The maturity of digital leadership depends on a number of factors such as the purpose to lead, multidimensional intelligence, interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, etc.

The increasing level of uncertainty and complexity, hyperconnected & hyper-diverse nature of digitalization breaks down the functional, geographical, organizational or even industrial border, businesses today become much more nonlinear, interconnected and interdependent than ever. It means to have better opportunities to connect the cross-boundary dots if ever it makes sense. 

In order to orchestrate an advanced and synchronous society, leadership comes in all ages, forms, styles, and becomes more inclusive, innovative, and interdisciplinary.

Leadership is about influence, having interdisciplinary knowledge and unique insight to bridge the multitude of gaps: The boundary of knowledge domains is blurred and the scope of knowledge is expanded in the continual base. It requires fundamentally different mindsets and paradigms to lead and work innovatively. Contemporary leaders demonstrate the ability to learn and become learning agile; apply interdisciplinary science such as engineering, math, psychology, sociology, etc, to see things with broader perspective, deepen understanding of interfaces and interactions associated with complex businesses problems, engenders more objective perceptions, or step-wise actions to improve leadership effectiveness. The high-profile digital digital leaders are multidimensional thinkers, having the right blend of leadership skills, business acumen, versatile talent, technical expertise, and digital fluency to practice structure leadership and amplify leadership influence.

Contemporary leadership is situational, cultivating multiple leadership personas: To make a smooth shift from siloed based traditional economy to information based knowledge/creative economy, cookie cutter leadership needs to be updated toward gap-minding, innovative leadership to bridge difference, inspire inclusion, encourage independent thinking, alternative problem-solving, and autonomy.

Because today’s business workforce is hyper-diverse with multigenerational, multicultural, multidivicing perspectives. Great leaders develop multiple leadership personas, build their unique set of leadership competency to support the “circumstantiality” between leadership and achievement. They present empathy to understand people deeper in the mindset level, ensure the personal development of the team, so collectively, they can maximize human potential

Leadership is about innovating and unification; integration of abundant knowledge, enriched culture, and multidisciplinary talent & expertise: Leadership is to bridge, integrate and innovate, help their organization explore information-based business potential to make effective decisions consistently; integrate organizational culture or subculture to refresh collective mindset and behavior to ensure its cohesiveness and maturity.

Leadership is about the respect and understanding of people - transforming a crowd into a workable collective. Great leaders coach people in organizing their personal knowledge mastery and collectively, engaging with others for creative problem-solving. They are fluent integrators with interdisciplinary expertise, to analyze & synthesize information for making sound judgments; guide teams to fine tune processes and integrate business capabilities into differentiated organizational competency, develop talented people and orchestrate people-centric organization.

Due to the exponential growth of information and frequent disruptions, leadership becomes more complex but crucial to drive progressive changes. The linear business system perception needs to be replaced by a holistic system viewpoint, and silo mentality should be replaced by multidimensional wisdom. The maturity of digital leadership depends on a number of factors such as the purpose to lead, multidimensional intelligence, interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, etc, to keep improving organizational effectiveness, agility, resilience and speed.

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