down below 🙂

multiplication color by number

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