Living a Charmed Life: The Science Behind It


Have you ever felt like you are living a charmed life? This isn’t something that is fantasy, as it is actually based in science. Feeling like you are protected from harm and have good luck all the time may actually be something called insight. Here’s a look at what that is and how it works.

What is insight?

In general terms, insight refers to reaching the answer to a problem or issue without having to think about it too much. Think about when you are trying to solve a math problem, do you have to write it down on paper or can you do it quickly in your head? If you are able to calculate math problems quickly in your head, this could be attributed to insight.
Perhaps you know someone that is really good at many of the things they do. They may know how to do a number of different skills and make it look easy. You might have tried to do some of the things that you have seen them do and they are difficult for you to complete. The skills that they possess may be related to insight for them.
Insight is likely different for everyone. Something that is easy for one person won’t be easy for someone else. This is to be expected. Not everyone is capable of insight learning, but it is something to look into further if you are interested.

Things to Know

Even though everyone may not be able to benefit from insight, there are a couple of things you can do to give yourself a better chance of utilizing this way of thinking.

Keep Your Mind Active

Once you decide that you want to practice insight learning for yourself, you will need to keep your mind active. You must be sure that you are always thinking and solving problems, since this is the most likely way that you will gain insight.
When you gain insight, things will start to make sense in a way that they didn’t before. If you have ever had a problem that seemed insurmountable and then suddenly you determine exactly how to fix the problem, this is what insight learning may feel like for you. This phenomenon can happen more often in some people over others, but when you keep at it, insight may happen to you.
Research indicates that when you keep learning and allow yourself to think about things differently, this can stimulate the ways your brain thinks. This could make it more likely that you will be able to utilize insight at times, to help you make decisions and come to resolutions.

Address Your Moods

It is thought that you will be able to take advantage of insight learning more frequently if you are able to take control of your moods. If your moods and feelings affect you regularly and you don’t know what to do, you might consider working with a therapist to figure out what is happening. A professional will be able to help you better regulate your moods and may help you change the way you think, in certain instances.
Besides that, they should be able to help you find out more about insight learning, which is a specific type of psychology that can be visited in therapy.

Don’t Give Up

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are not able to control when you will be able to use insight to solve problems. You will have to keep an open mind and continue trying to be able to see insight work for you. It is unlikely that you can take advantage of insight thinking all the time, but it may come in handy just when you need it.
Take your time and make sure that you stay positive about it, and it might work to your advantage. You may want to talk to other people about insight and their experience with it and also discuss this topic with your therapist, to see who has additional advice that you can incorporate into your life.


When it comes to feeling like you have a charmed life, this is actually something known as insight. Insight occurs when problems almost seem to solve themselves and don’t give you much difficulty.
If you have experienced this in your life, you may want to learn more or talk to a counselor about how to make this type of thinking work for you. While it is possible, it is not necessarily probable that you will be able to count on insight regularly. However, when you keep learning and work at problem solving, this can help you expand your knowledge and give you a better chance of being able to work through issues. Keep this in mind when you are thinking about how insight can affect your life.

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