Jayda Bakes Brookies

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     My 10 year old, almost 11,  granddaughter asked me one day if she could do something for the blog.  I love that she wants to do something on here and that she reads the blog!  I have given my grandchildren an opportunity to work on the blog a bit and earn some money, so I am guessing that was part of her motivation.  So, I told her to come up with an idea and to let me know what is was.  In just a few minutes she called me and said that she could make Brookies!  That sounded like a great idea, so I let her run with it.  

     With help from her 13, almost 14 year old sister, she made a video of the Brookie making process.  When you watch the video, you will hear Jayda's big sister helping her along and teasing her as well while she did the filming.  

      They sent me all of the clips, (tons of them, out of order),  and I edited them into a cute baking video.  Watch carefully and you will hear some great baking tips from a precocious 10 year old, and see a few cute mix-ups as well.  I just adore this girl! 

     Now that summer is here, cooking with your kids, (or grandkids), is a great activity.  It helps them learn a good life skill as well as practice math and reading skills.  In the video, you will hear Jayda practicing her fractions, especially!  I am so impressed at how skilled she is becoming at baking at such a young age.  I am in AZ and she is in WY, so I wasn't there to help her.  Her big sister was there to give tips, but mostly Jayda did this all on her own.  

      By the way, if you don't know what Brookies are, they are a combination of brownies and chocolate chip cookies that are to die for! You can find recipes for them all over the web, or, you can do what I did and use a brownie mix you already love and top it with your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Watch the video, and Jayda will give you the recipe that she used as well as variation ideas. 

     Please comment below and let the girls know what a good job they did, both with the baking and the filming!  Also, let us know if you or your kids try your hand at baking Brookies!  These things are so good that I've even found an Ice Cream flavor in the store called Brookie! It is great!  Hmmm, a scoop of ice cream on top of your home baked Brookie sounds like a great idea! 
This is my favorite brownie spatula from
​ pampered chef.  It is just the right size! 

You will need a 9 x 13 baking dish to bake your brookies. 

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