Legends of Learning – Game-Based Learning for Science & Math

Legneds of Learning for Math and ScienceMath and science teachers bring out your superhero capes! 

Elementary and middle school teachers and students will love Legends of Learning. This game-based learning platform will engage your students in standards-based content. Students can learn new content and review content already taught by playing games. Teachers can assess students by assigning ready-made or custom assessments.  

Teachers can choose between science (grades 3 – 8) or math (grades 1 – 8) to create playlists for their students. Playlists consist of interactive and informative games that range from 5 to 30 minutes in length. They can also include assessments to be used before, during, or after gameplay. There are over 2000 math and science games and simulations. 

Each game has teacher rankings, student rankings, and descriptions. This will help you know right away which games are a hit amongst teachers and students and determine if the games are appropriate for your class. Games are identified as instructional or questioning so you will know how to assign them. Are you introducing a new concept to your students? Try an instructional game. There is no background knowledge required. Do you need to review a concept you have already taught? Assign your students a question game to see what they know. No matter what you choose, students will need to master the content to beat the game.  

Students create superhero avatars and can earn health, coins, and brainpower as they interact and answer questions correctly in Legends of Learning. They can use their winnings to upgrade their avatar and their hideouts. 

If you have questions about Legends of Learning or would like to begin this in your classroom, contact your local school TTIS.