Lean on Me (Whose Responsibility is to Keep New Yorkers Safe)


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What a moving site in Washington. DC to thousand of people of every color singing 'lean on me'. This a moment in history we might not see again when millions of people across the nation walk to the street no matter a killing virus which can silently attack and killed a good percentage of those in the crowd. Because Americans know and we have been taught that living like other nations live, like Russia and many of its ex satellites when it was the USSR. China with another leader for life, North Korea, another one of those leaders for life that no one elected. No when fought to be free, a nation of laws for all including the leaders but mainly the leaders.

Would there be malcontent with ugly lives who would like everyone to also don't have a live like they don't? yes.  They are not happy with this nation because they want power and since they can't get it by force they get it by contaminating the system. That is how Trump and its people got to power by poisoning the well. All of a sudden a life of civil service and serving the country was a crime. Now being on TV and grabbing women by their underwear who depended on him for their work and needed to stay quiet. This man who said on video what he did to married women because they could not spill the beans, this was the type of men those who preach for the unborn once more showed that is just a good way to get votes votes because how can you care for an embryo and not for his mother or little brother? How? Because just like their good book says one day you will see but not see. Everybody knew about Trump and had seen him say awful things but they didn't see it.

The police is just one tool of law enforcement. The politicians make the rules for hiring, training and their behavior when they are let loose in the public. Just last night three cops were beating a boy (white or brown) who was caught biking after the court-few.  The police has not learn because the good cops might be there but also those joined to have control of others. Those are the ones that need to be weed out and make it unpleasureable for those with that orientation of character.

Coronavirus in New York: How Cuomo Has Responded - The Atlantic
 Mayor D Blasio and Gov. Cuomo the two responsible for the safety of all New Yorkers. They  manyn tools to do this but the most poplular is the NYPD. How are they using it?

In New York let's not let Andrew Cuomo, Governor and the Di Blasio Mayor(who control the cops in NYC and gets to name the hierarchy of NYPD). Don't let the Mayor and Governor put the wool over the eyes of New Yorkers. Cuomo is listening to whom? Trump in wanting to bring soldiers to NYC! Neither one has said 'we are going to get the legislature or the city council to make sure cops serves us.' Today you even put your live on a cops hand if you tape when they are arresting someone or misbehaving. No they are waiting for another death in New York. They behave like Boeing with the 737-800. They knew they had a defective plane but id their math and could pay off the people they estimated would get killed and still make a good profit. The city and state in NY and many other cities big and small. They would rather pay off the families of the people killed and named by their cops than change the system. 

I hope lying Trump is not the only one the politician voters replace on the next elections but the people of the states in which there is a problem and NY is one. The mayor quotes less arrest of what a wonderful job he is doing like if that was an indicator of less citizens being abused and killed. It's not just the people you arrest or not,  is how the cops police the streets and their relationship with the people there. The people that deserve to be arrested should be arrested. Not hit, abuse and not with lies because hopefully you trained cops not to lie for other cops. And yes before you take the liberty of an individual there better be a good cause otherwise you will have a board composed judges, citizens and even cops that will say good riddance to that cop because he or she is not needed.

Why don't we have a review of every cops that has 3 complaints or more? Do you know how far is to complaint about a cop? I know I have been there. I was once abused  by some kids on drugs for having a gay sticker on the bumper of my car “I’M pro Gay Marriage”). Yes, eventually they were apprehended that was a great job for the unit in charge of hate crimes but in between I was almost jailed by calling 911 like I was instructed if I saw these guys again. Guess who they put on handcuffs? Thanks goodness for the security guard in my building who got back from lunch and saw me in handcuffs being march to jail. He interfered and the cuffs came off. Now they came off not because they were afraid of this unarmed skinny old man but they were scared of a witness. I could never find out who the cops were and their precinct told me there was no record of what I was talking about.

I Asked for help of a local politician Matthew Titone. When I finally found him at a community meeting he said he did not get involved in police matters. He had been trying to become a judge, don't know if he had a politician named him, I know the voters wouldn't.

Due to the police violence against blacks and brown (it used to be gays) for people living and visiting out city I will not post for the next 48 hrs. I am really without words to see what is happened to New York City and the nation. I hope Cam right but until something concrete is done, this is not the end and Trump  has six very interesting months ahead of him.

 Adam Gonzalez,  adamfoxie blogspot Int.