Kindergarten March Morning Bins

March is one of my favorite months, so I’m so excited to show you all of the fun that I’ve packed into the Kindergarten March Morning Bins! These bins have activities that are themed for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring. Plus, I’ve kept it fun with games and hands-on ways to keep students engaged and learning!

NOTE: Many teachers are choosing to use these as early finisher tubs or during a different part of the day. Generic labels have been included for this purpose.




The benefits of morning bins are endless!

  • They are hands-on and engaging
  • They provide meaningful practice for basic skills
  • Students have opportunities to work on fine motor skills
  • They provide group and social interaction
  • These offer open-ended practice 
  • They can be used as an alternative to pencil/paper work
  • They provide extra practice for previously taught skills
  • Most importantly…they make learning FUN!


  • Rhyming 
  • Segment and Blend
  • Identify
  • Sounds
  • Syllables and Compound Words
  • Sequencing
  • Vocabulary
  • Letter Formation
  • Extra Practice for Tricky Skills
  • Patterns
  • Counting Sequence
  • Making and Counting Groups
  • Compare and Measure
  • Shapes
  • Sorting
  • Numeral Identification
  • Base Ten
  • Math Printing
  • Motor Skills
  • Social/Emotional Learning

The bundle includes monthly themed activities listed above with 21 NEW ACTIVITIES! Wake up those brains and hands with meaningful practice!

Let’s take a look at each of the Kindergarten February Morning Bins in action! There is no right or wrong way to use these morning bins! In fact, they can be used any time of the day! For example, you can place all 21 bins out each month and have students work on an individual bin, or you can bring one bin out each day. However, I like the idea of allowing a table group of 4-6 students to work on one bin at a time. This allows them to socialize, work as partners, and learn from one another.

To make things easy for you, each bin has simplified direction cards and a material list.

Morning Bin #1: Rhyming

Students will read a word on a cloud and find the rainbow that has the word that rhymes.

Morning Bin #2: Segment & Blend

Students will flip a card, read the blend word and cover the picture that matches.

Morning Bin #3: Identify

Students will read the blend word, place it on the picture that matches and continue until the picture is complete.

Morning Bin #4: Sounds

Students will look at the picture on the coin and use sort it to the correct blend pot.

Morning Bin #5: Syllables/Compound Words

Students will match the rainbow pieces to make a compound word. Then they will find the word card that matches. 

Morning Bin #6: Sequence

Students will pick a set of pictures, place them in order and then say what is happening in each picture.

Morning Bin #7: Vocabulary

Students will look at the picture and word. Students will match the letters and word to the picture.

Morning Bin #8: Printing

Students will pick a card, sound out the word and write the beginning blend.

Morning Bin #9: Extra Practice

Students will pick a card, read the sentence and rewrite the sentence to include spaces between the words.

Morning Bin #10: Patterns

Students will pick a card, look at the pattern and continue the pattern with the coins.

Morning Bin #11: Count/Sequence

Students will pick a set of numbers and put the numbers in order.

Morning Bin #12: Making and Counting Groups

Students will start with 20 counters, spin the spinner, subtract the number, and count what’s left.

Morning Bin #13: Compare and Measure

Two students will each flip a card and compare the numbers. The player with the highest number wins that round.

Morning Bin #14: Shapes

Students will spin the spinner and graph the shape on the chart.

Morning Bin #15: Sorting

Students will pick a card, decide if the item is magnetic or not magnetic, and sort to the correct mat.

Morning Bin #16: Numeral Identification

Students will flip the card, count the base ten blocks and cover the number on the board.

Morning Bin #17: Base Ten

Students will spin both spinners and build the number using base ten blocks.

Morning Bin #18: Math Printing

Students will count the items and decide which equation shows the picture.

Morning Bin #19: Add and Subtract

Students will read the word problem, use the ten frame to show the problem and write an equation to match.

Morning Bin #20: Motor Skills

Students will use snap cubes to build the number.

Morning Bin #21: Social/Emotional

Students will look at the first picture, decide what to do, and clip the picture that shows the best choice.

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