Learning (Plus its Fun!) Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids

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I worked a little learning into an indoor obstacle course for the kids that may have let them climb and walk on my dining room table… it makes it fun when Mom says its okay to break the rules once in awhile!

Why is it week after week, I’ve been saying “I need to get the kids moving!”? Maybe because we’ve been stuck inside for what seems like eternity and we are all going just a tad crazy in the house!

Here are ideas for 30 Gross Motor Activities for Kids with Lots of Energy

Briefly, when we do quick gross motor activities, we seem to get that energy out and back to what seems a little more normal. But, of course, we need to keep doing these activities to keep them moving and their energy focused in a positive manner.

A super fun - and LEARNING - indoor obstacle course for kids!

For George, it was all about letter recognition.

I labeled a bunch of sticky notes with the letters of the alphabet and stuck them all over the dining room.

I placed the ones he knew well on the floor, the ones he was starting to get the hang of on the chairs and ones he was having a hard time with up on top of the table.

Place letters (or whatever!) around the room, on chairs, on the table, for a learning indoor obstacle course for the kids!

I was hoping the table would be the incentive for him to really try hard and think about what the letters were. Because deep down, I keep thinking he really knows them, but just acts like he doesn’t. Okay… so he really doesn’t know them yet. He’s getting there though.

When he figured out the letter, then he’d get to stomp on it!

Recognizing and learning letters for an indoor obstacle course - place them on chairs or the table for fun (breaking the rules!)

For Henry, I switched it up and made it addition facts.

Math problems to solve as part of an indoor obstacle course for kids

I, honestly, didn’t know what he knew in this area. I just know that he’s been adding things up in everyday occurrences and have been pretty impressed with how well he does with math as a kindergartner!

I did the same for him as I did with George, the easier math problems on the floor (1+__) and the harder ones up on the chairs and table for him to work up to.

Math problems to solve as part of an indoor obstacle course for kids

Once he solved the problem, he stomped on it and chose another math problem to solve!

Solving math problems in an indoor obstacle course placed all over the room - on chairs, the table, and make it okay to break the rules!

Henry was kind of funny, telling me how unsafe it was for him to be standing on the table. He was really nervous being up there, so mostly crawled around.

Overall, a success and got a little learning done while having a lot of fun!

Now change it up to whatever your kids are learning these days. Colors, numbers, counting, spelling, sight words. Set up an indoor obstacle course for them to learn them! Have fun!

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