Learning Teen Numbers

Learning teen numbers can be a point of difficulty for some of our little learners. Implement the essential repetition needed with engaging activities and visuals! Our Math Pack games combine essential skills, conceptual visual elements and fun engagement! 

Here you can see our Number Robots helping students see teen numbers partitioned into a full ten and additional ones.

To play, they take a robot card and build the number with ten frame pictures. Use this activity in math centers, groups, rotations or as a fast-finisher.
Learning teen numbers

This game is part of our Numbers 11 to 20 Math Pack and is available in our store.

Other ideas:

  • ask students to draw their own representation of a teen number - using symbols, pictures or collection
  • ask students to make teen numbers using place value blocks
  • do daily counting practice and emphasise the teen (some students may hear fourteen as forty, adding additional confusion in their counting and number sense)

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